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  1. That doesn't mean a tier 1 TE is as important as a tier 1 RB, mind you. That's another thing entirely.



    Well, I guess in my mind I believe it should because that's exactly what I was talking about. I can tell if a RB is projected to score x amounts of points more than a RB 20 spots below him, I know his value relative to other RBs.


    The imporant this is that your cheat sheet speaks to you on Draft Day in a language you understand. Especially after a few beers!

  2. I don't know much about Auction drafts, but I'd like to throw in 2 cents about Tiers that may help. I think Tiers are pretty meaningless unless they are relative across positions. In order for this, the Tiers would have to be determined based on your points projections for each player and Value Based Drafting concepts. For example, there should never be a Tier 1 Kicker....the top kicker may start at Tier 4 depening upon your natural point breaks in VBD. I hope this makes sense. It's hard to put in words, but it should be relatively easy to see when you have your rankings on a spreadsheet.


    Man this sounds geeky. :nerd:

  3. In the new "Planning Your First Two Draft Picks" article, DMD takes Ryan Williams @ 2.8 (the 12th RB taken ) in the Article's mock draft. According to the Huddle Rankings, Ryan Williams is the #46 RB.


    I understand that there are a number of different writers that contribute to the rankings, but I think some discussion is needed as to how there could be such a wide discrepancy between Huddle rankings and the DMD mock.


    With a WR1 already taken at 1.5, and with QB Cam Newton, RB Ryan Williams, WR Julio Jones, TE Rob Gronkowski still on the board, DMD grabs the #46 RB instead?


    I am confused. Please help.

  4. Glad to be the only one reading an unpopular page. I'm a Jerk. That page was helpful to me because I typically use your early projections then do my own adjustments as the preseason rolls along. Your positional change pages were great one-stop shopping spots to get updates with reasoning. I like to think I subscribe for this reasoning and these "time intensive" tools. To replace them with ARROWS?.....child please.


    Scooby...that $hithead is my pup who is now 10 years old and looks not at all like that pic!

  5. Not that I was planning on drafting him, but I think this is fairly accurate. This is going to save a lot people from drafting him higher than they should have.



    As you said...but It's only a blessing if you planned on drafting them early. I was really hoping someone else would take Trent and Mathews in Round 1, now nobody will. :furious:

  6. Also troubled by T. Richardson at 1.08 and leary of Mathews at 1.06. I know I am going to hate to say at least one of my RBs names out loud at the draft this year. They are always hard to come by, but this year just seems to be a disaster.


    Kind of off topic, but I don't see a section in the Huddle Draft Kit which points to a list of Mock Drafts. Are they stashed somehere else?

  7. It stinks that the Lions play at 1 PM and the Falcons game was moved to 4:15 because NBC took the NYG/DAL game from FOX for SNF. Both of these games should be played at the same time to avoid the chance of a meaningless game (the Falcons game becomes meaningless if DET wins). Too bad the NFL can't stand up to TV.


    The vegas lines are fine now, but they may change drastically on Sunday as the final scores come in.

  8. When Finley was out last year, Jennings picked up all his looks, and never game them back. And with the drops Finley has had this year, I think he may be squeezing the ball a little to tightly, almost in desperation mode to get some confidence from his QB.


    I have had him on the bench behind Graham, but I think this week I go with Finley in the flex. I think they force feed him to the tune of 9-11 targets this week.


    Bold Prediction: 7 catches, 127 yards, 2 TDs vs the Chiefs


    Exactly what I am thinking. It sure would be a long off season if this is the week I bench the mofo and he goes off.


    Chiefs #25 vs. TEs and Finley actually has been somewhat productive on the road (scored in 3 of last 4).

