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  1. Peyton this week?

    Good point. As you know, all indications so far point to the Colts playing it for real this weekend for one last time. Unless you see a 180 degree turn in this news start Manning. Odds are, he'll be drinking his Gatorade after he throws for 2 or 3 TDs and you'll be onto the next round.
  2. Eli or Warner?

    No doubt, you've got to start Warner here. Great matchup, pass first O, good weather. What's not to like?
  3. #2 Running Back for Week 15

    Gado's the play here because neither Bettis nor Duckett enters the equation. Good luck.
  4. Playoff Help

    Caddy's too hot to bench, he's a must start. I would not start both CJ and Housh this week. Cincy will probably run the ball tons this weekend, like they did last week. Both, the Redskins starting corners are likely out for the DAL game. I bench Housh and start Glenn. Glenn has a chance for a HUGH game. Edit - sorry, I see you are starting Glenn. So it's Housh or Driver?...I like Favre on Monday Night. I roll the dice with Driver.
  5. Peyton this week?

    San Diego Chargers = Fire Hydrant Manning = Big Dog On his last walk around the regular season block, Manning will want to make sure to mark his territory. He's going to pi$$ all over that fire hydrant. Plus, if you lose with Manning on your bench...that would really make for a long off season.
  6. #2 RB situation

    Not that hard a decision really. Morris (actually @ TEN) is a backup, don't start him. Moore got 2 carries total the last two weeks, don't start him. Faulk is basicallly worthless. Pinner will get 10+ carries for you this week. Sorry, but that's about as good as it gets for you.
  7. NFL MVP.

    S Alex is having a historical season, but Manning's a lock. Where would the Colts be without him? 7-6? 8-5?
  8. WDIS

    OK. let this thread's too painful for some. I'm sorry if the Sunday night 'bump' offended anyone, I was just giddy after blasting the Manning owner out of my playoffs. Now lets hope Hass stays in the lineup for another week or 2!
  9. WDIS

  10. Santana he OK?

    He's practicing today. He's good to go.
  11. WDIS

    I bet Hass could throw more TDs with 25 passes vs. SF than Warner can with 40 passes vs. WAS.
  12. Yo

    Hey Hugh, please chime in...would you start Warner vs. WAS over Hass vs. SF? Just curious what your take is. giantsfan is killing me with his man love for Warner. Thanks.
  13. WDIS

    p.s. you guys might want to check out WWs Start/Bench list. He makes a lot of sense gmanfan, I think you should send WW a PM and ask him if he's still "following this stuff".
  14. WDIS

    I understand Warner's owners loyalty, he's been hot lately. But, starting him this week is like leaving your ace in too long. He's going to blow the game and cost your team the season. Put in Hass to close it vs. SF. The smarter play going in is based on this week's matchup, not what happened the last 4 weeks. Hass is the smarter play going in against a pass defense that is rated dead last in the NFL. As a matter of fact, SF has given up over TWICE as many passing TDs this season than the Redskins (22 to 10). And, if its 300 yard games your looking for SF has allowed 6, the Redskisn have allowed 1. The fact of the matter is, the loyal, emotional, passive, play -- with the built in excuse if you lose (the old, "I rode the horse that brought me") -- is Warner. The smarter play based on the facts and the stats is Hass.
  15. WDIS

    Who you going to start skybolt? After all this, please post your decision. Hass hasn't had his annual 5 TD game yet this year...this could be the week! Then again, it might not.
  16. WDIS

  17. WDIS

    Yes, I have followed this stuff lately. I wouldn't offer advice otherwise. One thing you should keep in mind is, past performance does not guarantee future results. In my opinion, Hass is both the safe start AND the guy with the most upside this week. In my book, that's a SLAM DUNK when I consider lineup questions.
  18. WDIS

    wow. I guess we'll agree to disagree. Seriously, to me it's not even close.
  19. RB HELP

    Nice. I'd like to beat KJ over the head with that amputated leg too... Consider yourself lucky to have Caddy as an alternative. Start him.
  20. Better start at TE

    Yep. Scaife vs Houston is the play. There's no reason to put any stock whatsoever in the Ravens offfense...especially come FFL playoff time. Good luck!
  21. Anderson, Bell and Foster

    Start Foster definitely. He's getting serious carries all of a sudden. I'd start Anderson at #2 RB and hope for the best.
  22. WDIS

    huh? Would you bench Hass against Atlanta Oakland Miami Cincinnati Detroit Green Bay Cleveland New Orleans New York Jets St. Louis Buffalo Houston too? They all have a worse rated run defense than SF meaning, (using your logic) "SA will run all over them". The Redskins have allowed ONE 300 yd passing game the entire year and that was to McNabb who threw for 301 and 1 TD in a loss. What makes you think Warner will do it? Oh yeah, and against the pass the Redskins are #11. How about San Fran you ask? Good question. L-A-S-T. #32 of 32. There's not a sane reason in the world to bench Hass (vs. SF) for Warner (vs. WAS) this week.
  23. McNabb out...need QB help

    No doubt Warner. That offense consistently puts up great pass numbers. Both offer great upside, Brooks' downside is much worse.
  24. Two Good D Options

    OK, I'll bite....No way I sit CAR playing a rookie QB and an anemic offense. Plus, they freakin score every week. You've gotta keep playing CAR.
  25. WDIS @ QB?

    You can't trust Brooks, but he's more likely to post for you than Brad. Start Brooks.