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    I would take Barlow and yes on the 2 WR.
  2. ok how do I handle this..

    Yes Az, its your fault! If the commissioner does his job, Az might have stared at his lineup and done one of those last minute changes we have all done that we usually regret. You do not know what would have happened. The commish is wrong and the lineups should stand as if nothing took place, because nothing did take place. The commish did not hold up to his responsibilities and Az has nothing to apologize for. He could have been more proactive about getting the situation out there but under the rules he shouldn't have too. Commish should be fired. Apologies to all owners.
  3. ok how do I handle this..

    Flat out, you should not commish if you can't do the deadlines. If the trade was't processed by the correct time it should be null and void for the week. Whatever lineups the teams posted through the league's system should stand. I would make exception to this if you had taken the following actions. If I had been in the situation and wanted this trade legal for this week, I would have called the other owner and together emailed the league. I would have stated our trade, the line ups we wanted to use if the trade had been approved, and the reason why the email was necessary because of the neglect of the commissioner to his duties. This way you would have had a time stamped record of all the aspects of the situation. Bad deal, bad commissioner.
  4. What is Gates Worth?

    I would do any of those trades given the circumstances. Maybe try to get more, but I would be happy with the addition of any of those WR.
  5. Shady trade

    I mean honestly, do you really think the acquisition of Fred Taylor will ensure the title in your league? Neither of these players will have an impact when it gets right down to it. I do not think you should say a word about the trade, it is fine. Fred Taylor has never been a consistent performer and who knows when he is going to get hurt. I think Team B is clearly weakening his team and 1 injury at RB could wipe him out. I think it is a bad trade for Team B. This trade does not really help Team A all that much and weakens Team B. How do you not know that it comes down to you and Team B and the fact he traded away Fred Taylor doesn't win you the title? These situations usually get worked out on the field. The argument that they are brothers has to be dropped. You either have players in your league that are willing to cheat or you don't. It doesn't matter if they are brothers. If they are cheating, they should be called out. I trade all the time in our league and I am sure that if you look back at the transaction list, I trade more with some teams than others. You can make a case that I am probably closer to those owners than the others. Relationships do affect trading in leagues and you could micro manage that down to say that golf buddies can't trade. There are owners that I would do certain deals with that I might not do with someone else. I mean where does it end? Just disallow all trades. Our league combats this issue very simply. We have strong players and I do trust their judgement. All trades will be approved by commissioner unless blantantly uneven, like player of no value on IR for player that starts, and there are cases where we would even allow this like for Shaun Alexander. Before the end of the next free agent period, ours is Wednesday, owners can protest the trade. If half of the owners not involved in the trade protest, the trade is reversed that day. All stats for the preceding week will count. This keeps everyone in line when trading because the owners have the final say. We have had 1 trade reversed in ten years. Do not veto trades, bad owners will shoot themselves in the foot everytime.
  6. Drop Rod Smith for Horn?

    Rod Horn.....Joe Smith......what's the difference?
  7. Huddler opinions wanted/needed

    Same situation for me in our league. My wife and I have traded every year in the 10 years we have been in this league. I tend to end up trading my whole team away and trade with everyone so trading with my wife has been no big deal. We are extremely competitive and wouldn't give anything away anyway. That late trade they pulled last year should of at least been questioned. Knowing that people could have a problem with our trades we are extra careful to make them extremely even. We also have an override in our league that all trades can be overturned if half of the league puts in a protest. This makes it easy, if no one protests, you know the trade is fine. You don't veto a fair trade no matter who is trading. If both teams improve then there should be no issues. I agree that these two probably crossed a line that has to make you at least question their transactions.
  8. School District Ends Season for 0-4 Team

    Hey now........we traveled to USC in between the games with Multi Directional Tech, Payday University, and the Traveling Mercenaries. Come correct.
  9. One Week Defensive Swap...

    To me this is like being against abortion but for the death penalty. A trade is a trade. If it is fair one week, its fair the next week. Honestly, isn't every trade technically collusion by two owners. I am not sure how you veto a trade like this if it is even. We do not have any trade back policies in the league that I have commished for 10 years and this has never been an issue. I think it is and should be a gentlemens agreement sort of thing but if you didn't really see it coming and the two teams do not have a history of this behavior, how do you veto it? Especially some of you that are so against the veto. Seems a little hypocritical......devil's advocate here
  10. Bo Scaife

    I picked him up for Shockey's bye week and I will probably hang on to him until Shockey is healthy.....I guess that means I will keep him the rest of the year!
  11. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    JJones Foster Driver Any chance you could list the winning combo each week or am I just missing it??
  12. Just traded FOR Lamont Jordan

    I did not have a viable 2nd RB so I traded E James/Benson for L Jordan/KJones. I am hoping Jordan, not to mention KJones, have their OC's get it together soon. Jordan is also past his bye week which helps.
  13. Anybody Having Bad Luck With Matches

    I had this happen all the time in head to head leagues.......I simply choose to play in total points leagues for the big monies. I play in head to head leagues just to prove this theory.
  14. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Westbrook D Jax Maroney
  15. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 2

    OOOOOPPSSS.......its not midnight somewhere............ Pittsburgh Steelers
  16. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 2

    Indianapolis Colts
  17. J Lewis Stallworth Owens
  18. Pennington.

    Tennesse D is horrible.........
  19. A Perspective on Iraq

    This is the most classless post I have ever seen. You seem to have no concept of what are military people are doing to ensure you can be a clueless moron. This attitude is what makes it so easy for some people to discount anything going on over there. Disagree.......fine.......but people are losing their husbands, fathers, sons, daughters, and some gratitude loser. None of this should be taken lightly.