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  1. Logic dictates defenses will be trying to stop Manning and you counter that by running a bit more. 


    :D Repeat after me, "No freakin' way". IMO, of anything, Manning throws more this year to try and break his TD record. He's a self-centered SOB that I'd love to have QBing my fantasy team!

  2. I too have the 4th pick in 12 team draft and I keep flip flopping.  I am considering those two and also Deuce and J Lewis.  Got burned by Holmes last year and if he goes down and you don't have LJ you are screwed (I had Blaylock as his backup last year  :D ).    And if you take Holmes some smartass owner in your league will be looking to take LJ early to screw you in a trade (that's my plan anyway :D ).






  what exactly is your "plan"?


    Suffer through a year with Edge when Peyton throws 40+ TDs again and get back to me. I lived the horror of being an Edge owner last year. Give me Priest + LJ and the KC running attack every day of the week. My plan is a 1st and a 4th on Priest+LJ if I Priest is available when I pick in Round 1. BTW, at this point I'm taking both Deuce and Lewis over Edge too.

  3. You've obviously hung around at the Huddle for a while, as you have an unhealthy bias towards RBs  :D .  Your lack of wideout production may hurt you.  WRs may score less in your league, but they score more than a RB on your bench.  I would've gone WR in Rd. 3 (depending on who was left) rather than drafting a backup back.  Don't worry, though.  You'll find plenty of people here who disagree with me abouth that.


    Also, to get Hass as the 8th QB was a steal, even if you had to take him in the fourth.







    Agree 100%. I drank the Huddle RB Kool-Aid last year and went RB-RB-RB (Edge, Rudi, Chris Brown) in a 12 team league. I was in 1st place after 3 weeks and finished a career low 10th. My team was a mess with WRs scoring zero although they all had "upside". By the time I got some FA pick-ups and made some trades, I was cooked.


    The problem with trading a RB for a WR when your team is in a free fall is that, no matter how good the trade looks, the team getting the RB will get stronger. Chasing FA WRs (competing with 11 other teams to get a few that you can actually start) is not the way to build your team. The draft is the way to build your team. I hope it works out for you, your team looks solid, but your WRs are going to slowly eat at you until you feel compelled to trade a RB for a solid WR. Once that trade is made, your depth is gone someone else in your league is stronger.

  4. One thing to keep in mind. Today, Portis' value is absolutely at rock bottom. People are looking at last year's stats and last year's Skins offense. His schedule is much easier this year, Jansen is back, the O-line changed to a Denver style zone blocking scheme, and Portis actually had some off-season input in the offensive gameplan. Things could change for him quickly this year. If you sell now, you're selling low.

  5. at 2.5 I would look for Steven Jackson, Randy Moss, TO, or even Chad Johnson if you were planning on taking JJ in the third.  In a 14 team league, you still have a decent shot at a JJ, Cad Williams, or Ronnie Brown in the third.  if your hell benmt on taking a rookie as your RB2, that is (which I think is a HUGH mistake)







    Yep. Nick's right...No way you can win your league with that 2.5 pick, but you can sure lose it.

  6. I like JJ and his chances for success with that offensive line and those WRs to spread the field. I've got Ronnie Brown & Cadillac rated just a hair below him.


    Here's a though (a little OT)...why not go WR in Round 3 and grab LJ early in Round 4? If your looking for upside, LJ could be huge. Not to mention the trade bait with the Priest owner...

  7. You know my feelings: :D make the trade. Hopefully, others will chime in for you.


    The only thing I don't understand now is: why would you counter with the draft pick deal? I would think you should offer that first - it's better for you and worse for him. That way you "settle" for Moss/Edge straight up.

  8. He'll probably make a decent #2, excellent #3, maybe not much more this season.



    I assume you're talking about Sjax...yeah, I'd be happy to have him as my #2 if I've got one of the early round 1 RB studs. I can't see him falling to a #3 RB in a 12 team league.