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  1. "Russman is Lost" Challenge...Week 15

    McGahee McAllister McEdge McDunn
  2. "Russman is Lost" Challenge - Week 13

    McGahee Blaylock Pit Rushing
  3. Bears to talk with Jeff George

    George will help and the difference now is that George wants to play. I will still never forget when he played for the Vikings and fumbled the ball and then just stood there looking at it........there is no excuse for his past attitude but the guy can throw. I used him two different years (along with Barry Sanders) to win my league so I have a soft place in my wallet for him. It just works for me if he ends up playing on my favorite team too. I am going to go pick him up now, just in case!

    Always play your studs.
  5. "Russman is Lost" Challenge - Week 11

    K Jones Barber Green