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  1. Droughns

    Bell is done for the year now, so you can lay that all to rest....
  2. Tatum Bell out for season?

    Is it it time to brush the dust off of the old Garrison Hearst????
  3. Josh Mccown

    Bulger is injured, McNair has me worried that he might not start, or may start and not finsih the game. I've actually thought about picking up McCown, he is playing the 49ers, and threw 3 tds against them earlier this year. I wanted to go with Bledsoe, but someone swooped him up right before I could. Other options are Testeverde, and Griese is now available.
  4. Josh Mccown

    I picked up Griese for now. I just can't talk myself into going with McCown. I may end up going with Testeverde, but it looks like I may need a qb for next week...that is if I make the playoffs. Oh, and Volek is gone. Thanks for the opinions.
  5. Josh Mccown

    Am I that crazy or is everyone asleep?
  6. Pick 1 QB

    I'm considering Vinny this week too(see my post). I'm concerned that the running game will steal alot of Vinny's points as well. Especially because of all the picks he throws. Bledsoe threw 4 td's against the same Miami defense last week. I'd go with Plummer.
  7. Bulger injury.

    My backup right now is Rattay, who probably won't play next week either. So I have to drop him. My options that I'm looking at are Bledsoe v Cleveland, Volek vs.KC, or Testeverde vs the Saints? I'm not sure if McNair is going to start next week or not, but he is available as well. Bledsoe has thrown 8 tds the past 3 weeks. Right now I'm leaning on taking a chance with him. What does everyone think?
  8. Moulds or Branch

    Right now I am going with Moulds, but I am seriously thinking about starting Branch against the horridBrowns defense...any opinions will help.
  9. Start Which RB as my # 2

    What can be said about Gibbs performance as a coach? I would play Portis, he is due, and what better week than against the banged up Giants D. Also, personally I never like playing too many players on the same squad, and if you played Blaylock that would give you a bunch of KC players....
  10. Which TE Should I Play This Week?

    Washington is the easy choice. I don't really like Kinney because McNair probably isn't going to play this week. But your TEs are crap, (like mine), so I would either go Kinney or Campbell, and probably take Kinney.
  11. WDIS @ WR AND RB

    I like Jackson at RB this week also, I wouldn't go with Jones because I think that the Bears will quickly fall way behind and the running game will be non-existent. If you aren't comfortable with Jackson, I would go with DD, but you are in first place so you may have a little room to look for the homerun in Jackson...I would go Wayne, Witten, and Moulds at wideout.Curry has alot of upside but you never know with the Raiders.
  12. Moulds or Branch

    That's what I am thinking, bit whenever I play the matchup game I always see to lose. If I start Branch, Moulds will catch 2 tds, if I start Moulds, Branch will catch 2 tds. It has been that kind of year...
  13. Chargers vs. Broncos This Weekend

    I'll be there to watch it all go down...
  14. MNF

    I need Bulger, Holt, and Longwell to do exactly as the Huddle predictions predicts they will! I hope it's a valid prediction!
  15. Trade Deadline....

    These next twoo weeks are critical for me. I have to win next week to make the playoffs, and may or may not have to win in 2 weeks if I win next week. I have been offered Martin for Droughns straight up. I have to decide on this today. I play the guy that offered me Martin next week. I have to beat him. any opinions?
  16. Trade Deadline....

    Thats what I was thinking. But Martin has had more tds, so I wasn't sure. But I think I will stick with Droughns. Thanks for the opinions.
  17. Trade Deadline....

    Any reasoning behind that?
  18. Trade Deadline....

    Someone anyone????
  19. Nhl Locked Out

    Thank God I won't have to watch any freaking hockey highlights on espn!!!!