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  1. The Colston Watch Thread

    Don't give up hope yet...from today's New Orleans Times-Picayune: INJURY UPDATE: Saints receiver Marques Colston did not participate in the team portion of practice Thursday and remains questionable for Sunday's game. Colston, who missed last week's game at Atlanta with a sprained left ankle, said he could have practiced if he wanted to push it, but he is trying to keep the ankle rested in the hopes of playing Sunday.
  2. QB and RB Help for Playoffs

    Start 1 QB and 2 RBs. The defense rankings (fantasy points allowed) is in parenthesis. Lower the ranking the better the defense. Leinart @ Rams (#11) Favre vs. Jets (#20) Tiki vs. Cowboys (#8) Edge @ Rams (#31) McGahee vs SD (#12) I hate my team. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Pick 2 of these 4 RBs

    Well, Tiki is a this point, I like the Minn Offensive Line vs. the Bears and the number of touches Taylor will get in that game a little better than Jones or MJD. Stick with Tiki and Taylor.
  4. Favre or Leinart?

    The Huddle where else? NOTHING the Rams have shown over the last 6 weeks makes me believe they are capable of the type of game you imagine. They just plain suck against the Run and they're pretty good against the pass. They aren't going to dominate anyone anytime soon... Even the Cardinals.
  5. Favre or Leinart?

    ...except Edge has his one good game vs. STL (24 carries for 94 yds and a TD in Week 3) and STL is ranked next to last in points allowed to FFL RBs, so you HAVE to expect more running for ARZ. Maybe even LOTS of running for ARZ this week. ...and except Favre is a better QB ...and except Favre is playing against a worse pass defense (Jets are ranked 20th in points allowed to opposing QBs while the Rams are ranked 11th - note a lower rank means less fantasy points allowed) ...and except Favre is playing at home and Leinart is away for a second straight week.
  6. Favre or Leinart?

    Same problem here and I'm leaning toward Favre. Maybe Leinart's road woes are over since he threw for 400+ last week at Minnesota. It's a tough choice. I agree, it may come down to the weather. But, when do you sit Favre because of the weather? Below 0? Rain? Snow? Under 20? Wind? Man, this stinks.
  7. Defense?

    c'mon gmanfan say it! OK, I will....SD is a better defense against a worse SD is a better start.
  8. Joey Harrington

    Remaining schedule: Harrington JAX, NE, @BUF, NYJ, @ INDY Alex Smith @NO, GB, SEA, ARZ @DEN I'd stay with Smith.
  9. Addai & Bush

    If Colston doesn't play, start Henderson over Bush. Otherwise start Bush.
  10. Need playoff lineup advice!

    IMO, you really don't have much of a dilemma here. Grossman is much better start than the other 2 QBs (he's going to throw a lot vs the Vikes), KJones is gimpy and playing NE (sit him) and Holt, Wayne and Heap are must starts capable of big games this weekend.
  11. 2 of 3, Colston, D Henderson or Houshmanzadeh?

    I'd also only start one Saint, so Housh is a must start. I'd roll the dice and go with Colston over Henderson. By all accounts, he almost played last week and it seems he's good to go this week. Obviously, wait as long as possible before you make your decision.
  12. Need a little Help

    +1 - and I believe these guys are heads and shoulders above your other options.
  13. You're in trouble. I'd stick with Grossman bacause teams seem to not run at all on the Vikes. He may throw 30+ times. The other 2 could really kill you with -2 for INTs...then again, Grossman might kill you too.
  14. WDIS WR

    First of all, with those WRs, Harrison is a must start. I'd say start Berrian this week as teams seem to be just giving up on the run vs. the Vikes.
  15. Rivers or Leinart

    I like Leinart in the dome for the reasons you state. Throw weather in there as a factor (Rivers in Buffalo in December?) and it's really a no-doubt-about-it start for Leinart over Rivers this week.
  16. Illegal forward pass?

    The key point you are missing BB, is it was ruled an illegal forward pass because of the action of the ball carrier throwing/spinning/tossing the ball forward. It would have been correctly ruled a fumble if the action of another player caused the ball to be lost by the ball carrier and the ball went forward. Any ball that is 'fumbled' forward is not an illegal forward pass. If a DB runs down a WR and puches the ball out of the WRs hands and it goes forward, it's still a fumble as it has been correctly interpreted for decades. In your example if a player is all alone and is running downfield just drops the ball are correct, I would think that would also be ruled an illegal forward pass as long as the ball moves forward. It seems they made the correct call. It's definitely a stupid rule.
  17. My Reebok Employee Discount – 40% off NFL Gear

    I got the same errors too. But I was able to make my purchase with the discount because my "Cart" was already filled with the stuff I added yesterday. Just click on the word "Cart" if it shows that you cart is not empty and you will be able to complete your purchase. Thanks again, illeven!

    rajn's right on...stand pat.
  19. St. Louis is #29 for points allowed to RBs, Dallas is #13. I just have a feeling that Edge will snap out of it with the O-Line improving and that extra week off. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Both RBs are at home. Thanks for the help.
  20. Playing the TOP DOG this week. Need your help!

    Holt, Colston and LJ. McNabb is going to find him all day long vs. the redskins.
  21. READ NOW

  22. Must win, opinions?

    I would start LJ over Keyshawn. The redskins have been getting killed deep over the middle vs. TEs. McNabb and LJ could post some big numbers.
  23. RB HELP NEEDED! I need to beat my division rival

    I also would start Maroney here. I expect a better that average game from him because I think the Pats are going to smoke the Jets and run a lot.
  24. Starting RB advise needed!

    Pencil in Foster for 15-17 carries and 60 yards, maybe a TD. With Morris you've got about 20 carries and between 20 and 100 yards and no TDs! If you want to play it safe, start Foster. If you feel like gambling, start MoMo.
  25. Trade Offered!

    Lets see you get a WR1, wait correct that..THE #1 FFL WR for Housh? And you get a starting RB that doesn't share carries (albiet a sucky one)...YES, make the trade!