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  1. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    This happens to me a signficant percentage of the time right after a payout request. I cashed out $10K once to fund a live tourney entry, leaving only $2K in the account then lost almost all of it in about 2 hours.
  2. Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

    1. Rock Bottom- UFO (Michael Schenker) 2. Something's Coming our Way- Frank Marino 3. Achille's Last Stand- Zep 4. Still Got the Blues- Gary Moore 5. Hibernation- Ted Nugent 6. Ditch Queen- Frank Marino 7. Europa- Santana 8. SATO- Randy Rhodes 9. Eruption- EVH 10. Thunder and Lightning- Thin Lizzy (John Sykes) edit to replace Poppy with Europa
  3. HealthCare

    This must be the opinion held by everyone except the people who actually live there. Most of my friends from Edmonton, Calgary, Banff and Vancouver come to the US if they have anything worse than the flu because they can't get an appointment or have to see the wrong doctor for their condition. I haven't heard anything positive except "the price is right". Any details that could convince us your statement is widely supported?
  4. she's got a crush on obama

    God Bless you Robn. I've got Wood!
  5. How long do you stay in the bathroom?

    I try to keep it to 20 minutes, so I can minimize the scorn and indignation of my co-workers. Left to my own devices, I might stay an hour. 3 teenagers at home and a wife that thinks marriage means constant companionship. Needless to say, the only time I can knock off a few pages of the latest Frederic Forsyth or Daniel Silva novel is in the crapper.
  6. china overtakes u.s.

    Actually, the US is somewhat efficient about it CO2 emissions. Measured in terms of tons/$ of GDP, the US is the fourth most efficient nation behind only Japan (which doesn't manufacture much), Germany and France (they don't count BO as emissions). Canada is a bigger polluter per production unit, as are Mexico and the big three cesspools (Russia, India, China). Russia for example produces more than 6 times as much CO2 per $ of GDP than us greenies here in America. Food for thought.
  7. is this possible?

    Actually, it was "cocaine is a helluva drug"......
  8. Turkey Hunters

    My oldest son got his first gobbler Saturday here in NW OK. I called in around 40 turkeys on Saturday and another 25 yesterday. Best late season action I have ever seen. Stats on his bird: 8.5" beard, 24 lbs on the wing, 1.6" spurs (these were awesome spurs!).
  9. April seems to be a bad month

    I flew into OKC on April 19, 1995 for a job interview that led to my current posting. Couldn't get back out until the 22nd. It was freaky landing in OKC that morning to all the chaos that ensued.
  10. Dana White vs. Tito Ortiz?

    One of the refreshing elements of MMA is the mutual respect and overall class displayed by the majority of fighters. I am seeing increased trash talk as well. I hope someone reminds the fighters why this sport is different than boxing before it loses its appeal. I started watching the 90 min Spike special last night then got tired. I DVR'd the rest. Will report back after watching it.
  11. Turkey Hunters

    I've identified at least 20 different toms on my ranch based on my trail cam library. I've got a date with them this Saturday (season opens tomorrow). Trying the ground blind for the first time since I'm using my bow this weekend. Good luck to all the hunters this season.
  12. poker players

    So you're saying, when I came out of the closet, I opened myself up to this kind of conspiracy? And I knew better, too.
  13. 2 Bad Beat Stories

    The non-nut chasers can drive you to drink. My two bad beat stories (just for Spain, so you poker haters just rvsp): $1060 entry tourney at the Bellagio. 197 players, paying 18 places. First ended up being $87K or so. Down to 19 players, I'm second in chips with around $100K. Chip leader is a total psycho, playing any two and overbetting most hands after the flop. Third in chips was under $60K. I limp in middle position with 66. Cutoff calls, chip leader calls on the button, small blind calls, BB checks. Flop comes AJ6 rainbow. Blinds check, I bet $3000, CO folds, button raises to $10K. Blinds both fold and I raise all-in, hoping my obvious overplay would be interpreted as a bluff. Psycho chip leader calls and turns over J6 for bottom two. Cutoff says, "you're golden man, I fold KJ". The only guy in the tournament that has me covered has ONE stinking out, which of course he hits on the river. If I win that hand, I have almost a 4-1 chip lead over second stack one spot out of the money. Instead, I finish in the dreaded cash gutter. Worst beat ever. My other one involves a four hand sequence over 30 minutes on Bodog (I outlined this in another thread today), where I lost all four on the river after flopping nut straights, top two or sets all four times. I lost $1800 in the four hands, all to the same guy. He chased to the river for all his chips with gutshots, backdoor flush draws, or underpairs to the board in each hand. The odds of losing all four hands was in the 7 figures. That was the end of my online experience. After a couple of years of defending online poker, I'm now convinced the games can be hacked.
  14. poker players

    I recently cashed out from Bodog due to an unbelievable 30 minute sequence on the NL cash tables. Haven't gotten my check yet, sounds like it might take quite a while. I built up the account to low 5 figures over the course of about 2 months, mostly playing cash games. The day I cashed out, I lost 4 hands in a half hour, all to the same shady character totalling about $1800. He rivered me four times, once with a gutshot he chased for three streets, once with runner runner spades, once with runner runner 5's to make quads, and once with an inside/outside to make a higher straight. The odds of me losing all four hands calculated to over 1.25 million to one. 4 hands, same guy, all chases to impossible odds, almost two grand. No way to explain it, short of the guy having hacked the system or being an insider. Pretty sure I'll never play online again.
  15. Why do they hate us?

    Nice job by everyone keeping the discussion civil thus far. H8's comments (and my rejoinder) were not intended to justify the military presence in Iraq, but to point out that there is no possibility for neutrality in today's world reality. We will all be targets on the IslamoFascist movement. I think being proactive improves our chances of avoiding another significant act on US soil. I also think Europe (outside the UK) faces serious problems for the next two decades, brought on by a "head-in-the-sand" response to increasing Islamic activism. While I respect your opinions about the Bush government and the conflict in Iraq, I still think the administration's ultimate scorecard should include the obvious fact that we have not suffered another catastrophic event here at home. Someone (thousands of someones) are doing a lot of things right.