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  1. Vick Indicted

    Y'know Broncosn05, I've read this ENTIRE post and one thing is clear to me: You refuse to believe your beloved Vick is guilty of anything, even in the face of a FEDERAL INDICTMENT! What's it going to take to get you from being a Vick nut sucker? For someone who obviously knows nothing of law except what you watch on COPS, you seem pretty confident in yourself when you claim to poke holes in said indictment. You actually sound like someone who can't believe that his beloved idol is really a no good thug and so you're trying to grasp on to anything that will allow you to continue your fantasy. I'm sorry your world has come crashing down but now it's time to pick up the pieces and move on to a new idol. You and BigScore should get together to talk about your pain. Anyone else still want to be a part of the Michael Vick Experience?
  2. Falcon's Finneran out for second season

    And here Finneran was on pace to have a breakout year in most passes thrown in the dirt at his feet AND most passes not thrown to him because the QB decided to run the ball instead.
  3. Vick is all done

    Good point. Well, if he doesn't progress in, say, another 7 years then I'm definitely jumping off the vick bandwagon.
  4. Vick is all done

    Yeah, I'm thinkin' 7 years is too little time to tell if a player is going to work out or not. Aren't they still considered Rookies until their 8th year?
  5. Vick is all done

    Dude! The MOFO has been playing for SEVEN F'n years now!!! Every year we hear the same crap from the vick apologists: "Let's wait and see THIS year". If I had a dollar for every year I heard that I would have SEVEN DOLLARS! If I had a dollar for every TIME I heard that I would be a gazillionaire! If you could just move Vicks ballsack from your face for 2 minutes you'd see that.
  6. Vick is all done

    Yeah, right. When Vick wins games your the first one to say it's all him. But when they lose your the first one to blame everyone on the team BUT Vick. Vick has been in the league seven years now and still can't throw a ball to save his life. Yeah, yeah. Keep going on how he is dynamic and how much he runs...blah...blah...blah... The fact of the matter is that he is a QB and is paid to throw the ball, not run it every play. He relies on his "dynamic" running ability to cover up the fact that he can't pass. Unfortunately for him he is only fooling himself.
  7. Vick is all done

    You know the old saying: Those who can do. Those who can't teach.
  8. Vick is all done

    Point. Counter-Point. Jane (Big Score1), you ignorant slut. Good job, DW!
  9. NFC North just got a lot better on offense

    Thompson better have something in the wings that we don't know about. I'll wait for a couple of days before I make my FINAL judgment but it's not looking good right now. We need help on OFFENSE, not defense (well, not as much as offense anyway).
  10. What do the Packers do now?

    Three words: Fire Ted Thompson!
  11. Vick's days with Falcons numbered?

    How many more chances does Vick get? He's been in the league for 6 years now and people STILL have hope? C'mon, Eli's only been in the league for what, 3 years, and already they are calling for his head. Why does Vick get so many chances? He is what he is and he ain't gettin' any better. Put down the pipe and come back to reality my friend.
  12. Mora Fired

    While all the blame cannot be laid at Vick's feet, I do believe that it takes a special someone to lead an NFL team and elevate the play of other around him. Vick does not posses the leadership qualities it takes to be an NFL QB. He is selfish, egotistical, easy to point fingers, average NFL QB. All his fancy running can't cover that up, no matter how hard you Vick lovers try. He just doesn't have "it". After 6 years and now going on 7 when will you take the blinders off and see him for what he truly is: a bust. P.S. I personally think the team would be better off without Vick.
  13. Anyone seen Reggie Brown?

    I suppose asking him to step it up ain't gonna' happen. I need him to have a big day.
  14. good point. However, after being spoiled all season long with LT monster games I find myself disappointed that he came out flat yesterday with no scores. I'm used to blowing out my opponents. With that being said, I am still happy that I was able to get into the playoffs - even if I do lose the championship today. I actually started out 1-4 with and went on to win my next 10 games in a row. but you are right, any other RB with 133 yds I would be happy with.
  15. must be a non-LT owner. Jealous much?