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  1. Depends on whose actually left at 10, but I'd have no problem drafting KJ there. That said, you better leave that "Go Blue" crap at home during your draft. It's OK to be a fan, but don't let it affect your draft.

  2. As an Edge owner the last 2 years, there is no way I can recommend taking him that high. Manning just takes away too many points from Edge. Take Deuce. I believe he has the same amount of upside as Edge each week, but his downside (dud game potential is much less than Edge).


    p.s. This is a great thread. I hope I'm not picking third come draft day!

  3. Hi all, nice to see (fantasy) football season is upon us again. I'm looking for some help in preparing my cheat sheets. Does anyone have a link or info on how to find the number of 100 yard games a RB had in 2004? Not 100 yds, rushing + receiving. Simply 100 yards rushing. As always, thanks for the help.

  4. Are you kidding me? Favre vs. Vinny? Benching Favre because the weather is bad ? Only bench him if he's playing in a dome in December! Bring on the rain and/or snow.


    p.s. The Saints D is so bad, that Vinny might not throw it 10 times. Expect a big JJ day.

  5. Collins @ Atl


    Burleson v. Sea

    Fitzgerald v. SF


    Evens is a close 3rd, but if the weather is really bad, I am not so sure about him.  But, I would start Burleson for sure.







    I agree with vikes 100%

  6. Please put Portis in your starting lineup and FORGET ABOUT IT. He's a better start than Blaylock for the rest of the year, regardless of matchups, because he gets all the carries. The Redskins D will keep the game close enough that the Skins will not abandon the run.


    Ramsey's improvement, particulary with the play action, and the O-Line's improved play, will continue to open up lanes for Portis to run/cut back through. The offensive game plan now relies entirely on Portis and has been reinvented to take advantage of his running style. The Skins put in more wide runs and play action to open up the cut backs that Portis loved so much in Denver. The early season debacle with Brunell and the Riggins Runs up the gut are over.


    Stop asking this question. :D Good luck!

  7. You were right. But as I said I won my game anyway and locked down a playoff spot. Plus Blaylock did get me a TD. Starting him instead of Portis cost me 13 points which isn't terrible.


    Anyway let me ask you this as a Wash homer do you think he can do okay against Philly Sunday night? Like 80 and a TD maybe.







    As I said before, I love your league. How 164 total yards (148 yds rushing) and 2 TDs (Portis) and 74 total yards (37 yds rushing) and 1 TD are separated by 13 points (Blaylock) is amazing.


    Re: Portis vs Eagles. The answer to your Q is an emphatic YES. Although Portis got stuffed the 1st time around @ PHI, Gibbs knows where his bread is buttered. No offense (and no pun intended), but Joe Gibbs is smarter than all of us put together. The only way Portis doesn't get 20+ carries in every game is if they decide to give up on the year and see what they have in Betts. If they go that route, I'm sure it will be made public before it happens and you can then plan accordingly.


    p.s. that F'n Giants kick return for a TD spoiled my Redskins DEF/ST shutout and the 10 points that go with it and eliminated me from the playoffs. So much for the 'genius of Navin'...there's always next year!

  8. Glad to see you've settled on starting Edge  :D .  Anyway, being a washington homer, I can see Portis getting 30+ carries this weekend.  He's a solid start vs. NYG.  Plus, being an Edge owner (like me), by now you've learned to live with 100 yds and 0 TDs.  Expect 100+ from Portis with a possible TD or 2.  Exactly, what you can expect from Edge.


    Lewis is obviously not 100% and Blaylock's potentially lost carries to LJ scare me away to the 'safer' alternative, Portis.








    Keep sleeping on Navin's advice! :D

  9. There's a difference between if Lewis "plays" and if he's 100%. I expect you'll see much more of C. Taylor if Lewis plays and is NOT 100%. That said, I start Pittman over Lewis this week. Goings, Jones and Pittman. I bet that's exactly the Week 13 starting RBs you envisioned in August.