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  1. The Huddle Top Gun Competition

    Last year there was a rule change which permitted Manning to find open receivers all over the field. IMO, that's why his numbers last year dwarf the rest of his career. Unless there was another rule change this offseason, he's a lock for 40-45 TDs again. That said, I'm glad I don't have to defend the rest of Sarge's draft. It's painfully obvious that Manning in Round 1 'completly screws up your draft'.
  2. Possible Trade

    I don't see any reason to make that trade. To me Housh = Lelie.
  3. Sleeper WR's? Who are you feeling?

    Housh, Givens, Brandon Lloyd.
  4. Anyone else relying on Palmer as your #1 QB?

    I'd have a hard time justifying Palmer as my QB in an 8-team league. To me, he's lumped in with Leftwich+Hasselsuck. On the bright side, your team looks strong. On the dark side, you've probably got the worst QB in your league. It might be time to wheel + deal.
  5. done with draft #1

    Lighten up, wolfie. Arguing Boo Williams vs. Bubba Franks is like comparing our cheatsheet for kickers - it really doesn't matter. The only faux pas in cliaz's draft are those F'n defenses in 8 and 10. If he would have picked one of your prized TEs or a RB flyer there, I think he'd have a stronger team. But, as a whole, this draft looks pretty darn good.
  6. Which RB to select at #10 overall

    Here are my rankings with bonus info 8 kevin jones 9 domanick davis 10 corey dillon 11 julius jones 12 rudi johnson 13 clinton portis
  7. done with draft #1

    Overall you've got a very strong team. I have no problem with Bubba as a your starting TE, great value in Round 14. However, those 2 defenses early really killed your depth. If one of your RBs go down, you're in a world of hurt. I think your could have gone for some RB upside in rounds 9-13. Also, Eli as your backup QB is a little troubling too. Nice starters, very thin bench. However, after looking at your lineup, I don't think I'd be too upset picking #9. Good Luck!
  8. Duece or KJ?

    If both are there, take Deuce.
  9. Rate the Draft Positions

    Hopefully, this pole will result in a nice ranking of the draft positions. If you can elect your position on draft day or trade positions with another owner, this may be helpful. Vote now!
  10. Rate the Draft Positions

    It's unAmerican not to vote! Don't be unAmerican.
  11. Ahman Green

    If I can get him late 2nd round as my 2nd RB, I'd be thrilled. Dom Davis is a legit #1 RB, so if that's your comparison for "stock down", then you're right. Congrats on Dom as your #2, must be an 8 or 10 team league...
  12. QB point discussion

    A QB point for 20 yds (or 25 yds) passing is ridiculous. Why don't you start awarding QB yardage points at 250 yards and bonuses at 300,250, 400 yards? A QB that is 6-15, 80 yds, 0 TD, 0 INT, should not earn you diddly, never mind 3 or 4 fantasy points. I suggest you start your fix there.
  13. Tatum Bell...must make decision today

    At worst, Barlow might get you a base hit. At worst, Bell gets you sent back to the minors.
  14. Tatum Bell...must make decision today

    I agree. Keep Barlow. Then you won't have to waste 2 more picks on Denver RBs hoping to have the one.
  15. Where do you draft T.O. now

    Wow. I think I'd take him at 3.01.
  16. Trade Offer

    Getting Chad would be nice, but it doesn't help your QB situation.
  17. Trade Advice Please!

    Yeah, LT2 and the Big Dummy sounds like a pretty nice backfield to me. Stand pat.
  18. SERIOUS Q for Holmes owners/prospective owners

    Cool experiment, thanks. p.s. I love team 6 !
  19. WDIK

    McNabb and Nate. Since Nate is the #1 WR in Minny, I'd favor him over Clayton. I guess you just have to swallow hard and keep McNabb.
  20. New to Fantasy Football

    IMO, Yes it's worth it. 6 pts for QB TDs is huge. Especially if you can get Benson off him. You'd still have Rudi and McGahee as your RBs. Offer him Griese/Tiki/Housh for PM/Benson/and his #3 WR. If he wants a different WR, the only one I wouldn't deal here is A Johnson. I hope this helps. Maybe some others will chime in here and tell you how full of S my advice is!
  21. New to Fantasy Football

    Better update us on your scoring system....
  22. New to Fantasy Football

    I was just joking...I realize it's your first season. How about Rudi and Griese for Manning and his 2nd RB.
  23. Cut Chris Brown or Kevan Barlow?

    No help here, I don't even know how to vote on this one. I have Brown rated a little higher, but I doubt I'll ever say his name on draft day.
  24. New to Fantasy Football

    If you have to ask, you can't afford him.
  25. New to Fantasy Football

    Good job, you upgraded already. Drop the Bears and pick up another QB!