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  1. Jets/Patriots Game Thread

    thats funny, Im sure theres a certain amount of each of these guys trying to outcoach each other...but thats a really fun part of this game... Jets are showing they belong here, nomatter the outcome. They arent outclassed. Having said that, I dont think the Pats are going past round 2. Not enough talent on both sides of the ball for either of these teams really. Brady playing a great game though here. Jets need to get more pressure on him, his WRs cant make big plays. Jets need to gamble with their coverages a bit more I think
  2. Jets/Patriots Game Thread

    P Rivers' favorite target yes?
  3. Jets/Patriots Game Thread

    Jericho Cotchery!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Jets/Patriots Game Thread

    lets try to score a TD get a turnover and then turn to the Herman Edwards offense???? cmon...
  5. Jets/Patriots Game Thread

    Was nice of Gaffney to lose two yards after getting the first down. Appreciate that. Lack of wideout talent will hurt the Pats big today. Jabbar Gaffney? Please...also Gostkowski is not exactly a money kicker. Some of these things are going to bite the Patriots in the playoffs, maybe not today, but this is not a Super Bowl team (famous last words). Not saying my J E T S are going to pull the upset but....GO JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. What the Coolest Name of Any of Your Fantasy Teams?

    well, the funniest name in my league is the Cleveland Steamers.
  7. Tiki Barber

    Was nice of him to come up big in Week 17 for all the fantasy teams that drafted him...oh wait.
  8. And oh yeah, always trust DMD. That works for me too. When in doubt, thats always the default.
  9. I think these threads really highlight that you need to stick with what was working all season. I managed a championship in one league despite benching Cotchery for Devery Henderson (played the matchup and weather) despite the fact that Cotch was a very consistent 3rd receiver for me all season. I got lucky and it didnt cost me but it almost did. I also flirted with starting Rhodes over Jamal Lewis (again, getting seduced by the matchup) but came to my senses at the last minute (well, came to my senses when I found out Addai was playing). But THAT one would have cost me the championship. In my league I have listed below, I rode Willie Parker to the consolation game and benched him for MBIII. Seemed like a no-brainer after FWP's 3 pointer against the Ravens. But Barber pulled the bagel so again, just riding the horse that got you there was the right move. It worked out for me in both instances but just as easily could have been disastrous. So my new iron-clad rule that I will not violate is this: 1. Always start a stud nomatter the matchup (okay thats easy). 2. If you have two studs and must choose, take the more consistent player. 3. For non-studs, take the horse you rode with all season. He is likely to be the more consistent player and you wont want to kill yourself for benching him. In this case, Barber had shown some inconsistency in games where the Cowboys trailed but this looked to be a pretty safe play. Parker was known to struggle against the Ravens, so this looked like a no-brainer. But you could argue that FWP is a stud and Barber is not. If you argue Barber is not a stud, then you start FWP no questions asked. But Barber is 3rd in the league in TDs so thats a tough argument. The fact that he doesnt start though and shares carries might be argument enough though. But in Lewis' case, starting Rhodes would clearly violate this rule. Neither is a stud but Lewis is a far more consistent player. He had been scoring at a clip of a TD per game for the 2nd half of the season with about 80 yards averaged. Even with the tough matchup he clearly was the better choice. Same with Cotchery. Henderson has had some big games, but has shown a lot of inconsistency. Whenever I started him he did nothing. When I benched him he went off. Infuriating. But Cotchery was always consistent. Funny thing is I vowed to ride with Cotch for the playoffs. I started him in Week 15 and he did next to nothing so...of course he had a good game in 16. Its a pretty easy rule. Always play your studs. When a choice between non studs, just go with the more consistent player unless there is a really compelling reason otherwise. Especially with WRs that are so unpredictable (see Torry Holt getting shut down against the Redskins and Ike Bruce going off).
  10. I won by a toenail. all season I blew everyone away thanks to LT but this one was a nailbiter. Of course, I had Manning, Reggie Wayne, Jamal Lewis (okay no biggie but he was effective 2nd half), and Roy Williams. Not bad. Great move benching Cotchery (bad weather tough matchup) for Devery Henderson. But it worked out mostly thanks to Joey Harrington getting benched in the 2nd half. Thank you Nick Saban. My hero. I really thought the called-back TD was going to be the difference but it worked out in the end.
  11. ***WCOFF Update***

    I love that you guys actually drafted Colston (I picked him up as a FA and promptely traded him as a "throw in" ). Not many teams had the foresight for that. Nice work. Bet you would like to have that 2nd pick back again to draft Manning. Im thinking you guys were gambling that he was still there one pick later... Great draft though...Im sure the guy picking first was cursing himself all season. How many guys on their team were insisting on LT and got overruled? Hilarious!!
  12. What a classy guy. Squirrel you should be a role model for kids who need to learn how to be both a good winner and a good loser. Shows a lot of character. As for DD, I can only imagine what its like to watch a $9k catch and run by Leon Washington. Awesome!!! As a Jet fan, id like to say I was equally excited watching Leon's run to glory (but with 9k on the line I would gladly be okay with the Jets sitting this post-season out - well, maybe. Have to think about that again).
  13. David, you should send Christmas cards to the linemen on the Eagles who stuffed Barber 3x on the 1 yard line yesterday. Its funny too because I was only up by 2.5 points in my other league (not the one below) and he had Harrington and Welker. I had the Miami Defense. But its a TD heavy league and a TD by Harrington likely would have sunk me. So you can imagine my smile seeing Willie Beamon I mean Cleo Lemon enter the game.
  14. Joey Harrington

    But stinking it up at a great time...Cleo Lemon looked alot better. Probably not fair to Harrington but he stunk against the Bills too...anyhoo, Saban pulling Harrington probably saved my championship. I WIN I WIN I WIN.
  15. Joey Harrington

    I am hanging on by a thread against Harrington and Welker and have the Miami D...I think Nick Saban just gift wrapped a championship for me by putting in Cleo Lemon. Thanks for the XMas present Nick...just dont throw the ball to Welker. Cmon baby.