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  1. I’m debating between Breida, Wilkins, and Hinton at Flex in CBS today
  2. To be honest if you look at most acceptable use policies almost everyone violates them at some point. These policies are usually written by lawyers and are very vague. This is done for multiple reasons, to help justify firings and just the opposite as well.
  3. Superbowl Shows

    I'm guessing that the person who put that pregame performance together likes it up the butt. It was ghey and wierd!
  4. Colts vs. Pats

    rofl They DID IT!
  5. Game weather shows thunderstorms for the Miami game. Would that change your choice?
  6. The Official Rhodes or Addai thread

    This is just my opinion but Addia but I think Dungy wanted to make the Texans think that he was going to play so they would have to prepare for both RB's instead of one. I wouldnt be surprised if Addai is a late scratch or only gets 20% of the carries.
  7. Thanks for the help. I just cant afford Kitna to give me negative points again. I'm leaning towards Garrard. I think he's due for a good game.
  8. I need some last minute help with my lineup for my SB. I have to decide on a QB and TE. Who would you start at QB? I played Kitna last week and was almost eliminateddue to the fact that he gave me - 9 points (we lose points for QB sacks) As far as TE are concerned will Clark play the entire game?
  9. Anyone else betting on....

    Started Green and Driver. I had no choice since I cant wait around to see if Ronnie Brown plays. Otherwise I would have played Morris
  10. Come on, Frank...

    I have Seattle Def and I'm playing against Gore. Season just ended with the hole I'm in now.
  11. Come on, Frank...

    WOW..... Seattle Def let me down once again and Gore just killed me. I still get to play against LT.
  12. Jennings injured?

    Anyone have the status on Jennings? I didnt see him on the injury reports
  13. Congratulations LT2

    TD record in hand. Division clinched. Maybe he only plays on a limited basis next week? That would be great since I'm playing against him
  14. Seattle Defense

    The Seattle defense is allowing EDGE to have his best game of the year. WOW