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  1. FF with your kid?

    My 14 year old actually won his league last year with a little assistance from dear old dad, but not much. The childern are our future after all.
  2. Rivers is Killing Me

    I thought it couldn't get worse than JJ and Roy Williams. I was wrong. Rivers -5 pts is going to knock me out of the SB. Well that and LT running all over the place
  3. LT I hate him!

    my luck. That will be the case
  4. LT I hate him!

    I'll love next year if I get the first pick
  5. LT I hate him!

    I'm right there with ya. I have Rivers,Kaeding and SD def and LT is outscoring them all and I started with the lead
  6. Worst Case Scenario

    Rivers playing bad. LT playing great. I'm in trouble
  7. Steven Jackson

    I'm in the same boat. Up 14 w/ Rivers,Kaeding,and SD Def against LT and Shayne Graham. I'm not up as much as you though.
  8. Steven Jackson

  9. official venting post

    Julia Jones- Ronnie Brown please come back Roy Williams Sat Vick- Philip Rivers pls bail me out. I'm facing LT this week
  10. Roy Williams

    He really sucked out today. If I make it to next week I am going to have to take a look at my options.
  11. Roy Williams

    I have Santana and Lee Evans on the bench
  12. Roy Williams

    He's too busy teling everyone what he's GOING to do. I wish he would shot the f@#* up and do it. .5 is not gonna cut it. My other 2 WR are doing their thing. TO and Coles. To his credit though John Sh!!tna is playing horrible.
  13. Julius Jones...

    I'm with ya. Ronnie Brown went down and he's my option. That performance may have sank my battleship
  14. I hate Michael Vick

    I started with Leftwich, and I didn't take Vick until the 10th round. At that point I was going for value at that pick. Luckly I was able to pick up Rivers. Ever since I've been in the unfortunite position of playing match ups.
  15. I hate Michael Vick

    Not in my league. We get scored on completions. He has 9 games in single digits.