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  1. I'm looking to subscribe to 2 NFL draft sites

    I will concur on NFLdraftcountdown and GBN, but for years I used to subscribe to the Sporting News site. Their draft magazine is dated, but their website is always current and has tons of info on players, inside scoops and measurements from the combine, even Wonderlics!
  2. Halftime Show

    Awesome that he did a Foo Fighters song too! Great halftime show, best since Kiss I think!
  3. do you remember ....

    The first league I was in was a keeper league and I kept Marshall Faulk. That was '98 when Kordell Stewart was coming off a 32 TD season and predicted to be God's gift to FF. I knew he wasn't going to repeat, so I traded the #1 overall pick for a 1st and 3rd. I think I got Bettis at #3, but Stephen Davis ended up being the steal of the draft.
  4. Favre returning

    The same story is being reported on Yay!
  5. F**K da eagles girl pics are in

    That was incredibly freakin quick!
  6. Who will be the first to number 6 ?

    Meaning Russell won't get the Raiders there. I've always heard him compared to a Culpepper clone and that he can move behind their weak line.
  7. Who will be the first to number 6 ?

    How many scrambling QB's were in the conference championship games?
  8. Lions interested in Joe Thomas?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hope the Raiders make him the cornerstone of their OL. But noooooo, the ONLY way to be successful in the NFL is to draft a QB in the 1st round....
  9. New Raiders Coach?

    If he is a QB coach, he obviously would want nothing to do with Michael Vick, right?
  10. SuperBowl QB facts ...

    My prime football watching years have been watching Green Bay take Brooks, Hasselbeck, Brunell, etc in mid-late round, develop them and trade them off for a premium. Just seems like the right way to run an organization to me.
  11. SuperBowl QB facts ...

    But what is your cost for taking a guy in the 2nd-6th rounds? The salary cap hit when he goes "Leaf" on you is minimal. You can actually give him time to learn the system, get stronger and develop before the idiot fans are screaming to see him on the field too soon. Too much goes wrong when you take a guy in the 1st, give a QB more $$ than the average 1st rd pick, push him into the lineup on a bad team too soon (Leaf, Harrington, Carr, etc., etc., etc.) and then scrap him to start over again in 3-5 years because you "MUST" have a franchise QB. Do you realize how often the same bad teams are taking QB's high? Look at SD, Detroit, NYG, Cincy, Wash (THREE in 11 years!), Chi (remember McNown plus most Bears fans hate Rex), SF (drunkenmiller and Smith), Seattle (McGwire and Mirer). It's a downward spiral. THIS time it will be different, keep telling yourselves that.
  12. SuperBowl QB facts ...

    Hook, the arguement is WITH THEIR ORIGINAL TEAM. Dilfer doesn't count, neither does Elway. Elway won at 38-39 years old because they had a great running game and defense, he wasn't the focus of the offense. I'd be happy to see Leftwich or Harrington win a SB with the Raiders or any other team after he's cut or a FA (like Dilfer or McNair.) BLEDSOE DOES NOT COUNT, he was on the bench. How many games did he play that year? 2. He started 2 and Brady finished the second one for him. Give me Brady, Montana, Gannon, Young, Favre, Warner over a 1st round pick any day. If Chicago wins, Grossman is like Roethlisberger- a caretaker QB who you hope doesn't make mistakes so the defense, running game and special teams can win it for you. I never said Roethlisberger can't be efficient, I'm saying he's not a 4000 yd, 40 TD guy. He's not asked to win the game by himself, like Manning usually is.
  13. SuperBowl QB facts ...

    Where is my Roethlisberger excuse lame? How is Pittsburgh a pass heavy team or anything like the Colts? Roethlisberger was the last piece to an otherwise championship caliber team. You also missed my point about 'with their original team.' Dilfer didn't win with Tampa and his win with Balt did nothing for TB's success. Bledsoe's technicality is lame, he was on the bench. Yeah, his $10 mil cap figure really helped New England win... Also, my point about Aikman is that the Cowboys were constructed before free agency started and before a salary cap. Once they had to keep all of those all stars under the cap, they fell apart. What other team can trade Herschel Walker for 46 draft pics? Second place for McNubb, McNair and Collins isn't WINNING a Super Bowl. The Packers 2nd place finish in 98 and the Raider 2nd place finish to TB didn't feel very satisfying to me. Maybe you Colts fans will feel good about Manning just 'getting to' the big game? Indisputable fact, after 1989 when Aikman was drafted, one other 1st round QB has won a SB with his original team. Ben Roethlisberger, who wasn't asked to win games, was just a capable cog in a machine. Defense and a running game wins championships.
  14. SuperBowl QB facts ...

    A favorite topic of mine, since I hate drafting a QB in the 1st round. The key though is 'win with their original team.' How much did Elways's SB wins in 1998 and 1999 help the 1980's Colts? How much did Dilfer's win help the Bucs? I'd take a Mike Vick Eli Manning, Culpepper, Carr or Leftwich after he's a free agent or in a trade when I wouldn't have wanted to draft any of them in the 1st round. Look at your list again, the Bradshaw's, Plunkett's, Aikman's, etc are way in the past. It doesn't happen that often now with the advent of free agency and the salary cap. No, Roethlisberger doesn't break my theory since the guy had a terrible Super Bowl and Pittsburgh isn't a pass first team like Indy. Their better defense and running game won the SB, as it almost alway does.
  15. Who wins the Super Bowl?

    Yeah, he should change it to Bill Irsay. Or Willhelmina Manning.