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  1. goin campin

    Natural Light, it's the beer with the taste for food, and camping and float trips. Lots of it TOO! Very watered down so you'll stay hydrated as well, multifunctional.
  2. Heroes Season Finale

    Thought it was okay. Meh I guess after 22 episodes I was expecting something a little more, couldn't tell you what but, just more. Thought the Legend of the Silver Surfer trailer looked KILLER!!
  3. Sopranos

    NOw that would be something!!!!!!!
  4. Heroes Season Finale

    No just not happy with the outcome is all. This is a series that I can't stop watching but there have been some episodes that leave me scratching my head saying, "Is that all?".
  5. Heroes Season Finale

    Gonna have to be action packed to get a lot done here. I hope I won't be like this at 9pm Central time tonight
  6. Sopranos

    I believe it is one of his Lt's sons.
  7. P Manning

    Drafted Manning 6th overall this year in a 10 team league and won the Superbowl, and it's not with a bunch of chumps either. Depending on draft position, I would go Manning early to mid 2nd. Draft theories are like buttholes, everyone has them and we think everyone elses stink.
  8. Sopranos

    My personal favorite part last night was after Meadow told Tony about what Coco said to her she finally told them about who she was dating. Anyone else catch the look on Tony's face while she was talking? Absolutely priceless. Seeing Tony get pushed to the brink is must see TV for me.
  9. St Louis area Huddlers

    Alrighty here ya go! Six Flags is roughly 45 minutes from downtown. The Magic House The Zoo Grants Farm St. Louis City Museum (a favorite place of mine, we take our students there for field trips every year and it is hands down their favorite place) Science Center Cahokia Indian Mounds (did an archeaology field study there, very very cool place but as mentioned before not in the best area) THE BOWLING HALL OF FAME! I know these were all suggestions mentioned earlier but, I figured I would add my .02 I hope you enjoy St. Louis.
  10. Return or close to it?

    In what ways are they overrated? Not trying to start an argument, just would like to see your perspective.
  11. Return or close to it?

    Just want to see who else in the fantasy world is keeping their eyes open to see what the Rams O is capable of this next year. Lots and lots of weapons for sure and a defense that will make them score over and over again. With Drew Bennett, Randy McMichael, Torry Holt, Ike Bruce, SJax, Brian Leonard(Yes I said it) I think there is a lot of room for many many points this coming year. BTW...I am tired of hearing how the Cardinals, Forty-Whiners, and Seahawks are in a three team race for the West. Thoughts? Opinions?
  12. What did you all make your for your favorite Mothers Yesterday?

    Metro East. We still get Gitto's, Zia's, and others across the river.
  13. Grilled spice rubbed pork tenderloin w/roasted garlic vinegrette Smashed smoked gouda new potatos flash grilled romaine hearts w/red onions and home made croutons w/Zias Sweet Italian dressing, a St. Louis favorite. Moms loved it for sure!!!!
  14. Help!

    I'll back that one up!! That does the trick!!!
  15. Like Sam the butcher bringing Alice the meat

    SAY WHAT? I also must agree that Pauls is absolutely fantastic. I play in a Tenacious D type acoustic duo and it is perfect set break music. That, and Willie Nelson's reggae album Countryman.