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  1. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    If you still have those 4 boxes avail on sheet 2, I'm in.
  2. Sopranos are on in about 7 minutes.

    Wow.....just wow. What a MAJOR disappointment to a great series. I have to admit...the last few minutes did have me on edge...with all the people coming and going out of the diner, and Meadow trying to park her car...I thought one of these yahoos who walked in was gonna clip Tony...but nope. We get Journey and onion rings... Thank you, David Chase
  3. Sopranos

    I thought the same thing!! When Chris kept messing with the radio I was like "Wait....this is not supposed to happen for another four episodes!!"
  4. Friday Movie Game

    Duane Johnson aka The Rock - "The Rundown"
  5. Lost

    +1 on the catch regarding Ben's mother. For a bit there, I actually felt bad for him when his dad told him it was his fault his mother died and he was stuck on that island with him. I think you are correct on the aging thing...if I remember correctly they did talk about someone's body tissue (or something related to that) being much older than the actual person was. Perhaps it was that episode when Richard was trying to recruit Juliet? Also, why did Ben's daughter give Locke the gun before their trip to see Jacob? It's like she kinda knew Ben was gonna do something to Locke.
  6. Lost

    Great episode last nite. Couple of things I'm curious about... SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! 1) If the Dharma people had the security fence up to keep out the island natives and wildlife, then how did whomever the Dharma were shooting at get in? Maybe some of the people initially involved in the Dharma project revolted or something? 2) I think Ben shot Locke because he feels threatened by Locke. Supposedly only Ben can communicate with Jacob, but when Locke revealed he heard the "help me" voice Ben now knows that this could be an issue and has to get rid of him somehow? 3) Is it me, or did Richard look EXACTLY the same as when Ben was both a kid and adult, only difference being the hair and dirty clothes (kinda reminded me of how the Others used to dress when they confronted the crash survivors)?
  7. Sopranos

    Personally, I can't imagine Christopher siding with NY. After all, he was the 'sacrifice bunt' at the end of season five when Phil wanted Tony Blundetto for killing his brother, but could not find him. I think he could end up being a 'lone wolf', though, and end up trying to take out Tony at the end. The fact that he is hitting the bottle again does not help his cause much. I've read that the second to last episode is 80-90 min long, and that the finale is close to two hours. I also have some other "spoilers" from the last four episodes (though I can't vouch any of it is info). If you are interested, PM me and I can send them to you.
  8. SuperBowl Squares

    I will take five as well please. PM me and I will paypal tonite.
  9. Is this true: McNabb - torn ACL

    Reading on the Eagles message boards that McNabb has a torn ACL and is done for the year. I'm searching all over for a link, but can't find one. Perhaps it was mentioned over philly's sports radio? Has anyone heard if this is true?
  10. Want advice...

    Balla, Standard performance league. Team is in my sig. As you can see I am hurting at QB. I have been offered Vick for Thomas Jones. Should I make the trade or hang onto Jones and go after a f/a like pennington? Thanks.
  11. So I'm an Eagles fan, and while to me it does not matter if, while watching them on TV, I listen to the TV announcers or radio announcers for the play by play (unless it's the Monday nite crew), I have a friend who is not only an Eagles fan, but INSISTS on listening to the Eagles radio announcer Merrill Reese for the play by play. When he has friends over for football, he tunes in to either 94 WYSP (local philly station) or 103.7 (south jersey station) for Merrill. That's fine with me; I realize that by going to his house for the game I will hear the radio announcers. But here is where it gets a bit nuts: if he is invited to someone else's house for the game, he asks the host ahead of time if it is possible to put on the radio instead of listening to the TV. I am not kidding, he has gone so far as to bring a walkman to a friend's house (my friend told him ahead of time he would not listen to the radio broadcast). It actually gets out of control sometimes at his place because he has a HDTV but the HD broadcast is not always in sync with the radio broadcast so he tries to sync it up himself by switching around between the two radio stations and the HD and non-HD channels. We give him sh!t about it cause sometimes the radio is ahead of the TV action so we know what is coming up ahead of time before we see it. So with that in mind, I am just wondering if any of you out there are like him when you watch the game at home, whether you just listen to the TV announcers or tune your local radio dial to the team's radio announcers.
  12. Trade advice, please...

  13. Trade advice, please...

    Performance league. My roster is in my sig. With T Green down for the next couple weeks and Favre not what he used to be, I am in the hunt for another QB. I was offered Vick for Thomas Jones. I considered countering this trade. His RBs are Ronnie Brown, Dunn, Julius Jones, Jamal Lewis, and Kevin Jones. I know he will not part with Brown, Dunn or J Jones so I thought of offering T Jones and one of my WRs for Vick and either Lewis or K Jones. Also, our free agent pool has the following available (I am guaranteed to get one of these guys since I am first on the F/A pickups this week) Drew Brees Aaron Brooks Alex Smith Chad Pennington Should I pull the trigger on the trade? Should I try the counter? Or pick up one of those free agent QBs and nix the trade altogther? Thanks.
  14. Madden 2007

    +1. Plus I don't like the fact that: -there is no autosave -there is no gang tackling Thankfully I kept my original xbox, so I may rent that version and see if I like it that much more. I guess for me it comes down to quality versus quantity.
  15. Madden 2007

    I plan on picking up the 360 version at lunchtime today. I have been reading good things about it. I understand there is a "fatigue glitch" (but according to EA it's only an issue with the player's fatigue status bar; it stays green the entire game, even if the player is tired) and there is supposed to be a patch for that soon. KP I hear that you can't edit current rosters at all in the 360 version, I wonder if this holds true for your gripe about changing their positions as well.