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  1. Worst Tasting Beers

    Don't know if they still make it, but it is the worst beer I have ever consumed.
  2. Olberman takes a shot at Rumsfeld.

    Sounds like a great conspiracy theorist cliche. I of course meant I would sue AFTER the government released me from serving hundreds of years with all the other innocent people for no reason at all. I stand corrected.
  3. Eh........................Bradford
  4. Olberman takes a shot at Rumsfeld.

    I agree with you on this, the drug thing is ridiculous. I see no difference between drugs and alcohol, it should all be legal and not an excuse to take anyone's property. I live in Nebraska where that trooper took the $110,000 cash they found in a vehicle they pulled over for no tags. The guy was taking his family's money to buy a refrigerated truck in Chicago and the government hasn't found any evidence to refute the guys story but they have kept his money anyway. I believe the courts supported law enforcement in this case. I understand the slippery slope of government intrusion but I believe in the matter of national security, they should be allowed to find the bad guys. Skins, your daughter is beautiful.....enjoy while you can. They do grow up fast.
  5. Olberman takes a shot at Rumsfeld.

    As for your gaff at my religious beliefs, It serves only as a hypocritcal mark on your own Christian faith. As many of our non-religious friends on this board are quick to point out, one of our greatest faults as Christian people is the judgement and condemnation of others - clearly not something Christ taught. [/color] You made the inferrence to being a Nazi, be willing to admit that is what you were trying to imply. I simply responded to your moronic statement. I can and do respect the opinions of people of the Morman faith but I find its teachings completely implausible without any archealogical or historical evidence to support its claims. The Book of Mormon is so inconsistent with the bible's teachings and really........aren't the Bible's teachings already hard enough to believe without adding a completely fictional North American Special Addition? The whole idea of becoming a "God" is basically what Eve was trying to do when she bit the apple and introduced sin in to the world. Your end game is to acheive the status of "God" and that pretty much goes against every other doctrine in the bible-See The 10 Commandments. That scares me. If Mormons would just honestly state that they are going to seperate themselves from the Bible, quit calling themselves Christians, and go about their business.......that would be great. The problem is you play such a marketing game...Church of the Latter Day Saints instead of Mormon....never publically stating your differences from Christianity. The Mormon church wants people to believe that its just another Christian religion and that simply is not true. The Mormon Church would not be invited to any summit involving Christian doctrinal positions. Is the Mormon Church embarrassed about its beliefs?? Instead of the family values campaign, how about this.........Tired of the same old God???......don't understand his rules???? not doing it for ya?.........become one yourself! Indoctrination into the Mormon church assures your eternal life and leaves you completely in charge! What could be better than that? Your congregations would overflow! These are the things that drive me crazy about the Mormon church. I understand why you are a Libertarian, your faith has forced you to always be defending your beliefs. With that being said, my favorite talk show host is Glen Beck.....Mormon. I probably spend about 3 hours a day listening to him. However, whenever he speaks on religion, he loses me. I believe that Islam would be a better choice based on historical evidence than Mormonism. How do you consider yourself a Christian when you do not believe in the divinity of Jesus? Jesus and Satan are brothers? The doctrinal changes throughout the history of Mormonism? As much of a stretch as Christianity is to believe in, at least there is historical and archealogical evidence to support most biblical events. Jimmy, if you truly think that your belief system is the way....share it with me. You can PM any info to me. Tell me where I am wrong. You seem like a caring guy that would want to share the gift of eternal life that being a member of the Mormon church could provide.......its not just a special club for a certain few is it? I would be very interested in ensuring the eternal life of my family and friends. Thanks in advance. I just disagree with conspiracy theories. There are not thousands or even hundreds of people that have been affected by our government surveillance. Rapists, murderers, and child pornographers seem to be getting along ok so it can't be all that rigid. A couple of innocents arrested to save many Americans lives.....I am ok with it. Of course if I was arrested, I would be furious......upset it was me......sue whoever I could.....and do everything I could to fight back but I still would understand why it happened. Reality is ok with me. Racial profiling might be needed, religious profiling might be needed, lets just protect our citizens.
  6. Olberman takes a shot at Rumsfeld.

    Still waiting for that long list of things you can't do anymore or those rights that have been taken away...... Irony alert.........most of your post is exactly "manufactured fear BS". Its interesting how we can both look at the same information and compare the other side in the exact same way with Germany in the late 30's. The left is ignoring the overall threat, getting caught up in the details. The right is trying to win a war but doesn't want to offend anyone in the process. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to appease this group. We will have to deal with them one way or another. I fear we will be fighting this JIHAD for many years to come. The fact that these religious fanatics killed 3,000 of our people on our soil doesn't seem to have given us enough resolve to have a clear vision. I would agree that it is hard to define a goal but the bottom line is that this isn't going away and I believe our government is trying to do everything it can to stay ahead of these terrorists. You can count on politicians being politicians, and the last thing any republican would want is another attack on our soil. This would end their hold on the government. Thats why I believe they are just trying to cover their butts, protect our people, and not have the next big media event that could potentially blow them out of office. I would like to think there is a deeper meaning but I fear that to not be the case. Religious War- Its hard for anyone that does not believe in a God to understand the motivation. We have to remember their culture is much different than ours. This isn't so much what Bush or Rummy has done, its about what the US over the years has done with both democrats and republicans being in charge. There is no single event that sparked this JIHAD. Never been called a Nazi before...............but then again some of us don't have the "I will be the father of my own planet with my celestial wife and become a god" thing going for us either. Talk about insane...... When you post that long list of your rights that have been taken away, how about sending all that historical and archealogical evidence that supports your religious beliefs?
  7. Olberman takes a shot at Rumsfeld.

