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  1. Rank these Players....

    So your looking at this year's potential. OK, Travis Taylor still sucks. As I read earlier today Curtis has the potential to be this year's Stokely. He's really the only one on your list with that kind of potential to put up points this year. Jacobs and Shelton might get you a few goal line scores, Gore is just too much of a question mark (health + Barlow + 49ers) and Gabriel has Moss + Porter to deal with: Curtis Jacobs/Shelton Gore Gabriel Taylor
  2. Is this a fair trade?

    Holt for Smith and LJ? No way I move Holt for the handcuff in a league that starts 3 WRs.
  3. Rank these Players....

    I have no experience with keeper leagues, but I'd think Curtis takes over for Bruce soon and Gore has a legit shot at Barlow. So, I guess I'd rate them #1 and #2. The others just have too far to climb or they just suck (Travis Taylor).
  4. Just Drafted

    Yes. Try and upgrade your QB.
  5.'d I do? Let it ride for a while. See what you got in Arrington.
  6. Edge vs. Priest

    Repeat after me, "No freakin' way". IMO, of anything, Manning throws more this year to try and break his TD record. He's a self-centered SOB that I'd love to have QBing my fantasy team!
  7. Edge vs. Priest what exactly is your "plan"? Suffer through a year with Edge when Peyton throws 40+ TDs again and get back to me. I lived the horror of being an Edge owner last year. Give me Priest + LJ and the KC running attack every day of the week. My plan is a 1st and a 4th on Priest+LJ if I Priest is available when I pick in Round 1. BTW, at this point I'm taking both Deuce and Lewis over Edge too.
  8. First live draft

    Agree 100%. I drank the Huddle RB Kool-Aid last year and went RB-RB-RB (Edge, Rudi, Chris Brown) in a 12 team league. I was in 1st place after 3 weeks and finished a career low 10th. My team was a mess with WRs scoring zero although they all had "upside". By the time I got some FA pick-ups and made some trades, I was cooked. The problem with trading a RB for a WR when your team is in a free fall is that, no matter how good the trade looks, the team getting the RB will get stronger. Chasing FA WRs (competing with 11 other teams to get a few that you can actually start) is not the way to build your team. The draft is the way to build your team. I hope it works out for you, your team looks solid, but your WRs are going to slowly eat at you until you feel compelled to trade a RB for a solid WR. Once that trade is made, your depth is gone someone else in your league is stronger.
  9. My Local Draft ..... Done tonight

    Interesting, picking 8th you were still able to snag Deuce. I think I would have gone for a Tier 1 WR with the 2.05 pick. You still could have got Arrington as your #2 RB and then taken some flyers on RBs with upside later. Overall, you've got a pretty strong team though...Good draft.
  10.'d I do?

    Makes me wish I were in a 10 team league...nice draft. LT2 + 2 stud WRs + I think one or more of your QBs will definitely pan out.
  11. New rhino spreadsheet

    un-freakin-believable. nice worrk, indeed. thanks for sharing rhino!
  12. Who to keep? Peyton or LT

    Keep LT and don't look back. Can you trade Peyton before the draft?
  13. Help me...please help me.

    I'd draft a RB and trade later. I think giving your #1 and #4 is WAY too much especially for a QB in a league where QB TDs are only worth 3 pts. Draft a Kicker for God's sake and use your draft picks.
  14. 9th Pick

    D McAllister J Lewis K Jones D Davis J Jones
  15. #3 RB options (JJ Arrington or Portis)

    Portis hands down.
  16. Thoughts on This Deal

    One thing to keep in mind. Today, Portis' value is absolutely at rock bottom. People are looking at last year's stats and last year's Skins offense. His schedule is much easier this year, Jansen is back, the O-line changed to a Denver style zone blocking scheme, and Portis actually had some off-season input in the offensive gameplan. Things could change for him quickly this year. If you sell now, you're selling low.
  17. Draft Strategy

    What he said...I don't see Holt being there in Round 3. I like the concept of THE stud RB and 2 top WRs though.
  18. Explain Your Login Name!

    Navin R. Johnson, at your service! Steve Martin character from "The Jerk". Best movie ever. They don't write 'em like that any more. Except, maybe cliaz...he still writes 'em like that. That's my dog in the avi.
  19. The hot topic! LJ trade

    Don't do it. As Nick said, the price is too high right now. BTW, more evidence that drafting Peyton really makes for an F'd up fantasy team.
  20. Pittsburgh RB

    If I were you, I'd draft LJ before Bettis (if he's available). Bettis is a good #3 because you can pluck him into your lineup any week and you might get a TD or 2. That's a pretty good option to have.
  21. To heck with value here are my top 2 picks

    Yep. Nick's right...No way you can win your league with that 2.5 pick, but you can sure lose it.
  22. Keeper League - Need to Keep one

    I'm printing out this thread and putting it on my fridge. If only this jedi knowledge sticks with me until after my draft...but alas, the many beers at the time seem to stick a light sabre into my magic powers every year.
  23. A Green, Barber, J Jones?

    1. JJ 2. Green 3. Tiki
  24. Trade Advice

    Stand pat. You've got a Derby winning stable of RBs now and if Priest goes down, you're stocked. At that time, you should be able to trade one of your RBs for a Tier 1 WR.
  25. Keeper League - Need to Keep one

    I would think you'd want to keep the RB on the running team rather than the RB on the passing team. What good is the Rams schedule against the run if they throw most of the time and the TDs are spread around the whole team? IMO, keep Jamal and get all the carries and 99.9% of the TDs.