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  1. Branch/Walker/Cotchery

    Branch and Cotch. See mine
  2. WDIS at #2 RB?

    Houston vs Bills Fason at Shaun Rogers in the middle McGahee (?) at Jets Tatum Bell at Diego
  3. WDIS at #2 RB?

    I could pickup Houston.
  4. WDIS at #2 RB?

    Anbody else? I got one vote for each of them.
  5. WDIS at RB

  6. WDIS at QB?

    Leaning Garcia being that it seems like he's playing decent.
  7. Need some advice. Also, is Reche Caldwell worth picking up if I have Boldin, Stallworth, and Colston?
  8. How bad is Gore's injury?
  9. Garcia/Feeley Garaard Frye Harrington Campbell Brooks Losman