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  1. Droughns or Washington this week

    Droughns will do nothing vs. DEN. Leon may or may not do anything with half the Jets carries. It's a lose-lose situation. I'd start Droughns cause he's the RB1 in CLE...and hope LT scores 4 TDs again.
  2. Would you make this trade.....

    IMO, you're downgrading at both RB and WR (if CJ is involved). With Colston instead of CJ it sounds much better.
  3. 3 for 3 trade

    Pretty even, but getting CJ and, as bwweagle said, ridding yourself of Jordan tilts it in favor of the CJ side.
  4. Should I make this deal?

    That's a toss up trade. I'd probably do it just to shore up your WRs. I'd also try to trade 5 or 6 RBs for another WR.
  5. Make this deal?

    Yeah, jump on it. I have Tiki and Heap and no way in do I trade them for KJ and Gates.
  6. Need Trade Advice

    You have to start 3 WRS and your thinking of getting rid of your #2 on an already weak roster. No way I do this trade. You need to be looking to add a WR not a Dom Rhodes.
  7. Berrian worth picking up

    Leave him on the wire. I wouldn't drop any of those for him.
  8. Trade Advice

    You could probably live with Bell + McGahee as your RBs, but I'd be asking a little more for SAlex. Shop him around before settling on Gates.
  9. Bye week RB help

    You're screwed. Herron probably has the best chance to play and score vs. MIA so I guess I'd pick him up.
  10. Furrey or Bryant Johnson?

    Since your looking for a 1 week fill-in, B. Johnson is perfect for you. Nice matchup and WW material once Fitz comes back...but you won;t need hin then anyway. Johnson is the clear choice here.
  11. Trade questions.

    That's obviously a fair trade. Your Commish is up to something fishy.
  12. Bench Larry Johnson this week?

    Get off the ledge. Bench LJ for Drew??? Holy cow. The minute you bench LJ, he goes for 200 and 3 TDs. p.s. If you're that unhappy with LJ, consider trading him before he drives you insane.
  13. Trade Advice: Boldin for C. Johnson

    Stick with what you've got. ARZ cannot run the ball. CIN can. Many extra chances for Boldin vs. CJ.
  14. WR decision

    Driver. Better matchup. Better WR. Plays on a pass first team....No doubt.
  15. need RB help

    Easily dump Marion Barber for the Gore trade. Even though you're downgrading at TE it looks like a good deal to me.
  16. Should I make this trade?

    Yes. That makes sense and I would pull the trigger. BUF is one of the few teams left without a RBBC and your trading a WR from a WRBC team for him? Do it, you have the WR depth.
  17. Does this trade make sense?

    Brady is an elite FFL QB. Your TEs are fine. Although Gates is also an elite TE, the gap between Gates and the Watsons of the world is not that big. No way I put my eggs in the SD, KC, PITT QB basket.
  18. Redskin's homers...

    Skins @ COLTS next week. Probably sitting 2-5 afer that. Then a bye. Then the Dallas at home. If the Skins do indeed lose and look awful vs. the Colts, I would not be shocked to see Campbell start that Dallas game. Watching Vince Young (2 months in the league) win at Fed Ex this weekend should open some eyes and LOUD mouths for Campbell (1 year and 2 months in the league).
  19. Colston for Rhodes

    Colston's your 2nd best WR. In your situation, I wouldn't trade him for Rhodes.
  20. WDIS @ RB?

    Never Never Never start Lewis. He's oficially broken down in my book. Start Benson.
  21. Sit the Edge?

    Agree 100%..
  22. WR Kennison

    Hold onto him. He's WR1 in KC and he's your 5th WR. Relax.
  23. Best TE's

  24. Making Room For A Sleeper

    I'd keep Henry. But, both are bags of dirt.
  25. Fitzgerald on waivers

    Drop Moss and Edwards and pick up Fitz and Jennings. Now!