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  1. Best athlete - NO Number

    no love for phelps?
  2. Transformers!

    Yea, should be. I mean, there isn't any gore or anything, and other than that one masturbating reference, there aren't really any inappropriate parts. Just a ton of robot vs. robot action.
  3. Michiganders + Fireworks = Bad Idea

    To my knowledge, you do not need a license to buy up to a 3 inch mortar. For 4 and 5 inch mortars you do need a license. I usually buy 2 inch mortars.
  4. My 4th of July Roadtrip to Chicago!

    I should take offense to this, but some of it is true. At least it's not as bad as the last time I was in Tennessee and every person working at the Subway was missing at least 5 teeth.
  5. Michiganders + Fireworks = Bad Idea

    3 inch mortars are used by regular people all the time.....they're not illegal or anything.
  6. Transformers!

    I had almost no background going into it....i just knew who optimus prime and megatron were, but i didn't know any of the story lines.
  7. Transformers!

    I've already seen it twice now, and it's amazing. Haven't seen too many of the original Transformers' shows, but I know this movie does justice to it. Everyone I've seen it with loved it too, so another good movie to go and spend a trip to the movie theater on.
  8. Am I really this drunk

    it changed again!
  9. Am I really this drunk

    i'm scared
  10. Yo Spain

    I have to work the 4th of July this year ....but if anyone wants to stop by, free movies for everyone all week!!!
  11. Live Free or Die Hard

    Went to see it and I thought it was good. I can't compare it to the other three Die Hards as I haven't seen them yet, but this movie is pretty much what it is advertised to be: a kick ass action movie. The technology part in the movie with all of the hackers and the capabilities they seem to have is a little over done, but it does make you think if a fire sale could actually happen. It's worth a trip to the movie theater to see it on the big screen.
  12. I gotta ask...

    Hey! Don't dis my idea I came up with in 6th won first place in our invention convention
  13. LaRon Landry misses start of minicamp...

    BOOM! Head shot!.......i couldn't resist