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  1. Mo Morris vs. STL or Edge vs. DAL

    Very helpful feedback, thanks guys. As of now, I'm starting Edge. When MoMo goes against a DEF that cares, he sucks. Plus, he never scores: Rushes, RYD, Avg., TD Week 6 @STL 23 74 3.22 0 TD Week 7 MIN 17 49 2.88 0 TD Week 8 @KAN 12 25 2.08 0 TD Week 9 OAK 30 138 4.60 0 TD On the other hand Edge always sucks, but he does have 3 TDs. I think he's got a better chance to score and has a bit more upside. Going with the rested Cards at home rather than SEA on short rest. The Rams will most likely put 8 in the box and force Wallace to beat them. I don't like the sound of that. With Fitz coming back the Cards may open it up and it may actually open up some running room for Edge.
  2. WDIS at QB

    Yeah, OAK is actually very good vs. the pass. I'd take a chance with Leinart this week. He's a solid start at home coming off the bye.
  3. Trade for McGahee?! I am Crazy?! Any Updates?!

    I agree. Make the trade.
  4. WDIS

    Gore and Green. At this point Green is a must start.
  5. pickup Seneca Wallace?..

    Start Rivers. It's just not worth the gamble to start Wallace or Garrard, the upside is not as high as Rivers and the downside (those -2s) is much worse.
  6. Would you sit tight or go after...

    "If I ask him nicely if I can hit him in the face with a lead pipe and he says yes, should I do it?" If you can get Gates for any of the bags of dirt you are throwing around, do it.
  7. WDIS

    This week only, I'd start Ben. Everything points toward a subpar game for Eli and the Pitt/Saints game could be a shootout.
  8. Need some #2 RB advice

    Portis, no doubt. The only other one I would consider there is M Bell, and I think the OAK DEF is a little underrated (not counting last MNF when they just decided not to show up).
  9. Is it worth taking a chanceon Westbrook?

    Yeah, I would make that deal. Westbrook is money in the bank. The SEA run game is a hugh question mark.
  10. Did I make a bad move?

    Glad you're not Commish. Re: the trade. I'd have shopped Manning for a better combo. You should have been able to do better than KJones.
  11. A 62 Yd FG....are you kidding me? Thanks hugh, it was fun while it lasted.
  12. Trade just went through - so WDIS?

    Tough call..I'd start the RB given the choice. Dunn's still got a decent chance of scoring on a long run or a swing pass.
  13. They are pretty close...I'd usually prefer the WR1, but in a TD heavy league there are probably more TDs to go around in Seattle. I'd prefer Branch.
  14. Which QB

    Since Brady can QB both at home and on the road, the answer is Brady. Clearly.
  15. Help! Just been offered Hasselbeck for Edge

    Do it. You're RBs can handle the hit and you can use an upgrade at QB.
  16. Trade?

    I'd do it too. Sadly, it's just a matter of time until Westy misses significant time.
  17. Frye/Brunell

    Grab Brunell. He's useless except for this one week replacement and he's a much better start than Frye this week.
  18. Eli or Kitna?

    Eli every week over Kitna.
  19. Trade Shockey for Jamal Lewis

    Lewis is BROKEN DOWN. He's not worth Tony Scheffler nevermind Shockey. Don't do it.
  20. Who's the starter in Houston?

    Thanks wolf. I think I'm going to stay away. I drafted Lundy. Cut him. Added Dayne. And now I'm considering adding Lundy again and using 2 roster spots for 2 Texans as my RB3. I think I'll just start M. Turner instead of Fing up my roster any more with this nonsense. You can tell Kubiak learned from the master shenannaigator. Jeez.
  21. Week 1: ARZ Week 2: BAL Week 3: WAS Week 4: STL Week 5: IND Week 6: DAL Week 7: Philadelphia Eagles
  22. Who's the starter in Houston?

    So, the smart move is to add Lundy and not Gado...right? I'm stuck with Dayne as my #3RB and I'd like to have the starter here.
  23. Need some help on my team...White/Green for Moss

    Well, this is a strange league with the option to start only 1 WR. You've got 2 solid WRs now, and Moss is good in name only. I'd keep both Green and White at this point.
  24. Never Thought I'd Ask This

    Brady, no doubt. Better matchup. More throws. Better QB. More points.
  25. Leinart or Palmer, WDIS?

    I like Leinart here too, but I just can't bench Palmer. CAR actually gives up more points to QBs than Oakland and the Cincy offense will be out to prove something. Start your stud.