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  1. Kitna or......

    Both are going against secondaries either banged up or just horrid. I was leaning on Kitna.....however Smith is the hot hand of the 2.
  2. J. Horn or M. Jenkins

    You must have another option. I would not cut Horn for him. You could probably get more for Horn in a trade if you want to dump him. Sorry missed the sig line..........I would cut Re.Williams for him.....if you have 2 D's or 2 Kickers I might cut one if your league allows it.
  3. Not your typical WDIS

    I am having a hard time with this one. Portis vs. Hous R.Johnson vs. Pitt K.Jones vs. Greenbay It looks like Portis is a go and this is a good "get well" game for him. How can I deny Rudy reguardless of matchup? You have to love the matchup!! Only thing is I am starting Kitna this week.
  4. Hey guys. A win is a win right? Aaron Brooks almost cost me week 1. I also had Portis on the bench. I was starting to panic on Tuesday. I actually considered addind a second New York Jet to my team. In fact the waiver request was in for Pennington when a trade offer rolled into my e-mail. I was offered Kitna for Coles. I jumped at the oppertunity so fast I did not even bother asking for advice. The thought of selling Coles high and having no Jets on my team thrilled me to death! Not to mention I have Kitna on my sleeper list and feel I can get by with these 3 QB's I have now. My question......Would you have done the same? Did I jump the gun....I mean the guy feel in my lap. I took it as a sign.
  5. Brees or Brooks

    Brooks. He is throwing the ball to Moss. I actually like New Orleans to beat the Brownies this week.....I just think Brooks is the better play.
  6. Some trade help

    Hey guys! I feel like I had a descent draft I am just not wild about my QB's. My commish drafted 6 so the wire is really thin! I picked up M.Drew off waivers yesterday and tried to peddle him and Coles to my Commish. I offered Coles and Drew for Lundy and Kitna. See his roster: B. Griese R. Grossman J. Kitna B. Leftwich C. Simms B. Volek T. Jones L. Jordan W. Lundy W. Parker F. Taylor I. Bruce D. Jackson A. Johnson T. Williamson A. Gates He said Fragile Freddy was his 3rd or 4th back and he is not wild about Coles or Drew. Should I counter with Morency and a WR for Kitna and Fragile Freddy? Or should I just walk away? If you think I should counter what WR should I offer? The only one I do not like is Coles. Price is a sleeper and I doubt he would take him. Leave a link. Thanks.
  7. Some trade help

    So what if I can get Freddy and Kitna for Coles and Morency? You do not think there is value there for me?
  8. Trade help

    Hey guys. I just grabbed M.Drew off waivers and cut Wilson. Here is my thinking. My commish drafted 6 QB's and he owns fragile freddy. He has Lundy which I would not mind having with Morency in case Dom does not come back. So I figure I will offer him Drew and Coles (I hated drafting him) for Lundy and one of his 6 QB's. Question is which one? Here they are: Griese (has upside but not the starter yet) Grossman (not really thrilled about him) Kitna ( has the weapons but does he have the arm?) Lefty ( I do not know if I would really want him) Simms ( Has the most upside....could pan out) Volek (will probably get yanked at some point for Young) Thoughts?
  9. Trade help

    I am thinking in this order: Kitna Simms Lefty Just not sure who to iniate the offer with......
  10. Trade help

    Is not up to me to question was not the only draft day surprise. E.Manning went to the third pick and F.Gore was drafted in the 1 st round. There were more surprises than those too.....a very odd draft.
  11. Trade help

    12 team keeper. Standard scoring for QB's except 6 pts for throwing and rushing TD's
  12. Greg Jones done for the year

    I am hearing it will be the rook. Is he a better 5th back than Morency?
  13. Just finished my draft

    12 Team keeper league. We must keep 2 only 1 per position. (1 rb 1 qb 1 wr) Suplimental roung for teams keeping 3 max.PPR. We have to cut 2 players after week 3. I traded my 6th pick for Portis and his 7th 6 weeks ago. Seemed like a great deal at the time. Aaron Brooks 11.1 Brad Johnson 14.2 Rudi Johnson 3.2 (sup) Kevin Jones 4.2 Clinton Portis (keeper) V.Morency 13.11 Lendale White 12.2 TO (keeper) Rod Smith 5.11 L.Coles 8.2 M.Muhammad 7.8 M. Clayton 7.11 Ma. Clayton 9.11 T.Taylor 10.2 Cedrick Wilson 17.11 P.Price 18.2 D Akers 16.02 Washington D 15.11
  14. Just finished my draft

    Only 2 I forgot M.Clayton edited above. QB is my concern also. I am looking into that. I have time.
  15. Who's a better fantasy back? Dillon or Lewis?

    At this point only if I have to choose one or the othrt. I would take Dillon. I am just a Lewis non-believer.
  16. Need advice on Draft Pick trade

    You are trading draft positions? I have never heard of such a thing? I never really thought about it but you would get your second pick sooner. You would also get your third pick later. I think no. Not a keeper league so there are no players involved. I just cannot see why you would want to do that.
  17. Bush for Portis?

    I second this. I am still on the Portis bandwagon. I think he will have a really big year.
  18. Duece McAllister

    Hey guys. I have been doing a ton of mock drafting to figure exactly how I want to draft my players. I am in a 12 team keeper league. We have to keep 2 players and there is no time limit on how long we can keep them. We have the option of keeping three but we can only keep 1 per offensive catagory. (ie 1 rb 1 qb and 1 wr) Keepers have been declared. I made a move last year when my season went to hell in a hand basket and got TO. Then I made a preseason move and traded McNabb and my 3rd round pick for Portis and his 4th round pick. So there are my keepers and they have already been declared. So....because I am keeping only 2 players there is a suplimental pick prior to the first round. I figure Edge will fall to me with that pick since I have the second pick and the guy in front of me is keeping 3 players, I end up with the first pick in the suplimental round. After the sup round it goes back to #1 and serpintines there after. I am thinking of going with a reciever like Mason, Jackson or Ward to compliment TO then my 3rd back before I lose a round. Every time I do the Mock Deuce is there. Would you take him over guys like Addai, Foster, F.Taylor, and T.Jones? He would be my third back? What do you think?
  19. Trying to get R Brown

    It seems one sided in your favor to me.
  20. I need some advice again.....

    I am pretty high on Portis this year. That said I think you are over paying for him. Seen as you start 3 rb's trading Smith for him seems to be equal. It is the draft pick part I do not like. I would consider swapping draft picks where he moves up a spot or two and you move back a spot or two in the third round, I might even swap 1st rounders depending on both of your draft positions. Other than that I would not pull the trigger. this is obviously a keeper league. Who are your other keepers and who are his? Alittle more info would be helpful.
  21. Trade CJ for the #1 pick and take Bush?

    May I ask why you would take Bush with that pick. What other RB's are available?
  22. This is my 1st online draft ...

    E-mail him and see if he is interested and what he wants. IF interested he will more than likly ask for too much. Then go from there. I doubt there will be any interest but you can try. Those 6 spots will cost you more than a 7th or 8th round pick. Why do you want to move up so bad?
  23. Keep Up To 2 Players

    Maybe it is just me.....but I do not understand the question??
  24. Trade for L.Evans

    Where did you hear this??
  25. Team Defense

    I do not believe I am alone in thinking it is a waste to take a defense prior to the 15th and 16th rounds. I always seem to find a viable team defense there. Who are the bottom tier defenses that could surprise? Does anyone think the Bill's D will return to the level they were 2 years ago? I know I like thier special teams enough. Thoughts??