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  1. Thoughts on This Deal

    I get it. When you said "if he turns down the above deal here's is what I plan to counter with", I thought the "above deal" was the Edge/Moss deal. But you were referring to the Portis deal...good luck.
  2. J.J. Arrington

    I like JJ and his chances for success with that offensive line and those WRs to spread the field. I've got Ronnie Brown & Cadillac rated just a hair below him. Here's a though (a little OT)...why not go WR in Round 3 and grab LJ early in Round 4? If your looking for upside, LJ could be huge. Not to mention the trade bait with the Priest owner...
  3. Thoughts on This Deal

    You know my feelings: make the trade. Hopefully, others will chime in for you. The only thing I don't understand now is: why would you counter with the draft pick deal? I would think you should offer that first - it's better for you and worse for him. That way you "settle" for Moss/Edge straight up.
  4. SJax - RBBC ?

    I assume you're talking about Sjax...yeah, I'd be happy to have him as my #2 if I've got one of the early round 1 RB studs. I can't see him falling to a #3 RB in a 12 team league.
  5. The ship has sailed

    Yes, trick question. I would have drafted Delhomme in that spot, but Kurt's got the most upside.
  6. SJax - RBBC ?

    What is Faulk's "share"?
  7. drop staley for edwards?

    Maybe it's the fact that Dilfer is throwing to him and the weather's always good on the lake...
  8. Thoughts on This Deal

    If you can make that trade, make it. Did you already forget the heartache that Edge causes the FFL owner? If I remember correctly, you benched him a few times at the end of last season. Do the words 'play action from the 1" mean anything to you? I'm going to do everything I can to not draft Edge again this year. My Peyton Manning voodoo doll simply has too many pins in it to survive another season. Lewis, Portis and Moss >> Edge, Portis, Lewis in a league where you start 2 RBs. If he'll bite, reel him in.
  9. Lewis or Dillon?

    Yeah, I can't quite get a handle on Dillon. People either have him ranked too high or too low. I fell this way too - "his chances of repeating last years stats are slim" but I don't have one good reason why. I'd probably go Lewis over Dillon because he's the main man in B'more.
  10. Thoughts on This Deal

    This is what you're missing: Those picking Portis ahead of Moss in the Mocks do not already have Alexander on their roster. I wouldn't make the trade either if I were him. Alexander and Moss are a studly core.
  11. Everyone will want a piece of that Cardinal juggernaught O...who's rated higher Boldin or Fitz? While we're at it, please rank the Pats D. Branch vs. D. Givens. Something tells me Givens becomes the go-to this year.
  12. Holmes-Why?

    Would you have taken Holmes #3 or #4 or #5? I'd do a freaking jig if he fell to me at #6.
  13. Holmes Isn't Worth It

    If I take Holmes in Round 1 and I miss LJ...I'll have a trade offer in my lap by the 6th or 7th round. I think all the discussion on this topic is right on so far: If you own Priest and want LJ, take LJ in Round 4. Round 5 is risking it in most leagues.
  14. Holmes Isn't Worth It

    No, I wouldn't start them both every week. I'd hope for Priest to put up #s equal to 2 or 3 RBs (as said earlier) and I'd hope to squeeze a few point out of fred taylor, michael bennett, tatum bell, kevan barlow, lee suggs, jj arrington or duce staley....I would think one of these would be available in Round 5 as my 2nd RB.
  15. RB

    30 carries/game 4 yards a carry = 120 yds/game x 16 = 1920 yds. Throw in 2 exceptional games and he goes for over 2k again. That's why. That offense relies on him. Boller still sucks and the D is still great.
  16. WRs Who do you have rated higher?

    Sorry, my "juggernaught O" comment was more sarcastic than a statement of fact...
  17. Holmes Isn't Worth It

    Hey, gmanfan, happy pigskin season to ya. You may find this discussion interesting: Holmes/LJ Discussion
  18. Dom Davis or KJones at #7

    I'm kind of shocked to see that KJ is listed only 4 lbs bigger than Dom. However, KJ's listed at 6' and Dom at 5'9". It seems to me the size difference between the two may actually work in Dom's favor. Gotta love KJ's schedule though - I would think that's the ultimate tie breaker between the 2.
  19. Curtis Martin / Steven Jackson

    CMar #1 RB on a running team; Driver #2 WR on a running team for SJax #1A RB on a passing team; Lloyd #1 WR on a sh*tty team. hmmmm. You've already got Faulk and it wouldn't hurt getting a little younger at your RB2. I also believe both SJax and Lloyd have bigger upside than your guys. Yeah, go ahead and pull the trigger.
  20. Ahman or Kevin Jones?

    KJ. I guess that settles that! Not one vote for Ahman. The times they are a changin'
  21. Chicago Sun Times Article Now that Benson has missed the first two preseason games and probably will not play Saturday at Indianapolis if he signed today, Jones is truly entrenched as the man. He will be the starter Sept. 11 at Washington, and once the season starts it becomes more difficult to climb the depth chart. While he dodged reporters in the spring, Jones has handled matters with skill since because he has experience. He's gone through tough times before. (Not sure I believe this one...)
  22. The Huddle Top Gun Competition

    This one baffles me: 6.10 70 Darin3's Vipers Branch, Deion NEP WR