    However, I'm far more pissed about what Bush has done to the freedoms you talk about than the mess in Iraq. [/color] +1. This is such a straw man argument. Honestly Jimmy Neutron, what can't you and I do now in everday American life, that we could do before the Patriot Act. It has really not had any effect on 99.99% of Americans. To me the government should be doing everything, and I mean everything, to protect our people and our country. The PC attitude is what is making us ineffective in everything we do. As far as Bush is concerned, I agree with him on the war on terror but we need to use more force and truly act like we are fighting a war to win. I feel he has failed us in almost every other issue and would not vote for him again. Democrats have a huge opportunity to make some ground but they offer no solutions..... only point out the failings of the current presidency. Any educated person knows the failings of our president. When I hear Dems point this stuff out I just keep waiting for their solutions to all these problems......I am still waiting. The entire problem is we have no "out of the box" thinkers, only representatives that are afraid to say or do anything that might take away their elected position. It would be nice to see some real people come forward and speak the truth. I wouldn't care if it was a Demo or Repub, we just need to focus on the real problem with the only agenda being the best interests of the US.
  8. Olberman takes a shot at Rumsfeld.

    With all that is going on in the middle east and that area, how can anyone think we are better off without a military presence in the region? This just isn't about Iraq, we need to be there for what is coming. 2500 soldiers have died during this conflict over several years. Islamic fanatics killed 3,000 of our citizens on our soil in less than an hour. We hadn't invaded any country, they brought the war to us. It would mean that the 2500 died in vain if we pull out of Iraq. If you are one of the idiots that think there is no connection between all of these fanatical groups, you are mental. My son is a marine and will be there soon enough. If he lost his life defending our interests, he will not have died in vain. We have to stop acting like our country is going to be around forever. If we continue to give up our freedoms and not fight for our beliefs, we are done. Get a clue people. This isn't about Bush. Its about a culture that hates our way of life. Historically, a thousand years from now, this will be written about as a religious conflict between the Christians and the Muslims. It will be no different than how we look at the crusades today. They fight from a historical perspective, we can't remember the values that made this country great 60 years ago. If you think that if we just leave them alone it will go away, you have no grasp of their culture......What's it going to take to wake up and understand the big picture????????
  9. Olberman takes a shot at Rumsfeld.

    What's wrong with comparing Rummy to Churchill, very good comparison. Good job Keith.
  10. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

    New England Patriots
  11. I must be feezing in he!...

    I won a couple of league championships with him as my QB back in the 90's, Barry Sanders as my RB helped, I will pick him up for old time's sake. Will get a good laugh out of the league. When I hear the name Jeff George, one play comes to mind......he was QB of the Vikings and fumbled the ball in the pocket. It was laying there right in front of him and he could have just fallen on it. Several large men were converging on him and the ball so he does what any great player would do........he stands there, even retreats a little. That play says all you need to know about his heart as a player but he sure could throw the ball. It will be interesting to watch him if he gets to an automobile wreck sort of way.
  12. An angry Bears fan finally spouts off....

    The Bears are fine, just let the young players get better. Grossman, Benson, and Bradley will come around-just need to make sure they draft a good TE. Can't wait to watch them play this year!
  13. Seven Deadly Sins

    By just reading everyone's responses, it is obvious that most suffer from Pride. Nothing wrong with sex, drugs, rock and roll, long as it aids in bringing you closer to a biblical God. God is not trying to restrict anyone through the bible, he has merely shown us how to live a bountiful life. We are unable to perfectly live out his desire for us because we live in a fallen world. It is about intent and whats in your can be sure that the Lord has no problem deciphering exactly what the intent of your heart is in any situation.
  14. Referee Calls

    Did I watch the same game??? They got all the calls right except for two plays. The DJAX call....that was not offensive pass interference. The catch and fumble by Stevens was also wrong but that would have helped the Seahawks. Ben's TD was clearly in the endzone. Why is anyone not complaining about Holmgren? He cost Seattle the game...why would you not kick a field goal with almost 7 minutes left?!? What was that? Holmgren is the problem with Seattle....has been since he got there, thats what needs to change. Seattle had their chances, Ben handed them the game with that terrible pass and 14 point swing. Josh Brown could have been better. But Seahawks....get a clue and get a real coach!
  15. Do you hate anyone?

    Stolen from another thread.........Hate says more about you than it does the person you hate. Hate is a self destructive emotion. I am hate-challenged by people that drive, walk, shop, talk on the phone, or any other activity that involves being around people without any consideration for the people around them. Unabashed selfishness is what I hate! Not the person, just the action.....seperating the two, admittedly hard to do.
  16. The 2005 season will go down in infamy

    I can't help but wonder if this could be an unintended consequence of instant replay. I have never seen referees take so long to make calls. I just don't remember that many plays in the pre review era where the officiating crew meets even before someone has made a call! I saw that happen several times this year. You have to wonder if those cameras put a different kind of pressure on these guys. They do know if they are wrong, the eye in the sky will make it right. I just think they are getting gun shy.
  17. Primerica

    There are a lot of different things you could sell and make more money with the time you need to invest to be succesful with Primerica. I do agree that the overall philosophy of the company is good. They believe in being debt free and do not push whole life insurance which is a waste of money. They do teach something that every young person needs to know. If you invest $100 a month into a retirement fund from the time you turn 19 until you reach age 27, you will end up with a million dollars in the bank when you retire. If you start at age 27 and go until 62, you won't get me every young person would have their retirement secure by just sacrificing a little during those early years. This is a good example of how we could get rid of social security if it was invested properly. The products are good but it will take a lot of work to get a lot of compensation.
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    St. Louis Rams
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