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  1. We do 4. 3 Division winners and 1 wild card. And, the reason is the scheduling. We start the season with 3 intradivision games. Then the byes hit and we play every team NOT in our division. In week 12, after the byes are over, we return to our division for 3 more games. It's a perfectly balanced schedule and those last three weeks of the season are almost like playoffs for everyone. It works well.

  2. Okay people. The Pats have the means and the need. We know that. But there is only one man that can make this happen and that is A.J. Smith.


    I think it is pretty clear that this guy is a stubborn control freak and spiteful egomaniac. Can we agree on that?


    What is the benefit for him for making this deal? Yeah, he may finally get the price he is asking in the form of Patriots excess draft pick. But then he has to face the prospect of turning VJax into a bigger star with Brady tossing him the rock. And as Vjax becomes a huge star, AJ looks foolish for letting him go. Also, Vjax could come back to haunt the Chargers in the playoffs.


    A.J. Smith is all about AJ. This move has the potential to make him look really really foolish. (yes, even more foolish than he looks right now)


    I'm thinking he won't be a player at any price. He obviously wants Vjax to suffer for his sins, and sending him off to New England to be Brady's chucking buddy and win a Superbowl probably seems unappealing to such a petty tyrant.


    Who's getting inside GM's heads now? :wacko:

  3. It is just amazing to me how many people feel they have the inate ability to crawl inside the murky head of A.J. Smith, and decipher the intelligible code that is the Patriots. It is nice to sit around and try to guess what these people are thinking, but none of us really have a clue.


    I have Vjax both on my dynasty roster, and I have more reason than most to root for a trade to the Pats. I just doubt that it happens.


    I was saying that none of us know what's going to happen. But is also is pretty obvious that all the ducks are in a row for something to happen. For this reason, I believe a deal is more likely than not likely.

  4. They wouldn't have made this trade if they didn't think they could make it work the way the roster is right now.


    Says who? As far as we know, this is only the first shoe to drop.


    Do you seriously think the Pats braintrust made this trade HOPING they could snag Vjax from a team they may face in the playoffs? A team with an owner that is nearly impossible to negotiate with? Seems pretty far-fetched. Not saying it couldn't happen, but just seems unlikely to me.


    Not far-fetched at all. The Pats have both the NEED and the CURRENCY (i.e. whatever combo of draft picks one can dream up) to make this deal happen. It seems very likely to me that a VJAX deal is going to happen.

  5. 2010-09-27 13:33:17

    Detroit Lions RB Jahvid Best (toe) is considered day-to-day with a toe injury, reports Jason La Canfora, of NFL Network. The toe injury is not considered serious. He hopes to be able to play in Week 4.


    Fantasy Impact: This is good news. We'll keep you posted on his status for the coming week. He seems to have a real chance to play.


  6. VJ is not under contract, he served his full 5 years of contract. The Chargers own his rights due to a loophole in the CBA. VJ would have been under contract if he had signed his tender, but he did not. Chargers can't franchise him, nor can VJ sign with another team without the Chargers' approval. Limbo...


    Well said. It's absolutely amazing with how much VJ has been in the news that this fact has either been unreported or totally ignored.

  7. the reason why Vick looks like a great option now is because the OL is horrible and he gets away from the rush, plus it's not as easy to gameplan against Vick anymore as he's running to throw the ball and not running the gain yards...obviously he will run with the ball occasionally, but he definitely picks his spots and mainly uses his running ability to get away from a pass rush...


    he's much more difficult a player to gameplan against than what he was 3 or 4 years ago or so...


    Also, the eagles gameplan is much more difficult to gameplan against than what the Falcons were 3 or 4 years ago. There are open receivers all over the place that even an "unaccurate" QB can find...or he can run. Now that Vick has his physical ability back, I think he can really could put up some nice #s in this offense.

  8. This is a little bit different than the "who your opponent starts" argument (which should have no bearing on who you start, btw). Starting 3,4,5 players from the same team really could result in a boom or bust. So, if you have the stomach for that sort of thing go for it. If I have consistent scoring options on other teams I would rather diversify.