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  1. Help with clarification

    I still read it as saying that picking up a guy at the last minute is just won't be posted until later if done after 10am on Sunday.
  2. Help with clarification

    My read is that you can pick up players after 10am, it just has to be done by email.
  3. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    T. Jones J. Smith LT
  4. King Of The Mountain

    Denver Broncos
  5. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 5!

    Denver Broncos
  6. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    mccallister j lewis sdavis
  7. Jamal Lewis

    Wow....mother!?!!?!!!.....really..........I thought it was his father, my bad.
  8. Jamal Lewis

    Wow....mother!?!!?!!!really..........I thought it was his father, my bad.
  9. King Of The Mountain

    Cincinnati Bengals
  10. King Of The Mountain

    Indianapolis Colts
  11. King Of The Mountain

  12. Weekly Blitz

  13. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Alexander Holt Parker
  14. King Of The Mountain

    New England Patriots
  15. How do you differ from your political label?

    Disagree with Bush on spending and immigration. Oppose the death penalty, against abortion. Although I do see everything from a biblical perspective, I do agree with the concept of the seperation of church and state. The focus needs to be on the government not restricting the right of Christians to profess their faith instead of all the non believers trying to keep Christians quiet. I am for ending political correctness, let's get to the heart of important matters. I will vote for any smart and rational candidate with a plan and agenda regardless of their political affiliation. I find myself agreeing with Skins and libs more often than I like and could be brought to the dark side if I heard a viable option being put in front of the people. If they would just quit whining and produce some intellectual ideas to help solve the problems they could gain a lot of credibility. I do believe that Jesus would probably align himself more as a Democrat, although he would see most of the liberal elite as the Pharisees. I will never STOP drinking beer, playing fantasy football, loving my wife and children, worshipping God and thanking him everyday for being born in this great nation!
  16. "Russman is Lost" Challenge...Week 17

    TJones Alexander Barber
  17. "Russman is Lost" Challenge...Week 16

    Rudi Alex Suggs Johnson