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  1. I think the KEY is if Peyton is gone.  If LT, Alexander, Holmes and Edge go do I take Manning :D or take someone like Duece, Lewis, McGahee and if so who do you have ranked next.


    Just looking for some more insight, thanks! :D  :D







    In a 10 team league, if Manning's there at 5, I think you've got to take him. You should still have quality RBs in Rounds 2 & 3 to go with the #1 fantasy QB.

  2. Take him as your #3, and find solace in the fact that you'll have cornered the market on probably the best running team in the fantasy football world.




    Taking PH then is more risky than taking Edge or JLewis or Deuce, bottom line...


    But the PH upside crushes those three. He can win you a championship on his own. As Darin said, any RB can get hurt at any time.

  3. The key here is the KC running attack. It's kind of like buying into the Colts passing game. I'm in a 12 team league. Last season, Priest was the #7 ranked RB and LJ was #17. In a 12 team league you'd have done pretty well if you started both of them every week!


    Look at LJ's numbers over the last 6 weeks (yes, that is 11 total TDs):


    Week 12 SDG 10 rushes 43 yards 1 TD 0 TD catch

    Week 13 @OAK 20 118 1 1

    Week 14 @TEN 7 104 2 0

    Week 15 DEN 30 151 2 0

    Week 16 OAK 25 79 2

    Week 17 @SDG 17 46 1 1


    Priest had 15 total TDs last year. I have no problem taking Priest #1 and LJ in the 6th Round. Scenario 1, Priest makes it through the whole year and you're happy with his 25+ TDs. Scenario 2, Priest plays gets hurt and LJ takes over. You've still got your 25+ TDs. Worst case, they start sharing carries. If this happens, I still say Priest gets the ball in the red zone.


    Now, if LJ is gone at the end of the 6th round, well, I guess it's time to talk trade. That's why the b@stard wasted a pick on him anyway.


    EDIT: p.s. IMO, these are numbers that Edge cannot come close to 'cause Peyton takes so much away.

  4. Priest. I couldn't handle another season of Peyton's play action from the one.


    If you get 6 pts for passing TDs, I'd take Manning if he's available.


    I'm also starting to think about Dillon or Dom or Deuce in this area too.

  5. I've got Walker ranked just a little higher, but I think I'd take Wayne (so much for relying on the cheat sheet). When in doubt, I'll probably go with the Colts Offense. Neither guy went more than 2 weeks in a row without scoring last year - both solid picks.


    What, no Holt or Chad?? :D

  6. What have the Saints done in the off-season, have they improved there O-line, or passing game, I like Deuce also just wandering why you think he will do so well this




    For me it's not so much what happed over the off season as compared to what happened at the end of last year when he was healthy...


    Week 14 @DAL 30 carrries 83 yds 2 TD

    Week 15 @TAM 25 89 0

    Week 16 ATL 29 128 0

    Week 17 @CAR 28 140 1


    That # of carries is worth a top 5 RB....

  7. Put it this way: in my 12-team league I'm going 1st with LT, but if I can snake LJ away from the guy who gets Holmes, I'll be laughing all the way to the bank.  He'll be my 3rd RB to target in round 6-7. 


    If he's gone, I'll go after LToefield, cuz Fragile Taylor will not last 5 games, guaranteed.  If they're both gone, I'll have to settle for a MFaulk,  RDroughns or THenry.  And I'll be disappointed...








    ...and you'll get him too. No way I'm using a #5 on LJ in a 12 team league if I've got Priest. Maybe a 6.


    A thread within a thread...What round would you take LJ in if you were a Priest owner?

  8. It is a tough call, but I think you gotta go Edge. I don't know what would frustrate you more during the year, play action to Edge from the 1 yd line or Willis plowing into 8 man fronts the whole year.


    Since you had Edge last year, I'm impressed you're thinking of keeping him. How'd you do last year when Peyton threw 50? If you can stomach that another year, by all means keep him.


    I had Edge the past 2 years, and haven't won sqwat...I'm glad the divorce is final. That said, it would be tough for me to pick McGahee over Edge if I was faced with that decision.

  9. For this reason alone, I'd throw Chris Brown back...


    In a recent press conference Titans head coach Jeff Fisher told reporters that he planned on using both Chris Brown and Travis Henry in the running game this season. "Starting is not an issue to me; they are both going to play" said Fisher. "I see them as both being very good professional running backs, and they are both going to play. I don’t see much difference between the two of them. With that being said, their carries should be split just about even."

  10. You had to think it was coming to this. I believe his faking an injury every day was his way to hold out while "attending camp" and getting paid. I feel for you guys that drafted him already, but I gotta give Andy Reid some credit for not putting up with the TO BS... :D

  11. In case you haven't seen the news yet:


    Terrell Owens - WR, Philadelphia Eagles 08/10/05


    On Wednesday afternoon, Owens and HC Andy Reid were seen in a heated argument during practice which concluded with Owens walking off the field and leaving camp. Reportedly, Reid told Owens "then leave" and now he is on the way back to his home in Atlanta.

  12. He will only bust(again) if you pick him in Round 2 (again). He went very high in a lot of drafts last year. He should be slotted more realistically this year and should produce for you. Expectations were just a little too high.


    I hate to say it, but the McGahee hype this year reminds me a lot of the Barlow hype last year.

  13. T.O. definitely IS worth the trouble, but I wouldn't take him in the 1st round. You've got to have something better than Julius Jones in the 1st coming to you. Dillon? Kevin Jones?


    Also, yes Horn is a top 10. However, Chad is a top 5.

  14. Watch the preseason, it will shake out. Right now Henry is there as a backup for a guy who will get hurt...whether it's Week 1 or Week 15...who knows? Draft Brown and handcuff him with Henry or stay away. I really don't think they'll be splitting time.


    I believe the situation is very similar to the P. Holmes/L. Johnson situation in KC. Do you consider that a RBBC? Get both.

  15. he needs to stay healthy..  i know he hasnt had injury problems like some other rbs..  but he touches the ball a whole lot of times for a man his size.  im afraid it might just catch up with him this year.  he carried the ball 343 times last year and caught 40 passes.  he only averaged 3.8 yds a carry and 5.9 a reception..  both career lows.


    after a year in gibbs style of running offense, he should have it down now if he had trouble with it last year.  its different from that of denver's and he has had plenty of time to adjust.  now there is no more excuses.  if he cant perform this year then hes just a denver system rb.







    One problem with this theory: gibbs trashed the "gibbs style of running offense' in the off season. But on the bright side, Clinton won't have to learn a new offense. Gibbs has gone to the Denver-style zone run blocking scheme. Early reports out of camp...Portis is stoked and looking for a big year. 1,500 yds and 10+ TDs are not out of the question.

  16. I'm glad I'm not in this league. If the trade is allowed to go through, especially with the commish involved in the the trade , it's a bitter pill to swallow for the other owners.


    Canman, you sound like OJ defending this trade. Keep saying you didn't commit double murder and pretty soon you start believing it... Anyway you cut it, it's a horribly unbalanced trade that blows up the parity of the league. As the Commish, I would not allow the trade for that reason alone, collusion or not.