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    I cant seem to get it right with these two, any insight?
  2. thomas jones updates anyone ?

    Jones practiced today and is expectedto start. Im playing Benson over Thomas though.
  3. T. Jones or C. Benson

    Obviously Jones is the starter but I think Benson will get a lot of chances Monday night. Who would you all go with? If I play neiter Chicago back, I could play Deion Branch, Mark Clayton, Chris Henry, or Matt Jones...all of which are suspect plays.
  4. Chris Henry or Derrick Mason

    Im in the same boat, except Im debating between Henry and Clayon.
  5. WDIS

    Droughns didn't get short yardage / goal line caries last week either...they put in Vickers. I have Droughns and I'm really having a hard time getting him in the lineup.
  6. I need two of these four

    Droughns - will he get more than 11 carries? He didnt get short yardage carries last week either. T. Jones - When does Benson start to take over? R. Moss - Will the Raiders score this year? D. Stallworth - One week wonder of the man in Philly? My other starters are Jackson & J. Lewis at RB; L. Fitz at WR.
  7. Warner or Bulger

    thats a toss up if you ask me...but i remember last year i had bulger and he hasn't put up huge numbers against SF...and now they run the ball even more. Call me crazy, but Im leaning towards Ol' Kurt here.
  8. Can't beleive i am asking but WDIS

    Moss...he surely cant be shut out for long.
  9. I need two RB, two WR, and one flex out of these guys: Steve Jackson - definant Jamal Lewis - hip flexor? Thomas Jones Reuben Droughns Larry Fitzgerald - definant Randy Moss - Raiders are terrible Donte Stallworth - one week wonder? Thanks in advance.
  10. Bettis / Moulds / A. Johnson / Branch

    is holcomb in fact starting, someone on here said it was losman?
  11. losman starting?

    i didnt see anything on either site posted...
  12. losman starting?

    where have you seen losman is starting, i raed all week holcomb was the man???
  13. Injuries killing me

    i would go with bell.
  14. RB question: Wells, Gore, Parker

    i like gore but i heard nolan say that mo hicks will play considerably. thats what scares me...