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  1. Take the RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Portis Plaxico Edge
  2. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 13!

    San Diego Chargers
  3. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    TJones Harrison LT

    Warner Martin....Jones JSmith
  5. DMD gives good numbers for McMahon...

    I haven't seen anyone bring up the system in Philly. I think that comparing McMahon's run in Detroit to his in Philadelphia would be unfair. I am not saying I think McMahon is a great QB but he might be a good fit for Philly's system. He is like a lite version of early McNabb. He is an inconsistent passer and likes to run. I think he has upside simply because of the Philadelphia offense.
  6. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    jackson rmoss edge
  7. collusion?

    So the trade is Bruce for Warner. I don't understand at all why you would even begin to consider a veto, especially if there is a weekly prize. The trade helps both teams. Warner is no lock to make it through the rest of the season.......just like Bruce. They both have upsides for each particular owner. The fact that you are even considering a veto is scary.
  8. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 12!

    Tennesse Titans
  9. The "Who LIKES the Sunday night crew" thread

    I am glad someone finally said it........I enjoy listening to these guys. I do think Patrick has not been the same since he was ill. I enjoy McGuire and Thiesman's constant mistakes and they call each other on it. Well said.
  10. Enough with theTheisman/Madden bashing!

    Phil Simms is good and I agree that Chris Collinsworth is extremely underrated. I have to say that I used to love Mike Patrick but since his illness, he has lost it. I will never post anything more controversial than what I am about to post........................but I am a fan of JOE THEISMAN....there I said it......I think Michaels and Joe will make a good team. Yes he is cocky....and yes he does get it wrong.....but at least he knows when he does(unlike Madden) and he can laugh at himself when he messes up. I just think Michaels and Theisman will be a good combo. Let the mocking begin............................
  11. Anybody "owe" you ?

    Stephen Jackson........I traded him before Bulger got hurt and he went off....I traded for him before last week. He just won't score for my team.
  12. Was Rush Limbaugh right?

    Sorry Swiss but my avatar was attacked in this thread. I had no intention of going off topic but just responded to other's statements. I enjoyed the thread and the discussion it brought up. Thank you for your service. Vet.....I think we both understand each other's position and I thank you for the interchange.
  13. Was Rush Limbaugh right?

    I agree with you in that anyone in the New York area still remembers...but living in the midwest.....there are plenty of people that just don't get it. I do agree that a "never forget" attachment would help explain my point better but I do believe that keeping it on people's mind is the main thing. I am not trying to provide any kind of a public service......I want people to see that image and understand that this war will come to us if we don't defend ourselves. It amazes me to think that people still don't act like we have been compromised on our soil! I hope that everyone that sees that image is uncomfortable....they should be!
  14. Was Rush Limbaugh right?

    I too lost loved ones in that bombing and I fail to understand how that offends anyone. It happened.....its real......and I don't want anyone to forget what those terrorists did to our country and my friends. The real tragedy is to forget what happened on that day and minimalize the lives of those we lost. Many Americans died that day for only one reason....being Americans. People keep marginalizing this great country and trying to bring it down. Many people have died to allow you to live in this country and enjoy the lifestyle. We need to remember what made America great and why we are a target. I for one find your attitude about your lost loved ones disgraceful and offensive. I have a son fighting the battle in the military. He wants to be there..... he chose to go to Afghanistan to keep these terrorists from bringing this sort of thing back to the US again. I will let him know that you find that reminding people about that attack on our own soil is offensive. Enjoy your freedom...many people are fighting to make sure you can.
  15. Was Rush Limbaugh right?

    Ok, you convinced me.............. I should just ignore the fact that the guy has more listeners than anyone else in radio. My guess would be that he knows something about the media. Racists don't hire people of another race. Kansas City's owners know how to make money, not necessarily put the best team on the field. Business wise they are a success. My avatar is to simply remind everyone that we were attacked in our country and we need to remember that.............we seem to have short term memory loss.
  16. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Anderson Driver LT
  17. Inclined to disallow this trade

    As a commish, when you recruit for owners.....get good ones! You get a newbie thinking you will take his money........its all good until he lets your opponent gain by a bad trade! You have to live with it. In our 12 team league all trades are approved unless it is an IR player for a stud. If 5 owners veto a trade over the weekend, then the trade will be reversed. In ten years we have had 1 trade reversed and that was only because collusion was proven. You have to let owners play their teams. If you want to play everyone's team and ok every move in the league......then don't invite anyone else to play and make all the moves yourself. Get solid players and these situations will not occur. Just make sure that your the guy that benefits from a newbie mistake next time!
  18. Was Rush Limbaugh right?

    Rush Limbaugh is a media genius.......he knows how to handle the press. He simply suggested possibilities that you have to admit had to be happening on some level. Maybe not all media but as PC as the media tries to be, some of that played into McNabb's persona. Rush Limbaugh's producer is BLACK.....what a racist he must be. Rush Limbaugh worked for the Kansas City Royals for several years....does not make him a football expert but obviously has a grasp on professional sports.
  19. King of the Mountain

    Green Bay Packers
  20. Looking for trade approval,Fair deal?

    Can't veto trade.......get different owners that play all year and that have the character and integrity not to do this kind of thing.
  21. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 11!

    New England Patriots
  22. seattle weather

    Starting Alexander and Jackson today.......rain on!
  23. Those darn transaction fees ...

    We used to have transaction fees($1 per move) but one big problem we had was that some people did not want to spend any extra money. Collecting them is always a pain too. This led to only 3 or 4 teams being competitive the entire year. While I enjoyed taking their money, it made for a league that was not as much fun as it could be. We raised the entry fee $50 and then gave unlimited transactions. This has made the league more competitive and has increased the payouts dramatically. I have never understood the concept of limited transactions. Why would you buy a team and then not be allowed to play with it the entire year? If an NFL team has injuries, they can't just not field a team because they are out of transactions. Never have understood that philosophy. May not work for everyone, but it has worked well for us.
  24. Where do you host your league?

    Switched to MFL this year and think it is awesome. You cannot beat the price. We have used RTS before and CBS for the last couple of years. CBS did an unauthorized charge to my credit card that I ended up having to go the attorney general's office in Florida to get resolved-that ended that option. I was not impressed with RTS but wondering if something must be different since we used it last. It does get a lot of mention. We will continue with MFL.