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  1. Fred Taylor

    How bad is it, and will it be for the whole game?
  2. Free Agent Pickup...

    Who's a better play this week? JAX D vs NYG or the Chiefs?
  3. The Chicken or the Egg....

    the egg
  4. damnin' huard

    How many incomplete passes will he throw until they finally give it to LJ?
  5. Which 2 wr to start

    I like Branch and Burress here. NE is angry, and I wouldn't count on NYJ doing much today.
  6. Housh or Colston?

    I'm not in a head to head league. Instead, we just tally points until the super bowl. Who has the chance for the bigger day? Houshyourmama or Colston?
  7. Benson

    What's the deal in CHI?
  8. I sat Colston (grr)

    In my league, TEs are counted as WRs (with modified scoring). I sat Colston in favor of Houshyourmama, Marvin Harrison, and Antonio Gates. Colston just scored. Am I retarded?
  9. T Green running with the Scout team.

    Which quarterback is better for LJ's numbers from here on out?
  10. Most Carries in a Game?

    What is the record for most carries in a game by an RB? LJ has 31 with 11:00 left in the 4th.
  11. Close To Half-Way Through The Season

    San Diego Chargers 17 Chicago Bears 24 San Diego is simply the most complete team in football, second only to Chicago. San Diego has a strong defense, powerful running game with depth, a host of receivers to throw the ball to (Gates counts), and a good kicker to win the close ones. The only problem is Rivers, but he is improving. By January, he should be mature enough to at least manage them to a title game. And the Bears, as much as I hate to say it, are the strongest pick for the NFC. My gut says they're going to fall off down the stretch, but my head says at least predict them to make it. They've got an offense, defense, and stellar coaching.
  12. Edgerrin James

    After the game, Urlacher said in an interview "They just didn't block me." Enough said.
  13. 124/1800 8

    The man won me 1st place and 1000$ in my local last year (We have an old point-total league that goes through the Super Bowl). I have incredible man love for Mr. Smith.
  14. Colston

    Any one watching?