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  1. PPR - bonus for yardage and long TD’s Carr or Rodgers at QB? I’m leaning Carr in a shootout I’ve got a WR and Flex spot to fill between Mark Ingram, Gallup, Renfrow, or McLaurin leaning Ingram and Renfrow DK and K Allen are my other WR’s and don’t see any of the guys above bumping them out of the lineup
  2. Renfrow or Cooks 1 pt PPR

    Renfrow, safer play
  3. Down goes K. Hunt

    Damnit KHunt
  4. Milk Carton-Week 6

    Anyone seen DK Metcalf lately? Is he injured?
  5. Who Would you Start as My Flex - .5 PPR League

    Clay pool
  6. So Metcalf and Allen over T McLaurin ?
  7. Trying to figure out how I get T. McLaurin in the lineup but not sure who I would remove. Unfortunately I took a gamble on the Thursday game and played DeVonta Smith Full PPR league, bonus for long TD’s and yardage over 100 QB - Rodgers RB1 - Cook RB2 - Hubbard WR/TE1 - DK Metcalf WR/TE2 - Keenan Allen WR/TE3 - D. Smith (played Thursday) Flex - K Hunt K - Gay Def - Rams Bench D Harris T McLaurin K Toney A. St. Brown Renfrow Gallup Aiyuk
  8. Hunt, Hubbard, or Renfrow?

    Thanks everyone
  9. PPR with bonuses for long TD’s and yardage assuming Dalvin Cook plays, I need to fill my RB2 and flex with either Hunt Hubbard Hunter Renfrow Leaning Hubbard at RB2 and Renfrow at Flex but curious to what others would recommend thanks in advance!
  10. Chiba or Gio

  11. Cooks out so I have to figure out two RB’s out of the list below. Full PPR with bonus for long TD’s and yardage. Damien Harris, James White, Kareem Hunt For Flex, I can play J Schuster, Renfrow, or DeVonta Smith
  12. Second Pick. Who you picking?

    Going through the same thought process as well. I keep going back and forth between the Cook and Kamara at number 2 in a full PPR league
  13. I’m debating between Breida, Wilkins, and Hinton at Flex in CBS today
  14. To be honest if you look at most acceptable use policies almost everyone violates them at some point. These policies are usually written by lawyers and are very vague. This is done for multiple reasons, to help justify firings and just the opposite as well.