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  1. The best offer I got on my first cancel call was $60 off for 12 months.  I was told that was the absolute best they could do.  Set up cancellation date.  Called today, got the original offer + 16.50 off each of 6 Sunday Ticket max payment + $5 off my SHO and $5 HBO for 6 months + free Cinemax for 6 months.  Total savings = $880 + Cinemax.   Stick with the plan and it will pay off.  Thanks all!


    He would be offering advice. It's not like he is taking over his team. He would be wise to do it via direct message or text and not on the league message board.



    So, OP, what is the situation? Is the other owner a complete absentee guy who has been starting hurt players and players on bye all year, or is he just on the lazy end of the spectrum but still checks his team every week? This is a major distinction IMO.



    B. just on the lazy end of the spectrum but still checks his team every week


    He might even notice and fix it himself. I don't see why that has any bearing on the situation.

  3. It's my own fault that I got Cam Newtoned last week and its come to this. I'm just going to leave it alone.


    If I was on the other side of this, I'd be bitter if someone inserted themselves into the roster dealings of another team to lessen my chances for a playoff spot. But I bet it's done all the time over the course of the season.....over a beer, by text, whatever.

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  4. Provided you are not the commissioner of the league, I see no major problem with it. It seems a bit underhanded to only bring it up when it benefits you though.


    If you are the commissioner, then you should have already been doing this after the first week or two of apparent inactivity. As the commish, if you do it now I would have a serious problem with it if I was another player in your league.



    I'm not the Commissioner. Also, I don't think underhanded is the correct word. It's a bit shady and I would feel weird doing it, but I don't think it's cheating or collusion. I'm just making a suggestion that he manage his team in this critical time of the year. Maybe it would be better if I just told him that Ingram is out and I didn't bring up a specific replacement.


    It's really is an interesting dilemma.

  5. I need one team to win their matchup this weekend in order for me to make the playoffs. Unfortunately, that team's owner doesn't pay much attention and he currently has Ingram as starting RB. I certainly can see Ingram in his lineup this weekend. Is there anything wrong with a gentle nudge, advising him that James White is available on the waiver wire?


    Since I'm asking, I'm pretty sure I already know the answer. Just wanted to see what you guys think. Thanks.

  6. He's not an RB1 regardless.


    I think he's the starter, but it's still a mess. Thomas just made it an official double-stamped no erasies cluster**** the rest of the season. NO has zero reason to treat Ingram (or any of them) as a bellcow. Keep them all fresh, don't give the D any keys, and deflate any FA value for a guy you might re-sign.



    The Saints have 2 reasons to treat Ingram as a bellcow. Week 1 and Week 2.

  7. What was interesting (and disappointing and unbelievable) is that the game announcers said that in their prep interviews with offensive genius HC Bruce Arians, the HC phased Fitz out vs. HOU as part of the game plan. Apparently, Arians is blaming forced Fitz targets on Palmer's astronomical interception numbers. That's like blaming the rain on opening an umbrella.


    A very new and very special way to waste a talent.

  8. RoS rankings are probably my fav weekly feature on the site. I wonder if people know that when you click on a position, you get a nice little upgrade and downgrade tidbit.


    Been meaning to post this cudo all season, finally got around to it...Thanks, 2V :tup:

  9. On the other hand, it could be evidence of Richardson being only a pedestrian RB and CLE looking brilliant in being able to turn him into a 1st rounder after recognizing this. Time will tell.



    On what other hand? Time doesn't change the fact that a fantasy owner should want no part of the CLE running game IMO.