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  1. PS3 or Xbox360?

    How do you know this? Currently the PS3 online service really sucks compared to xbox live IMO. Dont get me wrong I love both systems (and own both) but I would be surprised if PS3 blows away xbox live. Xbox live has been around alot longer and has more experience.
  2. PS3 or Xbox360?

    I have both and I like the 360 much better. Online play seems easier and more entertaining on the 360.
  3. Kids pay 1/2 of their day care

    Do you really think an 11 yr old cares if you pay for it out of his savings?
  4. The Nintendo Wii

    Thanks for the info I scored one on CircuitCity. I was forced to buy the bundle but the only thing I had to add which I didnt want was the $20 classic controller. I will let you guys know how I like it. I ordered Zelda with it. Does it come with any games? Also, does it come with the nunchuck and if not do I need it?
  5. Where did you propose?

    Since no one else said it Why do you hate America?
  6. Another Sewer Line Thread

    Theyll raise your taxes
  7. Any Huddlers with iphones?

    I would wait for them to work out some of the bugs I read about
  8. Yet another annoyance

    Do you still shower with the soap tied to your wrist?
  9. The Nintendo Wii

    Thanks I will try that. I found one at gamestop but it was refurbished and they are selling it for 230 thats only a 20 savings so i rather wait.
  10. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    +1. your offer seems to be fair and reasonable I am sure they will accept it especially if they want the house. I hope this all clears up in an acceptable manner.
  11. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    My having an agent on the premises at least controls the outcome it might not change it. But for 100% fact there wouldnt have been work done without concent have someone been present and that is where everything went south. JMHO
  12. Computer Gurus

    Thats probably your culprite. Go to nvidia website and get the latest drivers for that model and on the same screen you went on before you should see a update driver ( or something similar ) button you can click and follow instructions.
  13. Computer Gurus

    Control Panel (classic view) - System -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Display Device If you double click that it will also tell you what version drviers you are using
  14. Computer Gurus

    I had similar propblem with Vista and it was my device driver. What type of video card do you have? NVIDIA is a popular problem to this. You can try upgrading to the newest drivers or get older drivers till the problem goes away.
  15. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    This entire situation went south once you allowed them to enter your property without you or someone representing you (agent/lawyer) present. I just purchased a home and I wasn't allowed on the property without BOTH the owner and his agent. And I agree with his reasoning to that. When I do sell my house I can guarantee I will set the same standards (at least one of us there). Goodluck