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  1. Anyone know where I can get...

    Is that any thing like a left handed Lucky Strike?
  2. How many McNabb owners ...

    Let me be the first to actually answer the question asked. YES!!! In a heart beat I would. The extra points last week did me no good in the two leagues in which I have McNabb. Now I have to go with an underachieving Bulger in one league and Carr Cutler or Garrard in my dynasty. Ugly options as I see it. Oh well, I have also lost KJ, Colston, S Smith, Portis, SA, Westbrook, and others this year for some time or another. Must be my turn in the injury barrel.
  3. Right now I have Driver in, the rook my be out or at least limited leaving Driver as the only option for Favre. So do I stay this way or go to one of the others? Housh has been very consistent but the Charger D is scary and Palmer has not been up to par, and D Jax has not been Seneca's favorite target. Tell me I have the right one going.
  4. I like Garard Taylor Jones Crumpler
  5. The safe pick here is Ahman. You know he will get the carries and a few receptions but Maroney has the bigger potential IF he is in the game plan. Tough choice, play safe go Green, like risk go Maroney.
  6. Quick QB Help

    I believe I would pick up Garard and play him against one of the worts Ds in the NFL. He has proven his ability to throw and is mobile enough to score on the ground. Fitz may be back but not 100% and Seneca just doesnt do anything for me.
  7. Monday Nite

    Jamal needs to be the old Jamal, I need 16 points form him to stay undefeated in my BOTH league. I am not confident in any way shape or form. He hasnt had a good game yet and I dont think it will happen against the Doncos.
  8. Commissioners, your input please

    You Oprahers crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes I type VERY slow.
  9. Commissioners, your input please

    I have a genuine interest in this topic as it is my team who played the Jax D and was not credited with the seven points. First off, as this league is strictly for bragging rights with no money involved, it would be ridiculous to go back and redo past years. More discussion would be warranted if money were involved. Generaly shutouts in the NFL are uncommon, so to not have caught this previously is not unreasonable. The only reason I caught it was because I lost by such a small margin and knowing Jax had a shutout I looked at our bylaws as I couldnt believe any defensive scoring wouldnt have credit for a shutout. It was a Monday night game and I needed my D (Jax) to out score his D (Pitt) by 7 points to win. Thus here we are. I believe that since it was caught the week it happened it should be corrected. I also believe that since it is still very early in the seaon week one should also be correcred and we should move on. Whats right is right. Although I dont post much I do respect most of the opinions on this board and will abide by the concensus decision here, even if I dont like it, the most you will get from me is an F-OFF. This is a fun league that I have enjoyed since its inception and Blitz is a top notch commish. So no hard feelings either way.
  10. DeAngelo Williams

    Reggie had three punt returns for 22 yards yesterday. Punt return kick return its all the same.
  11. The 10th Annual 20 questions contest!

    1. Tiki Barber 2. Jerious Norwood 3. Peyton Manning 4. Larry Johnson 5. Randy Moss 6. Kurt Warner 7. Larry Johnson 8. Steve Smith 9. John Kasay 10. Carolina Panthers 11. Atlanta Falcons 12. New Orleans Saints 13. Jerious Norwood 14. Chad Jackson 15. Laurence Maroney 16. 58 yards 17. Eric Mangini 18. Cincinnati Bengals 19. Philadelphia Eagles 20. Philadelphia Eagles Tie breaker. 93

    You called me a liar. So I dont think I want to be a part of you "protected" club. F-OFF Just what is this weekly blitz anyway?
  13. Can you help a Huddle brother out

    I really think Lawrence Phillips is the pick here. I here via the grapevine he has been working out with a trainer, has beaten his temper and addiction problems and will make a come back someday soon.
  14. Which comic?

    What? No votes for Rodney Carrington? His real life comedy is absolutely the greatest. Wal-Mart, funeral homes, and his daddy's testicle are over the top. I also enjoy many of the others mentioned.
  15. First Job?

    I did the paper route thing when I was 5th and 6th grade, but before that as a 2nd and 3rd grader, I had a neighbor, family friend, who paid me .05 cents for every empty milk carton i could collect, you know the old cardboard type. So twice a week or so I would knock on all my neighbors doors to get thier empty milk cartons. He ran a small store at the nearby state park and used these for ice. No that Im that old or anything but I just dont remember having the bagged ice back then, maybe it was before plastic.
  16. Odd items in your workplace

    I have a miniature foam HUSKER helmet with a Mai Tai umbrella sticking out of it on my desk top. Otherwise we are pretty boring around here.
  17. Cute joke

    Or even better yet is this one: " I am sofa king we todd did" Have them write it down and read it aloud. So simple yet so funny. PC? No , but who cares.
  18. Napster connection problems

    I have been a Napster subscriber for almost as long as they have been legit. Now out of the blue I can't connect to thier server. I have tried and tried to get help from thier customer support via e-mail but get no response. Anybody have any ideas of where to turn to next? This thing is really srating to make my blood boil.
  19. LOST

    So when is the encore for this episode? I missed it as sleep became a priority so I could be here at work by 2 am. No TIVO at my house, heck Im lucky just to have a TV. As long as they keep new episodes going this is one show I am addicted to.
  20. 5 favorite comedians

    I cant believe nobody has mentioned Rodney Carrington. So I gues I'll be the first. In no particular order: Richard Pryor Rodney Carrington Ron White Lewis Black Larry the Cable Guy and many more
  21. All I want to do is talk to her boobs.

    We all just need to get the t-shirt I saw at Wakiki, it read " PLEASE ask your boobs to stop staring at me" this cracked me up. Mama wouldnt let me buy one though. Boobs is good!
  22. which did you have.....

    They were before my time. Plain ole tricycle for me, then graduated to making gokarts from pop crates and trying to kill ourselves as we rolled out of control down "Pill Hill".