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  1. Fair Trade? (Suggestions)

  2. Which QB?

    Don't bang your head. Don't think twice. Hass every week for you.
  3. The Best QB

    Harrington and Kitna are out. It's between Losman and Brunell. I expect lots of MacGahee and lots of Portis in both those games. Brunell's home and the Skins like to run it up on bad teams...go with Brunell.
  4. Colston for James....

    I have Colston. I'd trade him for Edge in a heartbeat. I think you'd be lucky to get a disappointing WR1 (Chambers, Moss, Deion Branch...) for Colston.
  5. Trade Advice

    Counter with JJ and Pennington for Bledsoe and Burress. Say you don't want that 2 cowboy backfield. You really should get more in return for Tiki.
  6. 2006 Survivor Challenge Week 6 - make your picks here

    Week 1 - ARZ Week 2 - BAL Week 3 - WAS Week 4 - STL Week 5 - IND Week 6 - Dallas
  7. Huddle Team Position Ranks ?

    Team Position Defensive Ranks Updated: Through Week 5 Each team is ranked by their allowed fantasy production for each position. The teams with the lower rankings are the ones that allow fewer fantasy points for that position. Example: the team ranked #1 allows the least fantasy points, making them the toughest defense to go against for that position. Does anyone know if the Huddle's Team Offensive and Defensive rankings are based fantasy points per week or total fantasy points? Total points really doesn't give a true ranking considering that all the teams did not play the same amount of games. Just wondering how much stock to put into the rankings...
  8. Huddle Team Position Ranks ?

  9. Who to start

  10. Trade?

    I'd start with Bledsoe + Mushin for Bulger + Horn...that seems fair,
  11. Hasselbeck is my QB but....

    I hear ya about this week's matchup...but I'd be careful counting on Brunell for your playoffs. Remember, Brunell was a c-hair away from being benched until the Texans came to the rescue. As soon as the Skins season is "over" Campbell will be the QB. That said, I wouldn't want to rely on him (and only him) as my #2 QB for the long haul. Keep Kitna.
  12. Trade?

    I agree completely. However, I wouldn't give you Bulger for any of your other WRs is what I'm saying...
  13. Need 3rd starting receiver:

    If Driver plays, start him. Otherwise, start the Colts backfield.
  14. wide reciever question

    Yeah, grab him and stash him if you have a crappy TE to throw overboard..Why not?
  15. Gates for ?

    You're barking up the wrong tree. Improve the RBs. If you can do that by trading Gates, then that's worth considering.
  16. WDIS at #3 WR

    Give him one more week. If you can't start him vs. OAK, you might as well cut him.
  17. Trade?

    I assume you're not moving Holt...therefore, you don't have a WR worthy of Bulger.
  18. Pick one for the rest of the year.

    Tell him to go F himself and to enjoy his RBless weekend...politely. Don't give up Ward in the deal. Neither Walker nor Bruce are worth both guys.
  19. WR: Jennings or Williams?

    It seems Williams is JAX WR1. However, GB will probably throw twice as much as JAX. That said, go for the WR who is going to get more looks. I think that's Jennings.
  20. trade advice

    Why involve the WR at all? Even Portis for're paying too much IMO.
  21. Pick one for the rest of the year.

    Hines ward and Rhodes to get Walker or Bruce? I don't understand what trade you're asking about???
  22. trade advice

    No freakin way! Boldin + Portis >>> Maroney, Furrey and Gabriel this year and in the next 10 years.
  23. Trade advice..please!

    Any excuse to bench R. Brown makes your team better. Both Maroney and Boldin have a bigger upside...I'd make the deal. Good luck.
  24. trade Jennings for Shockey?

    I'm more of a believer in keeping some depth at WR and playing some matchups, so I'd be inclined to keep Jennings. Watson is a pretty good TE, I'd stand pat.
  25. WDIS #3 WR...

    It's a coin flip. The Raven WR always loses the coin flip. Start Troy.