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  1. Leon or Perry?

    Leon he starts.
  2. Everyone on Bye! Need Help!

    This has to be the funniest poll I have seen.
  3. my starting team is Tom Brady Steven Jackson Anquain Boldin D. Mason F. Gore D. Rhodes E. Colston TE Vinateri Indy D Back ups Norwood I Bruce J. Fargas C. Perry 12 team league, very competitve. Playoffs the last 3 weeks no points for receptions standard points.
  4. Who is the #1 FF player ever

    Terrel Davis, Priest Holmes, Emit Smith, Jerry Rice.
  5. Anyone sitting Portis

    yeah dont over manage your team, its a rookie mistake and you'll get burned.
  6. Thanks Man. I will start D. Mason, I just have a feeling he might disapear this week and Isaac Bruce will get his first TD.
  7. I am leaning towards Bruce, but I dont know
  8. Rhodes vs. JAX or I. Bruce vs AZ, I am leaning towards rhodes, he has a td in every game this year
  9. Who should I drop for Cotchery?

    Oh and N. Davenport
  10. Who should I drop for Cotchery?

    I start two RB's and a WR/RB flex My RB's are S. Jackson, Frank Gore, Dominc Rhodes, Jurious Norwood, Maurice Drew Jones