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  1. Which 2 RB's to start?

    I would also go definitely with McGahee. Second is a little tougher but I think K. Jones is your best choice. Thanks for responding to my post.
  2. Who to start

    Could use some more help. Thanks
  3. Who to start

    Can play two RB and two Rbs- performance & td scoring. RBs JJ vs Philly, Westbrook vs. Dallas, DD vs Chicago Wrs, Harrison vs. Balt, Walker vs Jax, Clayton vs Saints Who would you start?????? Thanks and will answer yours.
  4. Westbrook vs. DD

    Could use some more input Thanks
  5. Westbrook vs. DD

    Who do you like? DD vs. Indy Westbrook vs. Wash. Thanks
  6. Start Which RB as my # 2

    I would play Blaylock. KC has much more on offense while Wash is limited and Portis just has not produced this year. Thanks for your response!!!!!!
  7. Who Start at RB

    Any more thoughts? Thanks
  8. Who Start at RB

    Could use more input. Thanks
  9. which two running backs?

    Since Green is Iffy would go with DD and Pittman
  10. Need 3WR's to start

    Thanks for you reply. Like McCardell who should be open with Bailey on Gates Branch against weak Clev. secondary Ward is due for a big game
  11. Who Start at RB

    Which two out of DD, Westbrook and JJ, do I start?????? DD vs Jets Westbrook vs GB JJ vs Seattle Thanks

    Could use some more input. Thanks

    Who do you like? Brooks vs. Atl. or Griese vs. Carolina Broncos vs. Oak or N.E. vs. Balt. Thanks

    Bronco vs N.O N.E. vs. KC