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  1. Reggie Bush or Rudi Johnson.

    My openion is about the same. If you want to win this gotta keep TO, Rudi. If you're planning for the future, then you gotta consider Bush/Williams....although I'd probably still keep TO....its hard not too. But dont be afraid of Rudi if you want to make a run THIS year......he's Mr. Consistency....same stats for like the past 3 years....and very durable....but they added a decent rookie this not sure if he'll be in Cincy next year.
  2. Keep 2 of 4 WR...

    Williams and Evans would be who I'd keep and is the safe option IMO. I'd keep Williams/Moss if I had more guts. No way would I keep Colston. I think his stats fall off this year. He's the #1 receiver this year without a decent #2.
  3. I've got the # 5 pick

    I think you go with Westy too.....I see Addai getting about the same stats as Westy but Westy is a little more proven. I would go with one of these 2 though....not alexander.
  4. Keeper Advice

    IMO....McNabb will rebound in a huge way....I'd consider keeping McGahee/McNabb unless I heard some good info about Portis. He's still rehabbing, he's always injured, and they signed Betts to a huge contract and said he would definetly get more carries than in the past. I think McNabb holds less risk than Portis at this point.
  5. Who to keep?

    I'd keep Palmer S Jax Maroney THolt Gates
  6. WDIS @ QB? Bledoe vs NYG Farve @ MIA Lefty vs HOU no penalties for INTs.....I feel like I have to start Lefty, but I think they will beat Hou with their running game and defense....just like they did against the Jets (43-0)...not a great game for Lefty. Farve always throws a lot....and Dallas vs NYG on Monday night will be a big game. What do u think?
  7. Help! - I've been offered SA - WHIR

    I'd make the trade....I dont think Edge will bounce back. the Seahawks are playing well and will be even better with ALex.....I'm trying to aquire him in my league too.
  8. WDIS for wk 7

    Brady @ QB......I'd lean toward JJones @ RB...though I'd lean toward Foster if you get a point per reception
  9. RB starter

    KJones and Westy especially with a PPR TB has made some changes on defense this week.....But they have been weak against the run so far
  10. WR Pandemonium!

    Williams and Wayne without a doubt......the flex comes down to Jennings vs Evans. I'd go with Evans....hes got a hot hand and has been very consistent the past 4 NE has some secondary injuries
  11. Your flex options do seem pretty bad BUT IMO..Parker is the real deal....Last week, Parker scored twice inside the ten yard line. Davenport really didnt see any work until the game was in hand. Davenport is a good thing because he'll help keep Parker healthy and fresh. Out of all the backs you listed, Parker is the only one that would have a shot of breaking off a 50+ yard TD run...they dont call him Fast Willie for nothing. D.Williams will give you another option at flex when his ankle is healed....maybe next week
  12. QB HELP?

    WDIS? standard penalties for INTs. Bledsoe vs NYG...Farve @ MIA....Lefty @ HOU I know Lefty has the best matchup but JAX could beat HOU with their defense alone and shouldnt be forced to throw. I'm leaning toward Bledsoe because its a Monday night matchup against the G-men who could put up a llot of points early and often. But GB always has to throw the ball and my league doesnt penalize for INTs. So I guess the question is Bledsoe or Farve???
  13. Menudo's Quick Picks

    WDIS @ QB? Bledsoe vs NYG...Farve@ MIA.....or Lefty@ HOU 4pt TD...1pt per penalties for INTs
  14. BUSH vs CADDY

  15. WDIS @ RB...

    JJones without a may want to consider benching TIKI for Brown. ATL hasnt given up more than like 69yds to a RB. I'm not positive but I dont think tiki has even touched the endzone this year. I guess it would come down to whether or not you get a point per reception in which I'd stick with Tiki