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  1. 2006 Survivor Challenge Week 5 -

    Indianapolis Colts
  2. Menudo's Quick Picks

    Hey Menudo, what's your take on Driver vs. STL and Colston vs TAM. I'm getting sick of watching Colstons's points pile up on my bench.
  3. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 4

    St. Louis Rams please. Thank you.
  4. Warner to remain starter

    Yeah, all day Mort was back peadling on the every radio show, qualifying everything he said with "If Denny doesn't change his mind..." or "As of last night...". It was only a matter of time til Mort's rumor got officially shot down. What a moran.
  5. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 3

    Washington Redskins, please. Thank you!
  6. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 2

    Baltimore Ravens

    Week 2 Baltimore Ravens. Thanks, Hugh!
  8. MIA QB hypothetical

    Q. What would Culpepper have to do to get benched? A. A couple more Jake Plummer imitations should get the job done.
  9. Which RB to bench? (2)

    True. Start Freddy. He's going to get all the carries. Stay away from DEN as long as you can.
  10. Need advice on which RB to start

    Droughns would be my 3rd choice of the 3. I'd start Chris Brown while you can (i.e. while he can still walk). The matchup against the Jets is tasty. RB Chris Brown will be the feature back on Sunday against the Jets, with Travis Henry second in line. Rookie LenDale White is likely to be deactivated.
  11. WDIS: Rod Smith or Nate Burleson?

    I stand corrected. According to the Seattle paper this morning... ON THE FIELD: Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was extremely sharp in practice, putting his passes right on his receivers and hitting them in stride. It helped that No. 1 receiver Darrell Jackson was practicing for the third time this week, and running and cutting well on the right knee that needed surgery during the offseason and forced him to miss all of training camp and the preseason. It also helped that No. 4 receiver D.J. Hackett was moving as well as he has since being sidelined during camp with a strained hamstring. This greatly decreases Nat's value. Start Smith.
  12. Too many good WR's -- WDIS

    Definitely trade 1 or more WRs (so this post will not reoccur every week) and post matchups. For now CJ/Moss/Wayne every week and don't look back.
  13. Flex Help

  14. WDIS: Rod Smith or Nate Burleson?

    With DJax down, I'd go with Nate. He's got a good shot to be the primary target this weekend. Smith's a good option, but the tie goes to the better QB (Hass) and the potential #1 WR status for Nate with DJax out.
  15. Rookie Starter: Maroney or Pope

    Sounds like you got it figured out. Start Pope and hold your nose.
  16. John Riggins on Sirius?

    He's doing afternoon drive on Dan Snyder's new sportstalk station in D.C. (plus he's syndicated in the Richmond market). He's actually quite good on the radio.
  17. Start/Bench List

    Me too. What a let down. The way the list is set up now, it will not change all year. Start the guys drafted in the 1st four or five rounds, the mid round guys have upside or could go either way, and bench your roster fillers. Duh.
  18. Driver is my #2 WR. Normally, I'd play matchups with WR2. With all the man love around the huddle for Driver, it seems he's an automatic start every week?! First question, would you play matchups with Driver or put him in your lineup and forget about it. No brainer plug in stud WRs: S. Smith, Holt, Owens, ARZ WRs, IND WRs, Chad, Moss, Chambers, that it? Is Driver part of that group? Second question. If Driver is not part of that group, would you sit him this week vs. CHI and start Rod Smith @ STL?
  19. NO deal for Branch

    NFL Live last night pretty much said this was the plan all along. Now, he's just trying to pi$$ off the Pats enough to drop him or trade him.
  20. Best Matchup for Week 1 Start @ RB

    Yep. TJ is the play. They should run all over GBP.
  21. Is Driver a Plug in Stud Every Week?

    Thanks guys. I palnned to play Driver every week. However, CHI really scares me. Like I said, the CHI matchups are probably the only time I'd consider sitting him. I'll keep him in there.
  22. 4th pick tonight

    You obviously do not HAVE to take Tiki at 4. Schedule more brutal than Rudi..age...Eli passing more. Face it #4 is the worst of the worst draft positions. Bottom line, pick the RB you want for the rest of the year cause he ain't going to be there next time you pick. Personally, I'd take Rudi. But then again, I like a safe pick in Round 1.
  23. Do I start FWP?

  24. Have Branch. Need WR Help?

    Kennison. At least he's a #1 WR.
  25. WDIS alongside R Brown?

    KJ is the play here. He's featured back, he's home and he's got something to prove and it's Week 1. Plus, he probably cost you more than those other him!