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  2. Good v. Evil Spots Open - Both sides of the aisle ...

    You know I'm back right.
  3. My first call from a Huddler.

  4. My first call from a Huddler.

    He called me earlier but he quickly hung up. I guess I'm just another # to him.
  5. My first call from a Huddler.

    PD's acting kind of ghey about talking to you yesterday. He isn't going to be hanging out with us at the Panthers games will he?
  6. Sopranos

  7. Bomb plot thwarted at Falwell funeral

    I was at the service and it was put together well. I did see some Westborough Baptist freaks there but they were confronted by TRBC's biker bible study group and got scared and left. Didn't hear about the bombs until last night.
  8. Random Guy had been busy

  9. Say something about the huddler above you...

    Has John Belushi in his avatar.
  10. What is your post count ?

  11. A bad day

    I'm sorry Thews
  12. OJ denied

    Black people aren't known for being rational.
  13. Antonio Bryant Update?

    The Vikings and Packers might be interested.
  14. OJ denied

    Because OJ is black and he'd likely get roofless on some white folks.