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  1. Since I can't cheat

    Another vote for TJ.
  2. WDIS

    Blaylock. He's got a much better chance of scoring vs. OAK than the others.
  3. Paging Texans homers/fans...

    Same boat here. I'm seriously thinking of benching him for none other than Tim Rattay (at STL) this my playoffs. I just don't see Carr doing anything in the Meadowlands in December against the Jets.
  4. RB problems...pick 3 please

    There's a difference between if Lewis "plays" and if he's 100%. I expect you'll see much more of C. Taylor if Lewis plays and is NOT 100%. That said, I start Pittman over Lewis this week. Goings, Jones and Pittman. I bet that's exactly the Week 13 starting RBs you envisioned in August.
  5. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 12

    Hi Hugh, Let's play the crappy QB shuffle this weekend: Carr @ NYJ Leftwich vs. PITT Rattay @ STL Verrrrrrry tempted to roll the bones and hope this is the week Rattay turns it on in the Dome. Who would you start? As always, thanks for the help.
  6. Start Which RB Along With Edge

    Glad to see you've settled on starting Edge . Anyway, being a washington homer, I can see Portis getting 30+ carries this weekend. He's a solid start vs. NYG. Plus, being an Edge owner (like me), by now you've learned to live with 100 yds and 0 TDs. Expect 100+ from Portis with a possible TD or 2. Exactly, what you can expect from Edge. Lewis is obviously not 100% and Blaylock's potentially lost carries to LJ scare me away to the 'safer' alternative, Portis.
  7. Which Jones?

    Kevin is your Jones of choice.
  8. WDIS: Stokley, D. Bennett or Rice?

    I disagree w/all. Start Stokely..I think McNair's back on the Mason Train!
  9. Roy Williams for Blaylock?

    You need to get a RB! grab Blaylock.
  10. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 10

    Hi Hugh, Would you dare start M. Clayton vs. SF over Ward @ CIN or Horn vs. DEN? Thanks!