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  1. Keyshawn Johnson to Retire

    Lest we forget Mr Theisman.....I am looking forward to Key behind the mic......he made a smart decision.
  2. James Cameron: maker of the movie 'The Titanic'

    In my experience with both Mormons and Jehovah's Witness that have come to my door, they are willing to tell you what they came to tell you but if you ask any questions outside their script, they tend to become scared and angry. Don't even try to ask them to explain a particular part of their theology that may not jive with conventional beliefs. They seem to fear anyone that has a knowledge of scripture or a grasp of their theology. Most of the ones that come door to door do not have a good knowledge of their own faith. They lack knowledge of its history, the changes that have made to their own sacred scriptures, and a few newbies that don't even know their own religion's end game. If your going to knock on my door at least bring your A game. I am more than willing to listen, discuss, and go over all the facts. In my experience these door to door guys have one agenda, get another notch in their belt or move on. What the heck does it hurt to talk?
  3. More political correctness?

    This is a joke and hurts the Christian position. To make a logical choice about creation, evoulution, or any combination involved you need to have all the evidence. I am confident enough in my faith to use all information available to us. This is what gives religion a bad name and does give the appearance of a government trying to control the people through religion. Bush has failed in almost every way, I am ashamed I voted for him. Does that mean I will vote Democratic next time? No, evidently I voted for a closet Dem in the last election. I won't make that mistake again.
  4. Any Really Smart Christians Out There?

    What's so hard to alone does save but where there are no works, there is no faith. I am not sure what you don't understand about that. The Catholic Church does have a completely different take on the elements, transconfiguration is an obvious one. Baptism? I don't discount the good of Catholicism in general but when people talk about using religion to control the population, Catholicism is at the top of list. If your Catholic, we are on the same team. If you are ok with what they teach, thats fine with me. The defensive attitude speaks volumes. The bible instructs us to seek the truth, keep searching.
  5. Any Really Smart Christians Out There?

    There is a big difference between organized religion and what I would consider my beliefs. I believe living biblically will lead to a fulfilling life. I do not believe you can attain this just by going to church or being involved in religion. I also think that having a "personal relationship" with Jesus or any God is impossible. I would never say that I know Jesus, some Christian circles would consider me unsaved. I will also say that I do not know exactly what it means when Jesus says he is the only way to father. Is it baptism? Is it asking him to come into your heart? Is it going to church once a week? I don't know anymore than you do but I can say I understand it and trust it because I have seen it impact a lot of lives. I also understand the skepticism, I used to be one. Science is the crutch that people use to not accept something they do not understand. The fact that no doctor can tell you why your heart beats and the fact that we can't explain it should allow for the idea of a force outside of our own existence could be at work. It may not be God, it may be another species, it may be aliens........... I don't know, but I know we are not half as smart as we think we are. I think its illogical to say "because our science can't prove its there, it must not be there". That to me is being closed minded to any possibility that happens to be outside our capability of measurement. This has been proven over and over....the world is flat...the sun revolves around the earth...and so on and so on. Logically, I can deduce that God may be that other force that affects our world. It hasn't been proven he's not there and the odds are less than the "it all just happened theory", talk about faith! I am not sure what you mean about dog and pony show, again its not my show and not my pony, I just ride on the bandwagon. I am admittedly a bandwagon jumper when it comes to these things so as soon as us humans figure it all out, I can stop giving my money to the church. That would be a plus for the family. I have defended the war in Iraq on these pages and I still believe we need to support our troops. I will say that I do not think that Jesus would have gone to war in this situation and there has to be a better way. Love is a better weapon than force. My thoughts on immigration have changed, would Jesus send them back? God really has blessed America. We just don't use our blessings enough to bless others. We could feed this world. We could stop poverty. We could ease a lot of suffering on this earth. I do think a lot of Christians have it wrong. It is about saving humanity, that really was the purpose of what Jesus did on the cross. It would be unbelievable if we could truly take this message and apply it with our actions to the rest of the world. Merry Christmas
  6. Any Really Smart Christians Out There?

    Important scripture here, but it is not saying that works "saves" you. It says there should be works in a believers life, not that those works get you "saved". Most people calling themselves Christians need to use this scripture to check themselves.........are you walking the walk? It definitely does not disprove the Protestant take on Christianity. Az said it very well in his post. The only difference between Az's position and mine is that I do believe that they were spirit led men telling the story for a purpose. I don't worship the bible.....its just a training manual that works. Sorry about the bump.....should of just let this thread pass away.....but its Christmas. Merry Christmas!
  7. Any Really Smart Christians Out There?

    I am surprised at this statement by Az. He knows his bible well.........Jesus is the word.....John 1:1. I think the bible is pretty clear that Jesus is the word given through men by God. I do agree that only the original language that it was written in would be accurate. You don't believe that the author's words could have been inspired by God? You don't think he could have played a role in the presentation of his word to everyone?? I do believe in the bible. I will not force my beliefs on anyone else. I want to know why people believe the way they do. I will be apologetic for my beliefs in the bible when asked. I did not write the bible or make the rules. Non believers need to stop blaming Christians for the rules God has made to protect us. If you don't believe, I am ok with that but don't call me holier than thou because I do believe in the promise and grace promised in the bible. It is just as idiotic to believe that life happened by chance than the so called mythical biblical account. Science has never been able to prove there isn't a creator and I still want to know how anyone believes in evolution when the evidence that Darwin himself said was needed to support his theory has not been found. I am a seeker of the truth and I will be the first to jump on the Jesus is Magic bandwagon, hopefully led by a Jesus Horse, if there is any credible evidence that disputes the model presented in the bible. I would never say I understand God's way, just that it is the model that allows us to live abundant lives. If you haven't tried it, you don't know what your missing. There are many evangelicals that believe that Catholicism isn't true Christianity. Ephesians 2:8,9 pretty much discount the works based Catholic doctrine. Anything that allows people and not God the power to get to heaven pretty much ends it for me. If its not divine guidance, why would anyone bother?
  8. TE Question?

    Same choice for me......I am going Utecht
  9. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Parker Colston MOJO
  10. Bump, thank you very much......I want this to stay close to the top so I don't forget. Thanks again!
  11. Lee Evans and.........

    Baltimore has been torched for 800 yards the last couple of games and Palmer has thrown for over 900 the last 3 games against the Ravens. Henry should be your choice.