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  1. I guess I am pretty much alone on this but I don't think it was that bad of a call. From the ref's angle and point of view that signaled the touchdown...considering it in real time and full speed, I can see why he thought it looked like a simultaneous catch. The slow motion replay gives us all the opportunity for hindsight. Now this same official from his location absolutely blew the offensive pass interference call and that should have been called, nullifying the touchdown. It is still the final straw and should be used to show we need the ref's back but it's the pi call that everyone should be upset about and focused on. The catch is controversial but still could have been called the same way by the regular ref's. What a media win for the NFL can't watch or listen to anything that isn't talking about it.

  2. I wouldn't complain about the advice here and I have been here since the beginning but I do think that some other sites have caught them. I will probably add another pay site next year that I think has given good advice this year, maybe even better advice. I rely on the forums here just as much as the info at the Huddle..............if I need to verify something that has happened right now, no better place than the forums. I do tire of the posts that blame the writers for bad decisions.......all this info is to allow you to make an informed decision, not a guarantee for results. If you can't make your own decisions why play?

  3. I must be the only person that is tired of everyone humaninzing dogs and putting them on the same level as humans. I am not here to defend Vick but too many people in this world put dogs and cats on the same level as humans. I know that they all LOVE YOU unconditionally but would they really just hang around your house if given the choice of true freedom? You have pets and consider them part of your family but the truth is that their not equal creatures to humans. I don't think that gives anyone the right to be cruel to any animal but there are some of us that don't consider dogs as part of your familly, they are just animals. I don't see that what Vick did was any different than a horse racing owner that breeds his horses for profit. I really doubt that a horse that broke down and was put to sleep would have been running races if he was in the wild. He wouldn't be checking his quarter times trying to improve if his owner wasn't pushing him to be a race horse. So hypocrites unite! If you have bet on a horse, eaten a burger, roasted a chicken or baked a ham in your life time then please step up your indignation at the horrific and brutal way some of these other animals are treated, it is no different to the animal........they are treated cruelly and then die for a human's pleasure. I'd rather have Vick killing dogs than people. The bigger problem to me is the people that consider their dog more important than their friends and all know people like this. Again, not preaching cruelty to animals but let's keep it real about how humans treat animals in's not good. It's like society feels guilty and is putting Vick on the cross to cover their own sins. Everytime my wife and kids ask for a pet my response is the same.............I would rather have another child.....six so far.......I am hoping for no new requests for pets.

  4. Have the opportunity to trade for CJ and just like his schedule better down the stretch. Foster straight across for CJ. Its a total points league that runs all 17 weeks.....2 keepers, 50/50 with extra scoring points for long TD's. Seems like a no brainer but haven't fully convinced myself yet.....any thoughts?

  5. I guess I have a different take. As a commish for 15 years I cannot see how you could restrict owners in this way. With all the INJURIES that occur on a weekly basis I can't see how you deny an owner the right to trade for a player that may help him just because he traded him the week before. My example..... I lost Romo, I had traded away Flacco the week before, I then went out and got Flacco back. Why should anyone not be able to do this? Each individual trade needs to be able to stand on its own. It really doesn't matter who the players are, good fantasy owners know what a good trade is. In this case you state they are regular long time players so I would give them the benefit of the doubt. You have to let Owners manage their team and in our league all trades will initially go through without a vote but can be reversed if 7 of 12 owners call for a vote. I stress that collusion is the only reason to veto a trade and In 15 years we have had only one vote and one trade reversed and it was because of collusion. I haven't liked or agreed with every trade but I really can't recall any one trade that guaranteed a league championship for anyone, it always seems to work itself out. We are lucky that we have good solid owners and don't have these problems. Of course if collusion is proven, reverse the trade and then those owners should be expelled from the league at the end of the year.

  6. There should never be a veto vote for league members. Collusion is the only reason to veto a trade...any good Commish can handle bad trades.


    That being said, make sure your league has a weekly prize to ensure that any team that is out of it can still gain something from being involved. They should stay involved anyway but giving some cash to the weekly highest score keeps everyone interested. I wouldn't play in any money league that voted on trades......if it is a free league, who cares?

  7. I would not do this a ten team league there has to be available QB's that you can committee through the rest of the year based on matchups. Bradford, Henne, Gradkowski and even Fitzpatrick this week are all examples of QB's that can get you through. Romo is not a sure the way, I own Romo in two leagues.....played Henne last week and was very happy with the results. I also own Foster. You are not upgrading your WR enough to justify this deal, especially with Vick's injury history. .Roddy White is the only WR that would make me give up Foster. You like Foster.....I am assuming if you drafted him you look like a genius so he makes you look good from the draft...enjoy the ride.