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  1. Herbert or Hurts?

    Made it to the championship as the #4 seed. Taking on the #3 seed, who happened to score the most points, by far, in the league this season. I lost Dak and lucked into Herbert. Picked up Hurts and now wondering who to roll out this weekend. Herbert vs. Denver or Hurts vs. Dallas? (Non-PPR league with bonuses for 100 yards rushing or receiving and 300 yards passing.) Have Keenan Allen and thinking of benching him...can't risk another one-catch performance, so I won't have the stack if I roll with Herbert. Thoughts?
  2. Herbert or Hurts?

    Much appreciated. Definitely think I'll be chasing points. Opponent has Josh Allen, Travis Kelce, Aaron Jones and David Montgomery. Right now I'm a projected 16-point dog on Yahoo. I should probably post both squads for all to see... I'm hoping for big things from Justin Jefferson tomorrow to give me an early leg up.
  3. Is Fant startable today?

    I have Fant. Waivers are slim, offering Jimmy Graham, Jordan Reed, Kyle Rudolph, Trey Burton and it goes downhill from there. Should I leave it alone or pick up one of these other guys?
  4. I mentioned this in another thread, so please forgive me if anyone thinks this is stupid. But I noticed an interesting trend over the last few years regarding Peyton Manning facing Jacksonville. I was actually toying with the notion of benching him in favor of Tony Romo this week, when I noticed this: 2003 Game 1 vs. JAX - 21/33, 216 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT Game 2 @ JAX - 28/45, 347 yds, 2 TD, 2 INT 2004 Game 1 @ JAX - 20/29, 220 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT Game 2 vs. JAX - 27/39, 368 yds, 3 TD, 0 INT 2005 Game 1 vs. JAX - 13/28, 122 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT Game 2 @ JAX - 24/36, 324 yds, 2 TD, 0 INT So, it looks like over the last three seasons, Manning fares better the second time around against JAX. I'm sure a lot of other people noticed this, but I hope I'm not reading too much into it. In the first game this year, at home, Manning went 14/31, 219 yds and 1 TD (but he added a rushing score). My playoff spot is riding on this week... win and I'm in. I'm sure Romo will be in a shootout with the Saints as everyone predicts, but I'm hoping Manning can get me into the dance... especially since I'm down 26 points thanks to my opponent (coincidentally the league leader) starting Willie Parker!!! Wish me luck.
  5. Peyton Manning vs. JAX

    OK... so maybe I did read a little too much into it...
  6. Bench C. Palmer for Vince Young?

    Palmer... no doubt.
  7. Fantasy help

    Check the stats from the last few years and you'll see an interesting trend... Manning, despite the location of the game, always seems to fare better against Jacksonville the second time around. You gotta give him the nod here. I could go with Manning against JAX or start Romo against NO. Guess what... I'm rolling out Manning.
  8. Have last minute questions?

    Gotta start 3 of these WRs: Coles @ GB Walker vs. SEA A. Johnson @ OAK Boldin @ STL Gut has me sitting Johnson right now since the OAK pass D is solid and the Texans on the road (other than in Jacksonville) pretty much stink). Scoring is just 1pt per 10 yards (with fractions) and 6pts per TD (no reception points).
  9. WDIS?

    I concur... Williams.
  10. Pulling my hair out

    As tempting as it sounds to start Rivers, I gotta go with the proven champ in Brady. The Bears on the road can be had by a smart QB with a smart gameplan and that's what NE has. Rivers may just be called on to control the game in SD and hand off all day.
  11. QB help

    As tempting as it sounds to start Rivers, I gotta go with the proven champ in Brady. The Bears on the road can be had by a smart QB with a smart gameplan and that's what NE has. Rivers may just be called on to control the game in SD and hand off all day.
  12. I'm a Fracking Idiot

    I had a bonehead move today as well... started Andre Johnson instead of Laveranues Coles. So far, Johnson is sitting on 34 yards while Coles has 84 and a TD. Did I mention my opponent has Baltimore's DEF which just sacked Big Ben, recovered the fumble and ran it in for a score?
  13. Both have bad QBs... AJ is a stud, but a little gimpy. Any advice, my fellow Huddlers?
  14. Coles or Andre Johnson

    Guess I picked the wrong one... again.
  15. One more player to pick

    Go Parker for sure.
  16. WDIS

    I'd say your original picks were right.
  17. WR WDIS?!?!?!?!?

    Boldin @ MIN Walker @ KC Coles vs. HOU I'm gunshy to start Walker since Plummer sucks on the road and KC is never friendly to visiting teams. The cards can't run, especially on Minny, so you figure Boldin has to get some work, right? But will Lienart actually get him the ball? Coles disappeared for a while and Pennington hasn't exactly been stellar, but with a juicy matchup against Houston... HELP!!!
  18. WR WDIS?!?!?!?!?

    So I sit Walker in favor of Boldin? Is this crazy or what?
  19. Desparate For A TE Please

    I would rank them thusly: Watson (Bears can be had by a smart QB and game plan) Witten (will be freed up for Romo as opposed to staying in to block) McMichael (Harrington will show up the Lions) Wiggins (BJ may need him more than usual; no Berry clogging up the middle for Cards) Smith (Garcia scares me) Cooley (outlet for the young QB, plus no Moss?) Miller (will struggle to find room against the Ravens)
  20. WR WDIS?!?!?!?!?

    I think all of these guys have a QB who may or may not show up. I know the Bills went bonkers on Houston last weekend, but I think that was a fluke and the Jets won't be able to do it. That leaves me with Walker vs. Boldin. Boldin has a rookie QB going into a loud-ass dome... Walker has a veteran QB wo has been playing like a rookie going into one of the most hostile environments in the NFL. I'm torn.
  21. Please help me choose 2 RB's to start

    Agreed... Chester and Jackson. Minnesota has to rely on their run game and the Cards lost Bertrand Berry for the season. Jackson, even if he doesn't get 100 yards rushing, he will certainly make up for it in receiving... gotta love the double-threat he poses. Even though Detroit has a lousy defensive line (even Edge got 96 yards on them), Brown's groin could cause him to pull himself out of the game more times than you would like. I'd leave him on the bench.
  22. WHO DO I BENCH? Gore or Dunn?

    Start Dunn. Even if Gore gets some decent yardage receiving, against the SD defense he will likely cough it up in this game.
  23. Shockey or E. Johnson at TE

    Gotta go Shockey on this one.