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  1. Green and MAurice Drew Smith and Colston Good luck!
  2. I sqeeked by the number 1 sead last week when Wilkins missed the extra point and SJackson sat for a few minutes, but this week it will take a bigger miracle. I have to start Trent Green (no other QB on roster) RB: Fargas vs.. St. Louis RB: Sammy Morris @. Buffalo RB: Foster vs. Pitts RB: D. Williams vs. Pitts. I have to start 2 and am thinking Fargas and Morris but I must be crazy. Need some sound minds to weigh in. Rest of team WD: C. Johnson, Andre Johnson, D. Driver, Lee Evans (bench LJ SMith, Hackett) Bench: MIke Bell Defense: Playing Miami instead of Minn because I am a Miami homer. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Chatroom is open for MNF

    It is Stephen Davis sign of Jackson.
  4. Santana Moss out?

    Sorry- I will not trust NFL network banners again.
  5. Santana Moss out?

    Just passing on the info. Good luck everyone.
  6. Denver Homers

    One hour and no news
  7. Denver Homers

    I'm waiting to hear also. I have Fargas if M Bell sits, but I would love to know now.
  8. Ronnie Brown

    He'll play...better than last week, but Harrington is going to want to air it out as much as possible. Do not let his injury prevent you from starting him (the offensive line is another story).
  9. Who is DEN RB tonite?

    ESPN radio said that Mike Bell will get the start.
  10. Fast Willie

    Seeing it? I'm playing against it!
  11. Mike Bell to be inactive?

    Denver is going to lose to Oakland...maybe next time they will keep their best players active
  12. Mike Bell to be inactive?

    Did they say why he is inactive?
  13. Mike Bell to be inactive?

    I have 30 minutes to put MBell back other choice is Cedric Benson so I really need Bell to play
  14. Tatum inactive

    He's in.
  15. mcgahee

    rib injury- Maybe he'll return after a shot??? Wishful thinking on my part.