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  1. I know Sherman isn't the GM anymore (thank God, but that 1st round pick SURE is helping THIS year Thompson!). Regardless, on the day that we honor the greatest defensive lineman of all time (Reggie White if you're from another planet), our sh*tty, sh*tty defense doesn't record ONE sack, ONE INT or even ONE fumble recovery! Terrible, terrible, terrible!!!!! Mike Charmin has personally ruined this franchise. I don't want to hear any crap about Favre being old. How old was Elway when he won two Super Bowls? He had a great offensive line and a great running game. He also had a heck of a defense too. We have no defense at all. I love Nick Barnett, but that's about all that Sherman has ever drafted there. Carroll and Thomas are terrible. Nice tackling again this year Mark Roman. KGB is a 3rd down specialist, he's a poor man's Derrick Thomas trying to play all 3 downs. Kampman has heart, but not enough talent to be an every down contributor in the NFL. Every year Charmin lolly gags out of the pre-season and falls flat on his face to start the year. 0-2 this year and 1-4 or such previously. Good luck recovering this year from a crap start. Tampa is playing solid D, we'll be lucky to score 16 on them. Same with Carolina. HOPEFULLY we can beat NO, then on to the Baggie Dome in Minnescrotum. Ok, 2 wins maybe. Cincy will pound us, as will Pitts and Atlanta. @ Philly? When is the last time we won there? 6-10 if we're lucky, no playoffs, no way you can expect Favre to come back to this crap again. Thanks for everything Brett, you're the best. Mike Charmin, I hope you're a TE coach Division 3 UW-Oshkosh next year, that's about your best place in life. And no, I'm not 'turning on my team.' I love the Pack, but I hate the coach.
  2. For those about to dump Kevin Jones--

    Palmer also got to sit a full year and wasn't thrown to the wolves to get "Leafed". Also, how many Super Bowls have Manning, Culpepper, McNabb, McNair, Vick, Pennington, Bledsoe, Losman, Carr, Harrington, Couch, Boller, Palmer, Roethlisberger, Leftwich, Ramsey, Grossman, etc. won?
  3. For those about to dump Kevin Jones--

    and further reason never to draft a QB in the first round. I can't wait until 2008 when Aaron Rodgers has been starting for 3 years and everyone is calling him a bust and for him to get canned/traded/cut/shot. Yup... I love seeing teams take QBs in round one, throwing them into the fire w/ a crap team and then wondering why they're skitting/have bad habits, etc..
  4. Who else is 0-2?

    0-2 in my two 'big' money leagues. Rosters are below! (and yes, I have to have 2 defenses and such, I'm not that stupid.)
  5. Arrington inactive

    You go to the beach during football games??
  6. Minny Mess...

    Good thing I grabbed him late, KNOWING that Glass Jaw Bennett would get hurt some time this year. Now w/ JJ Arrington looking like a bust and Dom Davis on the bye, I need a starter this week! Oh wait, I have Thomas Jones too...
  7. Sad story about L. Coles childhood

    Oh yeah, I missed that he's in prison. Screw him (no pun intended), let him get rubbed out in the big house. Child molesters should get the death sentence automatically and swiftly.
  8. Fire Mike Sherman thread

    Oh, also he's lost the last THREE home openers, not to mention losing at home in the playoffs the only times EVER in the playoffs. Not once, but twice!
  9. Sad story about L. Coles childhood

    He wouldn't name him due to fear of retribution? I bet Abraham, Coles, Mawae, Klecko, Herm and some Louisville Sluggers could dole out some retribution!
  10. the first to get the axe

    I'm not a big smack talker to other fans, except those purple clad h0m0's. I didn't appreciate the Chefs fans at Lambeau either, first of all I hate them being a Raiders fan and second, they were really, really rude. I love the NFL and since I've always been a huge college fan, so I usually like a few guys on each team. Memories of Tim Krumrie aren't that far off and Chad Johnson is my stud FF WR. Anyway, I plan on starting the 'tailgating' about 9pm on Friday and not stopping until a few hours after the game is over. Plus, green is not my color, so I'll prob wear black anyway.
  11. the first to get the axe

    Hopefully it's Mike Sherman, but my money is on Tice. Sox, I might be coming to the GB-Cincy game, courtesy of some Eric Steinbach family members. This will be my first non-Lambeau NFL experience and I'm looking forward to it!
  12. what do you need on MNF?

    10 from Joe Horn in one league and nothing from Tiki, Patrick Crayton and the Skins D.
  13. steve smith

    How about Colbert, what's the deal with him!?!??
  14. missing article?

    I thought for years there was a Friday or Thursday article that listed anticipated weather and maybe some last minute injury concerns. I'm not seeing that so far this year, what happened to that? I'm not a weather channel gee, er guy, so I used that to make sure my players weren't expecting a hurricane or tropical storm in Florida or Arizona playing in -35 degree weather in Green Bay, etc.. Who did that? Can it come back? If it's been morphed into something else, what is it?
  15. The unthinkable has happened ...

    Yeah, sorry to DMD and WW, but I don't tell ANYONE ANYTHING about this place!
  16. Steven Jackson or Larry Johnson

    I'd take a #1 RB vs a backup any day. Stark Jackson.
  17. As Commish I need help

    I agree, reverse draft order. So the guy who had the later pick in the draft wouldn't get him.
  18. Terrence Murphy

    uh, what!?!?! Either you don't watch much college football, or you never saw Larry Fitzgerald, Chad Johnson, Braylon Edwards, Mike Williams, Chris Chambers, Lee Evans, Charles Rogers, Anquan Boldin, Roy Williams, Andre Johnson, Javon Walker?
  19. It Is Official...

    What's the difference between a 35 year old Favre and a 38 year old Elway?? Oh, maybe it's the slight decline in O-line talent, a RB who fumbles (but is otherwise pretty good) and NO DEFENSE!!!!!!!! Stupid Sherman... don't be afraid to plan for an aging QB and give him a great D to rely on, along with that running game. No, just pay Driver and Franks, draft Walker, Ferguson AND Murphy and neglect the p*ss poor talent on defense! 3 WR's with high draft picks vs 1 D lineman (Jamal Reynolds)
  20. Thanks for your comments, I know there are 100 other requests like this right now. We start 3 WR/TE and I have Branch, Lelie, Calico and Colbert left. They were all disappointments other than Branch.
  21. Williams was drafted and since I have Leftie, that would have been a nice pickup...
  22. Terrence Murphy

    what do you want to know? He's currently #4 and will probably end up #3. Not worth a fantasy pickup in any way, unless you are in a deep dynasty league and think he might be the starter in 2 years.... with Rogers throwing him the ball behind a patchwork line and Najeh Davenpooper as his RB....
  23. Replacement for J. Walker

    Don't even consider Chatman, he has stone hands and is a midget, he'll get killed as our #3 WR. Interesting that Aaron basically isn't even considering Booker.
  24. Galloway is not available. I listed the top scorers (in order) available, plus I looked for any higher ranked guys from my cheat sheets who had a down game. And no, I'm not even checking if Price or KRob are available, cuz I think neither is worth anything. This is about it!
  25. With Walker gone.......

    I think Driver will finish as a darn good WR, good thing I grabbed him as my #3 when we only start two. Fergie should be ok, I've always thought GB has 'too much' talent at WR and Ferguson now has the chance to prove he can play. I would not at all be surprised if Driver ends up a top 10 WR and Fergie is in the 20-25 range.