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  1. droughns or gore

    Yeah, Saints Run D has looked awful. Start Droughns and hope for the best. ARZ should be fired up opening their new stadium...this spells bad things for SF.
  2. WDIS at QB, Culpepper or Green

    I'd start Cpep every week over Green regardless of the matchup. In the future, please include the matchup in your WDIS. Welcome!
  3. Third WR

    ugh. I think McCardell is really your only option there. Hands down I'd start him over the others (a) for the matchup and ( cause the others suck and are unproven.
  4. Trade for Jamal Lewis?

    Not a fan of J. Lewis this year, as a matter of fact I hate him, but as a RB3 or RB4 for you that's nice depth. IMO, your not losing much at WR. Make the deal.
  5. I'm starting Moulds over Andre Johnson

    Assuming AJ is healthy, I'd start him every week over Moulds.
  6. Who would you have?

    Drop Dayne and grab Norwood. You've already got too much invested in that HOU offense.
  7. Who's starting Portis this week?

    Wrong. Missed practice again yesterday. It seems it's still up to him weather or not he'll play...which of course means he will.
  8. Who's starting Portis this week?

    Yes. I heard Gibbs on the radio say exactly that...
  9. WDIS?

    Agree with all of the above...and trade Cooley now. I can see this WDIS every week!
  10. Who's starting Portis this week?

    This is not necessarily true. Portis has not participated in a full practice yet. According to Gibbs, he's had 2 good days of running and his status for Monday to quote the Coach "will be up to him [Portis]". He usually plays through anything so I'd expect him to start on Monday. The Skins are practicing today and they have tomorrow off. We should know more of Portis' progress tonight.
  11. Matt Leinart

    Matt Leinart is just your normal NFL rookie. What rookie, after all, hasn't been featured on People Magazine's Web site with word that his presumed ex-girlfriend is pregnant? USC announced Tuesday that basketball player Brynn Cameron, a 20-year-old junior, would miss the season for undisclosed personal reasons. Because she was known to be dating Leinart previously, it took about four seconds for Los Angeles media to connect the dots, and Cameron's father confirmed to the Ventura County Star in Wednesday's editions that Brynn and the Arizona Cardinals backup are expecting a child in November. ``Brynn does not want to get married,'' Stan Cameron said. ``She wants to finish school and let Matt do his thing and then figure it out.'' Link I suppose he'll run onto the field tonight without his helmet on.....
  12. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

  13. Vinatieri Update

    There's a sound I've never heard...The sound of the #1 ranked kicker tumbling down the cheatsheet.
  14. Reggie Bush: Where drafted?

    Well at least you're the first to admit it I think you might have been better off going with a top WR though, taking Bush really downgraded your WRs. I hope it works out for you.
  15. ESPN the Magazine's Tom Friend

    Wow. Dallas is even worse off than I thought. Two words: Bobby Boucher (without the happy ending)
  16. So I took Manning in the 2nd...

    All I'm saying is at 2.8, I'm either picking my 2nd RB or Peyton if he's sitting there...I'm happy to take Manning there. The RB2s available are much more likely to fail at that spot in the draft than Manning is at QB. Maybe. But with a RB1 already secured, the safe bet at 2.8, IMO would be Manning. True he may throw 28 TDs and be right in there with the Palmers, Brady's and others...but he may throw 45. That's why I take him there. In the bottom fourth of the 2nd Round, getting that kind of consistency and the huge upside is a great value pick. No RB2 offers that - a potential 100 to 200 point advantage over the other available RBs at end of the second round. Maybe I explained myself incorrectly by simply stating it was the 6 pts which makes the difference.
  17. So I took Manning in the 2nd...

    It's pretty simple really: 6 > 4. If my QB draft pick busts, it has a much greater effect on my whole team than if my RB2 pick busts.
  18. Marques Colston

  19. Should I Trade Gore for McNabb?

    +1 Man, you need some WR DEPTH. Priority 1. You simply cannot go into the season with only 2 WRs on your roster.
  20. Jamal Lewis #2 RB

    Dunn, Gore, Lewis. Neither Dunn nor Gore are going to lose may carries to other RBs. The Balty situation may be a 3-way RBBC, and considering Lewis is old and dinged, I'd stay away. I'd stay far away.
  21. Kornheiser long as the shovel blade is sharp and his aim is accurate.
  22. Denver running backs

    First off, I'm not saying I wouldn't have picked M. Bell in your situation. You probably had to take him because you already had T. Bell. You were already sentenced to 5 months in Denver RB Hell. I'm just saying I would not be happy about it. Obviously, you are happy with it. I wish you luck!
  23. So I took Manning in the 2nd...

    Manning at 2.8 is a bargain. We get 6 pts per PaTD...I'd be all over that.
  24. Marques Colston

    Anyway, rajn, would you draft Colston ahead of Henderson? What do you think?
  25. Denver running backs

    So, 40% of your RBs are from the Denver RBBC. And you're happy with that why?