  9. Doubtful with Nelson & Driver & Jones still running good out there...more reason to keep him blocking


    I had just come to grips with sitting his sorry a$$ for Miles Austin or Antonio Brown and then the Jennings injury. Finley could be primed for a couple of good Fantasy Playoff weeks. :wacko:

  10. I didn't mean all TEs are bunched like kickers, just the ones that are borderline TE1. Here are TEs 9 through 22 in my league:


    9 Graham, Jimmy NOS 19 points

    10 Scheffler, Tony DET 17

    11 Moore, Evan CLE 16

    12 Dickson, Ed BAL 14

    13 Clark, Dallas IND 12

    14 Watson, Benjamin CLE 12

    15 Finley, Jermichael GNB 12

    16 Gresham, Jermaine CIN 12

    17 Winslow, Kellen TAM 11

    18 Shockey, Jeremy CAR 10

    19 Olsen, Greg CAR 10

    20 Fasano, Anthony MIA 9

    21 Daniels, Owen HOU 9

    22 Walker, Delanie SFO 9


    Here is last year's 6 through 15


    6 Cooley, Chris WAS 110 points

    7 Gonzalez, Tony ATL 103

    8 Winslow, Kellen TAM 103

    9 Watson, Benjamin CLE 100

    10 Miller, Zach OAK 100

    11 Pettigrew, Brandon DET 98

    12 Hernandez, Aaron NWE 97

    13 Keller, Dustin NYJ 95

    14 Tamme, Jacob IND 94

    15 Heap, Todd BAL 89


    Bunched like kickers. Maybe it's my old school scoring system. That's why I have Mr. Zero Catch Gates, to separate from the crowd!

  11. All right, I'll plant the Cooley flag...You can't judge the situation after two weeks with Cooley getting healthy and Davis at full speed against bad competition. The Skins schedule gets brutal soon and (1) Davis will come down a bit; (2) Cooley will become more involved (3) Rex will be Rex; and (4) the Shanahans will outthink the room and play both or neither. Either or both may be top 10-12 TEs but so what? At that level the TEs are bunched like kickers.

  12. ^Far from a no-brainer. Cooley may not be 100% yet, but he does not have bum knees according to all reports and Cooley himself. (Did you just make that up?). Buy low on Cooley and sell high on Davis.


    This situation could evolve into a NE-like TE tandem or either of the two can take over. If I remember correctly, after Sharpe in Denver, Shanahan got just as bad with his TEs as he is with his RBs. Maybe Kyle can figure out how to use both.

  13. I think he will too, that is why I drafted him; not so sure he will put up great numbers Sunday, though.


    I wouldn't call it "knee-jerk" at all. I (and others) simply like Grossman's match-up better, it isn't as though I am cutting Ryan.


    We could be wrong, but on the surface it looks like a better option, nothing more.


    That ice looks pretty solid from the surface too. It's Week 2!! Benching Ryan for Grossman is definitely "knee-jerk". IMO, with one week under our belts, there just isn't enough info on the match-up side to justify benching Ryan for Grossman....yet.


    I have Ryan and I am a Skins fan so I hope it works out for you no matter what. Good luck.

  14. TV rules the day. The MNF game has to be delivered to a national audience without a national NFL game against it...and the Sunday night game has the same primetime TV luxury. Next time to play the NBC SNF game is Tues Night.


    I agree this is a joke and it opens a can or worms that the league should NOT get in to...

  15. But what about players who line up at QB and toss passes from time to time, like Ronnie Brown? He has thrown 2 TDs in his pro career - as commissioner are you going to start arbitrarily determining what constitutes a "legitimate" activity? My thinking is that you just have to suck it up with these occasional dual positioned players, since a commissioner stepping in after the fact opens up a whole host of unintended consequences.


    You can't be serious....Ronnie Brown is a RB. Nothing arbitrary about it. Webb is starting at QB. Nothing arbitray about it. You're not being smart if you win with Webb at WR. You're taking advantage of a computer glitch that any Commish worth a cent would close immediately. Congrats.

  16. Weather Channel says winds at 17 MPH and temps of 31 degrees at 9pm. Certainly could be a factor. The worse the weather, the better for the Pats I think. If Sanchez can't throw deep on occassion, the Pats can play it tighter. I now wonder if the coin flip winner opts to take the wind, which goal the defend. Ryan always defers and likes to put his D on the field first.


    Depending on the direction of the wind, Sanchez may have two quarters to throw the ball deep. I really think the Jets have to get at least one, at LEAST one big passing play to win.


    Doesn't look like a west wind at 12 or so would have any affect on the game. But I bet it "looks" a lot better than it's going to feel...


    Weather and Stadium Orientation