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  1. Prayers Needed

    prayers are on the way timmy. we're just a little over an hour away so let me know if there's anything i can do to help your family out while your brother gets through this.
  2. The perfect thread

    uh, ok
  3. this is really all i was asking and i could've done without the cockiness attached to it. but i appreciate you giving an honest answer to an honest question.
  4. no, i don't particularly like watching him play. i like watching his highlights because he's got tremendous athletic ability, but i don't enjoy watching him play a whole game anymore than peyton, favre, elway, brees, bulger, rex, mcnabb, montana, delhomme, etc., etc., etc. he's not special to me other than those 3 plays a year that make me go "whoa". but i guess that's not really what i'm getting at. i'll ask this question because i think it's more to the point. if it's found that he is guilty of all the things he's been accused of, will you still defend him like you do now just because of his athletic talent?
  5. can i ask you a really simple question? what do you really even like about him? i really don't know why there are so many people apologizing for this guy and making comments like the above one almost taunting that he will get off. but i don't think you are a bad person or would support a bad person, which leads me to ask what you like about him so much that you feel you should defend him to your last breath. was it him flipping off the fans? was it him being suspected of sneaking pot through an airport? is it his cool ron mexico nickname? again, it's nothing against you because i've never seen you say anything to anyone that would make me think that you are a jerk. but why do you support him? this is a serious question.
  6. I Need...

    i have 3 pairs of smiths. the 2 i like are the recorder and the t-nine. i got turned on to smith's when i was doing some firefighting duties in arizona. the sun there was ridiculous and i wanted to get some polarized lenses to improve clarity. i won't go back to anything else. i wore oakleys for a long time and enjoyed them. i actually still have my old pair for yard work, but i've stayed with smith because they seem to fit the shape of my head better. when i was first shopping for new ones, the 2 things i really cared about were comfort of fit and polarized lenses. after that, it's just looks. good luck in your shopping.
  7. Mentors: The Froshmaker. ya know, like mentos candies. you'd really have to have the music. ah, forget it.
  8. first annual huddle's cutest dog contest

    i don't believe the judging has become official, so i'll throw riley and lainey into the mix. riley1 riley2 riley3 old riley and young lainey
  9. Trade 1.1 pick for 1.3 pick and players?

    um, what players are being offered?
  10. Penn State Fans Honor VT

    agreed. well done by the penn state community.
  11. Bye bye basement

    my parents lost a lot of stuff in their basement last summer and i know it was a hopeless feeling for them. sorry to hear that man. good luck.
  12. NY/NJ/PA folk and people who like to drive...

    i'm actually glad to hear this because that day was probably not going to work for the wife and i. i am looking forward to meeting some of the northeast huddlers so keep me on the list of people interested.
  13. Another trade offer...

    i agree. you've got some pretty decent backers there. unless you feel portis will perform better than LJ, this trade doesn't make much sense.
  14. WDIS

  15. Pacman suspended for entire 07 season

    they are talking about this right now on nfl live. they are mentioning that pacman has 6 or 7 stipulations in his suspension that if he meets, he can then apply after week 10 to have his punishment shortened. they are saying henry does not have this option. oh, and another interesting note, they just mentioned if pacman doesn't play one bit this year, that he loses that year on his tenure to becoming a free agent.