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  1. Your very first championship

    In 96 or 97....winning with Jeff George and Barry Sanders.
  2. Cheating? Please read

    In this day of modern technology, the email or transaction will be time stamped. Check this info, if the owners completed the trade before the stands. If the commish just didn't process it, its not the players fault, he is just a bad commish and you shouldn't want to play in that league anyway. If he cannot produce this info then the commish is cheating and the whole league is compromised. Get the time stamp.
  3. King of the Mountain

    Da Bears
  4. Anyone else start Sellers tonight?

    myfantasyleague is who we use.......great site.
  5. Anyone else start Sellers tonight?

    I did too.....simply because we get double points for RB reception TD's. I was hoping he might get something....glad to see he scored.
  6. What's the big deal anyways

    Character and Integrity is what its all about. Your being the character judge by ranking one bad behavior above another. What you think is inherently evil, I might think is no big deal. Sin is sin is sin, they are all negative behaviors. We humans just rank them within our culture.The bottom line is you either have Character and Integrity or you don't.
  7. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    LJohnson Harrison Alexander
  8. Andre Johnson

    Dropped him today......
  9. Extreme Roster Makeovers

    I like to trade! Drafted Team Joey Harrington David Carr Stephen Jackson Kevin Jones Rudi Johnson Ricky Williams Mike Anderson Anquan Boldin Steve Smith EKennison DMason Reggie Brown Andre Davis Alge Crumpler Eric Johnson Paul Edinger Bears Current Team Bledsoe Brunell Warner SAlexander DDavis Bettis Benson MMorris SMoss Emoulds RWayne DPatten Gaffney JMcCariens ACrumpler Scobee Bears D Crumpler and the Bears are all thats left. I am currently 4th in a performance league but well within distance to win.
  10. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 9!

  11. King of the Mountain

  12. Defense for rest of year...

    I would pick up Tampa Bay for this week and see if you can get Atlanta back...and if you can't, its not a bad thing to be stuck with Tampa Bay.
  13. Hasselbecks on a bye

    Green's father died this week........may have an impact. Adversity never seemed to affect Favre but I think it would be on the mind for most.
  14. Should I allow this-NEVER SEEN B4!

    We have a rule that a player that is picked up during the week has to be on a roster over a weekend of games before heading to the waiver wire and being locked out to prevent that from happening.
  15. Should I allow this-NEVER SEEN B4!

    We booted transaction limits 5 years ago.....there are no limits on player transactions in the NFL. I have never understood why limits are a good thing. I just don't think anyone deserves to lose if his team is decimated by injuries, this year being a good example. They don't tell an NFL team, sorry you can't field a team this week, but your out of transactions! The rule is obvious and can't be changed for this year but I suggest you get rid of transaction limits.
  16. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Jordan SSmith Taylor
  17. Suspected Cheating

    My wife is the commish of the our local, we are more or less co-commishes. We have made several trades this year between us and will not hesitate to do so in the future. Out of the 12 owners, 10 have been around the whole time. We have set the league up to pretty much run itself. Trades are allowed for one week unless it is a completely obvious bad trade. If 5 owners protest during that week, the trade is rescinded. This has worked extremely well for us, we have had only 1 trade reversed in 9 years. I have to admit that when we do make a trade, we make sure it is as even as possible. We know it will get scrutinized. Today, my wife had to go to church to set up for an Awana group. I was on the phone at the time of our waiver process for the week. I did make two moves for my wife after the deadline. She could have stayed home and did them but she needed to get to church as soon as she could. This other owner on the phone asked me how my wife made the moves if she wasn't there, I told him the truth. He had no problem with that and I know that guys have called other guys near a computer to make moves for them at various times too. It would be no different. If you can prove collusion, they should not be invited back. If not, let them manage their teams. Talk to the will know right away if she is a poser or not. My wife won the league last year and is a respected player. We have 3 women in the league and all but one of them have won it. Anyone that knows me and my wife know that there is absolutely nothing but healthy competition going on. I would be upset if anyone accused us of conspiring just because we were married.
  18. King of the Mountain

    Dallas Cowboys
  19. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Edge Ferguson Fitzgerald
  20. King of the Mountain

  21. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare

    Jordan Moss Alexander