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  1. I have a post below yours with Barber or Edge.....I really am leaning Edge. If Barber would not have been so not involved last week I would be going Barber but you never know .... To much of a chance for me I think.....He will probanly score for sure.....just 25 yards and as TD...
  2. I either have to start Marion Barber tonight or start Edge at home against Denver on Sunday. I have been back and fiorth all week but mostly leaning towards Edge....who and why???? HELP before the game starts
  3. screwed up league !

    Sorry I Forgot to add...if your rules state total points though than it is what it is.....discuss it in the off season and then change them if the league agrees...
  4. screwed up league !

    Head to Head should always be the first tie breaker, you play fantasy football head to head against an opponent every week. Everyone does not call in a line up and then get awarded victories for the most points scored. You DO NOT make the playoff's alone by scoring a bunch of points always. In my league we had the #2 scoring team not make the playoff's based on their record not because they did not score points. A Win is a Win in fantasy is was total points in the NFL the Colts and Rams would all have lots of superbowls.... HEAD to HEAD competition is always the first tie breaker....
  5. No Debate in my mind at all... Housh and Colston....Colston looked good in his first action back from injury....I like him better then Henderson even if Horn does not play but if Horn plays than ABSOLUTELY Colston.... Just my opinion.....Henderson would be a Home Run or nothing in my opinion
  6. Bulger or Kitna?

    I have exactly the same problem today. I am right now with 40 minutes to go to make my final decision leaning towards Kitna...GULP I just think that Kitna has the possiblity to put up 250 and (2) TD's....I just cannot see Bulger getting that done on Monday night.... They may both get 200 and one TD but Kitna has more upside I think. I love Monday night guys and think STL will be fired up in a must win game but still....unless something really changes Kitna for me
  7. McGahee News?

    I want to start McGahee but I am not sure we are going to hear anything this morning because the damn game got moved from 12:00 to 3:00pm..... Not sure I really have an option though, my other RB is Caddy Williams.....YUCK!!!! I think I'm taking my chances I am going against Westy and Alexander...I need points!!!
  8. A. Johnson or Devry Henderson

    If Colston does not play, which I believe he will not even though he took part in practice then Henderson and Copper have nice value this week. Honestly I like Copper better......Henderson needs the home run....that is what he is.....
  9. Which N.O WR this week?

    This has turned intop a nice thread of opinions and I thank everyone for all of them..... But..... My real question is if Colston sits out Sunday is Copper a better start than Muhammed Mason Bennett Please give me a few opinions on this......sure could use them
  10. Which N.O WR this week?

    From KFFL Saints | Copper practices Thursday Thu, 23 Nov 2006 19:34:09 -0800 New Orleans Saints WR Terrance Copper (knee) practiced Thursday, Nov. 23, and is questionable for Week 12. I think they will rest Colston and both Copper and Henderson will play big parts..... Crazysight already posted the source in this link it was from Rotoworld yesterday after Copper practiced FULLY The one above is from today, Copper practiced fully again, sort of thinking he is not worse than Colston as the huddle is saying.... Iceman....... I assume you meant Copper 4-8 catches 60 -90 yards
  11. Which N.O WR this week?

    Can someone tell me why Copper practiced fully yesterday then and Colston was excercising in a pool??? Am I missing something???
  12. Wide Receiver over a Running Back?

    I like Lundy and Henderson....I think both will get theirs....Colston is just not going to play this week.... I do however beleive that Copper will put up better numbers than Devery will.....he will still get nice numbers though K has got to be Elam
  13. I need some points today from my TE because I play against LJ Smith and I think he will have a good game... Who has the most upside today.... Take a chance on Gonzo playing tonight or go with McMichael and hope they finally use him today??
  14. Which N.O WR this week?

    Bump......could use more help everyone Please lend me your thoughts
  15. I picked up Copper because I am having WR issues and need a win and I'm in the playoff's.... I read that he practiced fully today and will start next to Joe Horn on Sunday as long as he continues to fully practice. I know Devery will be part of the offense also but with Colston most likely out this week wouldn't that benefit Copper more than Henderson? By the way my other options for WR next to Roy Williams are Mushin Muhammed Derrick Mason Drew Bennett You can see my issues this week for sure..... It would be Copper instead of one of these guys..... Please Help with your opinions